Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten

Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten
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You can grow tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and the rest of their spring-blooming brethren indoors, all winter long, when the view outside your window reveals snow, sleet, or icy rain. Instead, imagine your windowsills filled with an array of dazzling flowers. In this informative and entertaining book, famed bulb forcer Art Wolk humorously reveals the secrets he's used for three decades to win silver cups and baskets of blue ribbons. And, he admits, bulb forcing requires no Green Thumb. As long as you can put soil and bulbs in a pot without mortally wounding yourself, you'll succeed. Wolk's book is filled with laugh-out-loud humor and more than 350 glorious photos that show you exactly how to produce your own indoor, wintertime flower show every year.

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Blooming wonderful!


Art has a terrific way of writing which entertains as well as educates. With an amazing knowledge gleaned from entering and winning blue ribbons at the Philadelphia Flower Show for many years, he brings colorful stories to the text alongside fabulous full page photographs of flowering bulbs. From Amaryllis to Zantedeschia (calla lily)this is a complete guide to bringing numerous bulb varieties into bloom on your schedule rather than on nature's schedule. To be successful with forcing a bulb, you need to understand the bulb and how it grows - Art includes this in such a lively way that you forget that you are learning basic botany. I wish I had found this book last fall when I put my first bulbs into the fridge with the intent to force them for an early spring! They did bloom but they did so on their schedule not mine - which was after the daffodils bloomed outside!

The book Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten


This book is the best I have seen on this subject. It is very detailed and a fun read with plenty of humor in Art's explanations, instructions and his experiences with bulb forcing. All that aside, it's beautifully illustrated and lovely just to look at. I highly recommend it and plan on buying copies as gifts for several of my garden friends.

Terrific Book !


Horticulture Magazine's stellar review of "Bulb Forcing" said it best: "Why can't all garden books be this fun?" From the outset, Wolk sets the bar high, and his knowledge, writing, sense of humor, and photography allow him to realize his lofty goals. I really don't understand Ms. Antebi's statement about him being "patronizing," when he's consistently self-effacing, all to boost your confidence while making you laugh at the mistakes he's made during thirty years of perfecting his craft. How is it patronizing when Wolk's ultimate advice, in boldface, is "Don't take any garden techniques as absolute, indisputable gospel...carry a notebook...figure out what works in your home, and ultimately say, to hell with Art Wolk's instructions. In other words, start with my ideas and end with yours."? Indeed, why can't all garden books enlighten and entertain like this one?

One of the best gardening books ever!


I think this is one of the best gardening books ever! I was so excited the first day that I couldn't sleep that night because I was planning what I would pot up in the fall. The timing of the book is perfect for ordering fall bulbs. The photographs are outstanding, but I appreciate even more the experiments the author conducted in his pursuit of perfect forced bulbs.



A beautiful book, filled with opulent illustrations and enlightening, entertaining, useful text in Wolk's typical casual, lighthearted style, featuring his personal experiences. Hands down, the best, most complete book on the subject. (Almost makes me want to try and follow the intructions and pot up a few of the bulbs languishing in my garage.)

Excellent Guide!


Easy read with humor and expertise all in one. Great photos to guide you through the bulb forcing process. I was so confident in the bulb forcing process after I read this book that I am forcing 20 containers for purchase this winter!



ARt Wolk is an expert in his field. His humor will make you laugh out loud while reading. His information is first-hand, easy to follow and works.

Superb guide!


Art Wolk's book is an excellent, approachable guide to bulb forcing that will quickly get you up and running with prize-worthy examples of amaryllis, paperwhites, tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, and much more. Having searched for a volume that would hold my hand and offer practical advice (rather than standard wisdom that one could get off the back of an amaryllis kit), I found it and a great deal more. Art offers step-by-step instructions, rich illustrations and insider tips that will get you forcing more bulbs than you originally thought you'd want to handle. I bought mine to learn how to better grow amaryllis, and I'm now growing much more than just that. To my knowledge, nothing like it exists on the market, and for the price, you get a gorgeous, hardbound volume that you'll want to keep for years.

Really, really good for beginning gardeners. Since I am not one I can't speak for the experts


i do love it, enough to try to force some bulbs that should be ready to start blooming in January 2015. I can't wait to see if I did this right.

Five Stars


Love the book and Art Wolk ! I took a work shop from him !

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten and it was written by Art Wolk, Wendell Minor (jacket) (Illustrator), Laurie Baxendell (drawings) (Illustrator). This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Jan 01, 2012 and it has a suggested retail price of $32.95. It was published by AAB Book Publishing Company LLC and has a total of 255 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 0972973052 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780972973052. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.