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This is not anything like a baby book. It’s a birthday book! It was born from the simple idea that birthdays provide the perfect annual opportunity to preserve a sweet moment in time as your child changes from year to year. From the first birthday to age eighteen, this journal contains space to stick birthday photos, fun and thought-provoking interview questions to ask your kid, and a time-capsule envelope for stashing away birthday cards and other odds and ends that represent each year.

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Wonderful Baby Book!


This book has been so fun and easy to use. My baby girl is almost 9 months already and the pages are so easy to fill out that I haven't missed writing down a single event. I love keepsakes and memory stuff, but I'm terrible at journaling and scrap booking. This book is perfect cause it captures all the important details without taking up too much time or effort. Bonus is that it's gender neutral and still really cute. It has a short section for pregnancy and birth stuff (baby shower, family history, the birth and the first couple weeks) Then the next section is for the first year. There's a spot for a picture from that month and stats and other details can be written below. At 3, 6 and 12 months they have an extra section called exclusive interview where you can go into a little more detail about that stage of their life. (sample questions - What's the best piece of parenting advice you've received so far? Have you been having date nights yet? What are some of your favorite things to do together?) The section ends with 4 1/2 pages for 12 months and birthday information and pictures. The third and final section is the gallery of firsts where it has a separate page for a picture and details about the event. Some of these include: holidays, seasons, bath, first words, first big trip. And then pages to jot down the dates next to milestones such as: First time playing peek-a-boo, first time giving a kiss, first time crawled, first steps, first time eating solid food, first words, first tooth (although there isn't a tooth chart :( )first laugh and lots lots more! The book ends with a couple pages where mom and dad can write a letter to baby. And then a page for baby to write in when they are all grown up. You will not be disappointed with this book! So fun. So easy to use. And memories that will last a lifetime.



I just bought this book to help record my child's first year. I love the cute sense of humor and the fill-in-the-blank approach to recording all of my child's firsts. Not one to scrapbook or journal, this has given me a unique and special way to document this time, without having to spend loads of time doing it. I especially love that there is a place to put a picture for each month....I was doing this anyway, but now I have a great way to display how she changes each month.

Short & Sweet


I bought this book when I found out I was pregnant with Peanut, baby #2. I like it because it covers all of the basics in a fun, tongue-in-cheek style. It is easy to fill out, and is great for parents who want to remember many of the first details, but not spend a ton of time relishing over details. I also appreciate that this book is written with the Dad in mind too. It uses the pronoun "we" and many of the pages could be filled out by Dad too, if he so wanted. However, there isn't much personal creativity offered. It is because of this element that I gave it a 4, not a 5. If I were to choose another journal, I would personally want one that included a few more open-ended pregnancy prompts. This is a perfect book for those who want to fill in a sentence or two, check a box and have the book say more what you were feeling. If you are a writer or sentimental, letter-keeping type person, you might want to check out another prompted journal or two. This book is a concise and fun way to record your baby's first year.

Great Book!


I really like this book as it has tear out pages so you can remove those pages that aren't relevant to you and your baby. Also, there is a nice sense of humor to the way the pages and questions are developed which makes it more fun to fill out. I would definitely recommend to new Moms but make sure you keep it handy bc its easy to forget to take note of those milestones and if you wait too long the dates all become a blur!

matches "belly book"


this book is so cute - i think it will be easy to use, just like The Belly Book, which is what i used for my pregnancy's neat that they match....they will always be a nice pair! the quality of the book is very nice and the questions allow for open ended notes and journaling, yet guide you along if you're not sure what to record. i like this little series a lot!

LOVE this baby book


I am 3 weeks away from giving birth. I hate the idea of having "homework," but I had received and filled out some pages of a baby book (not all-- just the important stuff) for my first kid-- so of course-- I had to do it for my second. I am busy with a toddler and a move, so I didn't want an extensive project. This book was EXACTLY what I needed. In 20 minutes, I had the first section all filled out! Now all I need is the baby to come so I can fill out the rest. This book really does a great job of outlining what's important; helping you note anything significant, but it does not bog you down with minutiae. It's perfect for those who want to jot down some memories and create a keepsake without spending hours on a baby book. GREAT price too!! I saw a different book in one store for $28 and another at Walmart for $14. You can't beat this book or Amazon's price for it. HIGHLY recommend.

Excellent Baby Book


This was baby book #4 for my son. I could not find a book that did not have too much fluff but had the space to add the information I wanted to remember. This book is a winner. I wish that they would make it for the first 5 years so I had a place to add all the thing he is doing beyond the first year.

Good BUT...


I like this book. My baby is already past the 1 year mark but the baby book I had started (got it as a gift) was a bit random and not as thorough as I'd like, and I had bought the Birthday Book by this same author, so I decided to buy this too. It was easy enough to back track most of the facts and memories from our baby's first year and even the pregnancy. I took off one star because of the "Parental Bootcamp" page. Specifically, how it states "Actually, we decided bottle feeding was preferable to us. Here's why" with 3 long blank lines underneath. There was no checkbox to mark IF this happened to be the case for you. It makes it seem like failing to breastfeed is a matter of when, not if. This bugs me. I am still nursing my 1 year old, and I know most women who fail do so for a lack of support and/or information. This fatalistic sentence in the book does not empower a new mom to think she can get through any of the initial nursing difficulties. Thankfully I had both the resources and support that I would not have been discouraged by this book, if I filled it out during a particularly trying day of nursing, but that may not be the case for all women. Also, sippy cups should not be a milestone. They are not good for a child's oral development and can lead to speech and orthodontic problems... We used straw cups from the beginning.

Great Idea!


This book is amazing! I'm not a scrapbooker, so this book made it simple to do monthly pictures and captions. It also had a section for all of baby's firsts! Some things that I may not have even thought to write down!

Easy, peasy :)


This is a great baby book for a mom that spends more time running around after their kiddo than being able to sit down and scrapbook. Nothing against the scrapbooking, but it's just not for me. I don't have the patience for it, and I have too many other things that need to get done in my free time for me to get into such a time consuming venture. But, I didn't want my little guy to miss out on knowing a little about his first year. I also wanted something I could refer back to about his stages and how things went with him when I have other kids too. You always think there's no way you'll ever forget each of those stages they go through, but you totally do! Personally, I don't think the cover of the book is all that appealing, but that's just my opinion aesthetically. But it is SUPER easy to keep up with and fill out. There are places and pages given to glue in pictures, but it's not like the whole book is just for pictures and it's going to be empty without a ton of pics. It had many prompts to help you think of what to write about and include in the journal, but they are open-ended enough to make it personal. There are three sections in the book: pregnancy/newborn section, month-by-month section, and a section devoted to baby's firsts. I like the month by month section because it helps me remember to sit down at some point toward the end of the month and think about the cutest things my little one did or things I want to remember about those 4 weeks. It never takes me more than 10 min for that month. Can you tell my focus was on practical use of my time but also effectively preserving memories? The other thing I loved about this book is that opposed to the other more elaborate $60+ baby books, this one was so reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something that is easy to fill out and help you remember and pass down special moments/memories in a succinct way for a good price. It's also great if you don't feel you are creative enough to think up everything on your own. :)

Poor Quality Materials


I love the question and answer format of this book. It is really cute. My problem is with the quality of the materials. The paper is very thin and flimsy which was tolerable to me. However the entire spiral binding of my book separated from the cover. There is no way to get the cover back on. Baby books are meant to be keepsakes and should be made accordingly. The cute idea does not make up for the poor construction.

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