Cengage Advantage Books: Criminal Law

Cengage Advantage Books: Criminal Law
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Product Description

Equipping you with a practical understanding of legal topics, Gardner and Anderson's CRIMINAL LAW, 11e delivers comprehensive coverage of the major components of substantive criminal law in a remarkably reader-friendly presentation. Its more narrative, descriptive approach exposes readers to the language of the law without overwhelming them. A longtime market leader, the book offers complete coverage of the issues and principles driving American criminal justice today.

Customer Book Reviews

no recommendation

I used Criminal Law by Gardner and Anderson as my text when I taught an undergrad Criminal Law class. I found it overly simplistic, even for that level, and left my students with too many loose ends. The case excerpts used are drastically edited, sometimes only a sentence, which does not help demonstrate the proposition the cases supposedly stand for. It seemed that the authors also spent an inordinate amount of text on relatively unimportant topics. I also found the instructor's edition to be unhelpful.

do the crime do the time.


Here is a book that is direct and to the point about the law. As much as the "politicaly Correct" want to twist the law this edition makes it clear, when where, and why the law was created. Let the lawyers have their fight in court,that is what we have courts for. Yet the book tells you what the laws is. It is your own Damn fault if you violate the law then have to do the time.

Used 7th edition as secondary material for teaching undergrad CrimLaw


The layout of the book is user friendly, and the case extracts are concise. I designated it as a reference book for my students and placed it on call in the library for them to review. It can be overly simplistic for an advanced reader, but on target for a good majority of freshman students. Maybe the 8th edition will show some evolution.

This book is in a good condition & I would highly recommend this to anyone ...


This book is in a good condition & I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to purchase this book.

Very informational!


It is a great textbook that allows one to understand the various rules and laws that are part of our Criminal Law system.

easy law read


required for college class, lots of details easy law read, but not as in depth as i would like, but ok

School purposes


Great for the price, not much I can say it was for school so I needed the book and didn't want to pay too much.

Read Carefully


This was sent later than it was supposed to be, so it obviously arrived a few weeks into class (after first test). It also arrived as loose-leaf. I made it work, but I was shocked and it is very inconvenient, since reselling is pretty much out of the question. That was not noted prominently, if it was noted at all. Make sure you read the product description more carefully than I did. I have never seen a book shipped that way.

Book not as described


I cannot actually review the book as it is not a bound book so it was never opened. If you by this book, please be aware it is a loose leaf edition.

It was not nearly as easy to read as some of the books that my ...


This is one of the few books I've literally read front-to-back during my coursework for a degree in criminal justice. It was not nearly as easy to read as some of the books that my other professors had chosen for their classes, but it was certainly loaded with information that provided insight into the relativity of laws that span the United States justice system. I bought this book outright for nearly 1/10 of the cost of the newer edition (after getting approval from my professor) and it was sufficient enough for me to complete the course with a 94% despite having end-chapter questions that differ from the newer edition. I'm also glad now that I own the book because I have used it as a reference several times since completing my course load.

Money saver


Just like my criminal procedures book I will be needing this for more than one class, due to this class having a 1 and 2 course structure. Amazon does it every time.

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