202 Most Memorable Patients in the ER: A Nurse's Perspective

202 Most Memorable Patients in the ER: A Nurse's Perspective
, (Editor), (Cover Design)
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Keith Schultz RN
Diana Ross
Cover Design:
Kandace Schultz
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Product Description

What forms the perceptions of a nurse in the emergency room regarding a particular patient? In this book the memorable patients are not chosen by the “emergency” that brought them in for medical care, but for who they are, how they present themselves, and what they say. As you read each of the 202 cases presented, you will meet these diverse people face to face. You will learn who they are. Whether it is the young girl who thinks she is about to die, or the man who is actually dying, the things they do and say are what make a story to be told. You will meet the couple from the back hills who reminds everyone of the Hillbilly’s show, and the elegant lady who strips to the waist and asks for the medicine that “stops my heart”. Some of the people have a heartbreaking story, and others are comical– like the injured young boy volunteering to do the cutting of a stallion to make it a gelding. Some of the patients are brave, and others are scared like the man whose girlfriend fired a shotgun into his groin. You will fall in love with the sweet elderly lady who was embarrassed to have constipation, but proved she could make bold comments in the end. To quote Dr Ashley in the book endorsement after she studied each case for medical accuracy, she wrote: “Although concise, each story has a nice balance of medical accuracy and character that is easy to follow for those readers who have never worked in the medical field. Because the stories are told from a personal perspective rather than focusing on medical jargon, the reader sees the ER from a softer side where some important and often funny life lessons come to life. There is plenty of entertainment for everyone with each chapter containing excitement, comedy, and heart- warming scenarios; this book makes a great conversation piece for any household. Once the reader experiences one story there is a desire to read more and move on to the next case as there is always something new ahead.”

Customer Book Reviews

Better Appreciation for What Happens in an ER


My only experience with an ER is from watching "ER","Gray's Anatomy," and when my husband broke his ankle. Keith wrote about the decisions the ER staff must make and the how the patients react to what is done to improve their situation. It definitely gave me insight into what information is needed by the staff if I ever need to go to an ER and how important it is to give as much detail as possible on the symptoms which got me there in the first place. I would like to be considered one of the "nice" patients as opposed to one of the jerks he had to deal with. Good information-thanks Keith for sharing your world!

Worst Book Ever!!!!


I have been in medicine for over 40 years and I cannot believe the lack of professionalism ( not to mention bad grammar and multiple editorial mistakes!) portrayed in this book. The sarcastic remarks he purports the nursing staff made to many patients is beyond deplorable. Regardless of how one feels about the people they serve( Yes, you are here to SERVE and CARE for ALL) a true professional would never voice his/ her distaste to the patient. What a poor example of true selfless caring by anyone in the medical field. You and all those "professionals" are a disgrace to the humble profession of medicine. What a waste of my time and money!!!!



Clearly, someone took a random bunch of old medical files and put the notes together. The problem is that the writer does not appear to have a good command of English and the book is written in a stilted manner with lots of syntax errors. Some sections are left out and someone forgot to proof-read properly. This is a pity as the subject matter had great potential.



I enjoyed the stories, but a proofreader was badly needed. I hate when a writer doesn't know when to use than instead of then. Also, at times entire sentences were left out.

A bit of insight


Good read. However, the editing was poor and made reading difficult at times. The content and stories were enjoyable. Easy to get to put aside and come back to.



I have been a float from ER to NICU to Mom Baby to Psych and some of these stories are full of judgement and lack compassion.

don't waste your money


As an RN I must say this so called book, borders on HIPPA violations with many patient identifiers in the book. It was poorly written, with misspellings, typos and incomplete sentences. A child could of written a better put together paper. It makes me wonder if the preliminary book was published by accident.

This book is an excellent read.


I have finished reading and very much enjoyed Keith Schultz's "202 most memorable patients in the E.R. I find this book a well written and interesting account of experiences in the Emergency Room by an R.N. who spent many years working a busy E.R. Having spent 18 years working as an R.N. in the E.R. I can personally relate to Mr. Schultz's perspective of the patients he encountered while working in emergency. The author in this book describes all aspect of E.R. care. Some patients are amusing and bring smiles, while some are very difficult to deal with and there is also the sad times when losing a patient will sometimes bring tears.

202 most memorable patients


202 Most Memorable Patients in the ER: A Nurse's Perspective As a former ER Nurse I thought Keith did a wonderful job capturing the essence of life in the ER. So many of his stories brought me back to my times working in the Emergency Room. The format was very readable and easy to understand even for those with little to no medical background. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in an inside look at the life and experiences of an emergency room nurse.

Five Stars


Very good, couldn't put it down

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