Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry 1935-1980, Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Edition

Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry 1935-1980, Identification and Value Guide, 2nd Edition
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The second edition of Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: the basics of dating jewelry 1935 - 1980 will not disappoint collectors. More than just a fresh new cover, this updated edition is bursting with material not seen before. The charts listing the design patent numbers have been replaced by over 2,300 selected design patent drawings organized in easy-to-reference groups. Over 200 new and updated photographs have been added, including an expanded section on Boucher jewelry. Some of the mystery about Regency Jewels is revealed through an interesting and informative interview with the nephew of Raymond Albertieri who managed every aspect of Regency Jewels from the late 1940s through 1972. Already packed with 160 vintage advertisements, this new edition includes a dozen additional ads for makers like Ciner, Boucher, Haskell, Bogoff, Trifari, Mazer, Castlecliff, Whiting and Davis, and Judy Lee. Every value in the book has been reviewed and updated. The second edition of Collecting Costume Jewelry 202 is significantly different from the first, so much so, collectors will want to keep both versions in their reference libraries. 2010 values.

Customer Book Reviews

Another 5 star book from Julia Carroll!!!


This book is an instant reference - I know I will go back to it over and over again! The patent drawings are so beautifully organized I know I will be able to easily find matching patents for my jewelry. I love the Collecting Costume Jewelry series!

Wow - They keep getting better!


If you have bought the series of Julia Carroll's books, "Collecting Costume Jewelry 101, 202 and 303," you come to think after each book, this is her BEST one yet! She then writes ANOTHER wonderful book that is filled with more new information on designers, stunning photos of beautiful costume jewelry, and fills the pages with fabulous vintage ads and clear detailed drawings of design patents. One thing about Julia's books that amaze me is the wealth of knowledge she provides on many of the designers by personal interviews with family members, previous employees, and other knowledgeable people that were involved in the jewelry making business. She always takes extra steps to provide collectors with information that not only will help them learn more about collecting, but gives the pieces they already have in their collections a special meaning. It is wonderful to see an actual patent of one of your favorite pieces, the date & name of the designer, and possibly a jewelry ad featuring that piece. Julia, I am one of your biggest fans and your books will always hold a special place in the very front of my jewelry library.

Costume Jewelry


This is one of three Costume Jewelry books I have purchased that are written by this author. EXCELLENT Great pictures, very detailed information everything a jewelry collector could ask for.

Essential Book For Collectors


This book is a joy to read-it contains lots of info on many different companies as well as patent pics and info-so helpful for dating items - as well as many vintage ads-also great for dating items and historical interest and many beautiful and clear pictures of jewelry-all books by this author are Must Haves!

Woth the wait for this edition.


My wife loves this book. As a collector she found it not only useful from that standpoint, but an interesting read.

Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry 1935-1980


I admire and collect vintage rhinestone jewelry. I bought this book to expand my knowledge, and I learned so much from this book! My knowledge of spotting certain designers costume jewelry has sharpen substantially. I'm positive that you'll learn many aspects of recognizing good costume jewelry. The costume jewelry from this time period wasn't made with quality work, or so as they said or assumed. But when you compare it to today's work, the quality of this time period were made of higher quality hands down! So learn as much as you can about the many designers and collect the best quality you can afford. Your daughter or grand-daughter will thank you for such wonderful heirlooms!

Good Resource


This is a good resource for the collector or seller of vintage jewelry. It gives history and style details on various pieces that help to identify the pieces you have. Even if you don't have the exact piece shown in the ;pictures, noting the details of design is helpful for dating and describing your own pieces. I have several of these books in my library; they complement each other. This one gives more information that I consult frequently when getting ready to sell my items.

usefull reference


This book, as with all Carroll's jewelry books, has been a great help to do date and identify costume jewelry.

While there are some good photos of representative jewelry


This book is very informative, well-written, and researched. While there are some good photos of representative jewelry, the author relies chiefly upon line drawings (pages and pages) which are simply not as helpful.

another great book in the series!


So helpful and a very satisfying read, chock full of ilustrations(beautifully photographed in color). Not quite as jam packed as the first one in the series. But still one of the best out there.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Collecting Costume Jewelry 202 and it was written by Julia C. Carroll. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is May 17, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $24.95. It was published by Collector Books and has a total of 496 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1574326384 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781574326383. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.