Code Name: High Pockets: True Story of Claire Phillips, an American Mata Hari and the World War Two Resistance Movement in the Philippines

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CODE NAME: HIGH POCKETS is a true story of Claire Phillips, an American Mata Hari and the resistance movement during World War II in the Philippines. Claire Phillips was High Pockets, a code name she adapted for having the habit of stashing important notes and valuables inside her brassiere. She established an exclusive club in Manila called Tsubaki Club that became a hotbed of espionage against the Japanese forces. With the money she made out of th Japanese, she sent aid and supplies to the Bataan guerillas, to the POWs in Cabanatuan and other prison camps. Ms. Binkowski takes you into an exclusive nightclub in Manila for Japanese officers and affluent Japanese businessmen, during WWII, in Philippines. You travel into the horrific prison camps. You go to the foothills and mountains of Bataan, where the guerrillas hid, waiting for their moment to strike. You meet the spies in Manila who risked everything to smuggle food and medicine into those prison camps, and then descend into the smelly dungeons of Fort Santiago to hear their screams, as they are tortured by the Kempetai. You witness them being murdered, by decapitation, in the Chinese Cemetery. Then ... Liberation!

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Pleasantly surprised and fascinated with this read


Learned about this book when Ms. Binkowski did a book signing at a VFW branch in Angeles City, Philippines where I was visiting in January 2009. A remarkable and fascinating untold story. An obscure, intregal series of events impacting WWII. If you want to feel like you were there and have a thirst for WWII history, read "Code Name: High Pockets" now. What a great read and a big salamat (thank you) to Ms. Edna Binkowski for bringing us this terrific piece of history. Perhaps, familiarity with the story's settings influenced me, but nonetheless, Ms Binkowski really displayed her versatility and talent, writing this book in a second language. I was captivated and she continually peaked my interest with a knack for establishing the true life characters and setting each scene. Always felt like I was in the mmoent. BRAVO MS. BINKOWSki. I hope to have an opportunity to meet her later this year, to express my appreciation for telling the story in a simple, but very interesting style. Would like to learn if there is more to this story, or perhaps another piece of history we have yet to learn. Bob Remington, Pensacola, FL.

A previously untold story beautifully added to history


This book is a great read on many different levels. I purchased and read this book after spending eight days with Ms. Binkowski touring Bataan and Corregidor and listening to her describe the fighting and the resistance movement. For the serious student of World War II, it is a must. This is one of the finest sources of information about the Philippine resistance to the brutal Japanese occupation of a peaceful nation. It vividly describes Japanese fifth columnists and the many people throughout the war that stood for freedom through the nation's darkest hours. I have read many works on the war in the Philippines, and this one tells the story from a unique perspective. For anyone interested in a strong female character, Claire Phillips' heroic deeds, sacrifices, and selfless determination are truly awe inspiring. Ms. Binkowski has thoroughly studied the subject, as one can tell by talking with her and finding that she knows several "pages" worth of detailed information for every one that has been printed in this work. The characters are real, but not all writers can make the reader see and feel the characters as Binkowski does. It is a riveting story that needs to be told and taught. Slight grammatical errors occur in the transition from Tagalog to English, but for me, they only added a flavor of authenticity and realism. Some of the other characters need their own biographies as well, and I hope that Edna will write about these other unsung heroes.

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