Any Shot You Want: The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual

Any Shot You Want: The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual
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Any Shot You Want is a very thourough, yet easily readable and understandable, treatise on the history, design, capabilities and use of sporting rifles and cartridges. It emphasizes safety procedures, to include safety in transportation and storage. The final 334 pages of the book are a detailed, chapter at a time, coverage of 86 different cartridges from .22 Hornet to .600 Nitro Express and 105x608mm.

Customer Book Reviews

One of the best reloading handbooks


I would rank this one as one of the best reloading handbooks around, together with the German DNAG-RWS handbook and the Norvegian Vapenjournalens Ladebok. It is certainly the best in English language, when it comes to rifle reloading. Not the best for the raw beginner however, since it presupposes some knowledge. Its strength is the coverage of old British big game cartridges, where much of the information supplied is unique. Treatment of metric cartridges is weaker. Brillant ballistic and technical information - the loading data are only one half of it, and the first part is an extremely thorough *and* practical treatise on reloading.

Everything the serious handloader needs

This is one of the better handloading manuals out there.Although the layout is simple, there are few other places to find reliable load data for cartridges like the .458 Lott and most of the traditional English Nitro Express cartridges, including the .600 NE. I really liked this book.

The best information for serious firearms students!


If you really want learn about ballistics, recoil, bullet design, stock design, reloading techniques, chamber pressures, and just about anything else to do with serious shooting, reloading and hunting, this is the book. These guys are the experts in the field; teachers at West Point, professional hunters, professional guides, and engineers. The A-Square Company is one of only 19 members of the prestigious SAAMI. I have gotten more solid information from this book than all my other books and 30 years of reloading, shooting hunting combined. It is less reloading data, more firearms science. I refer to it often, especially for big bore reloading data that is not available anywhere else. Still, it is easy to understand and something you can read, put away and go back to. This was money well spent for me. If you are ready to step up to serious information and cut through the hype, this is the book for you.



Prior reviews state excellence of book. However, Amazon lists limited availabilty. Used prices (today) on Amazon are $75+. This book can be ordered "new" from A-Square itself or Midway USA for $35-$39. I've never understood why "used" book sellers charge significant premiums over readily available "new" editions.

A pleasure to read with better science backing it's conclusions


It's lucid explanations are a relief from texts that assume a great deal of technical trivia already locked in the reader's mind for instant access. This book is something a novice as well as an expert would enjoy with it's conclusions more deeply researched in the lab and field than any others I've seen. Frank Barnes and Bob Forker are both engineers, like Alphin, who've written outstanding books (Cartridges of the World, albeit recent editions are post-Barnes, and Ammo & Ballistic I-IV) but they lack the vast field experience as well as manufacturing ammunition, two additional steady flows of data that inform all of Alphin's book. He ran the Army's Jefferson Proving Grounds and taught weapon science at West Point where he got his engineering training, I'm sorry but that's far more impressive to me than a writer who hunts every chance he can get, owns a cheap chronograph, and reloads a few calibers in the basement that seem to underlie so much of what we read or hear about cartridge performance. It's quite a bit beyond a reloading manual and I'd recommend it to any one who hunts with a rifle.

"Just When I Thought I Knew It All"


Having read all there was to read on rifles and cartridges since the 1950's I have rarely found examples of the keen insight routinely offered in this first rate manual. A lifetime of focused education and a touch of true genious have melded to produce the gemstone of all reloading manuals.

Art Alphin = a lifetime of accuracy!


Col. Alphin's 'Any Shot You Want' is extremely accurate, informative, and written to comprehend. Having served in the military with Col. Alphin (2nd Armored Division - 1975) as his M-60A1 Tank gunner, I am not at all surprised at the devotion to detail nor his passion to share his vast expertise with both novice and expert firearm enthusiasts. He is well-known and respected throughout the world as a 'hunter's hunter' having gained practical knowledge in the field allowing us to benefit from his experience! Kudos to you, sir, ..."Buffalo"!

A-Square reloading manual


Generally it was a very good book, but a bit more of a "book" for reading than a manual. I thought there would be more different wild cat loads in the manual, but I would still highly recommend the book to any reloader.


A-Square really knows their stuff when it comes to bullet design and terminal ballistics. I have used their bullets on several occassions, and the data and load development contained in the books really produces great results. Thes loads are suitable to anything from Whitetail Deer on up.

Excellent piece of work!


This is a must read for any serious firearms enthusiast. From the big time stuff, to the venerable 30-06, the book is informative and entertaining. I wish the A-Square company the best and can't wait till the next revision!

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