Creating the Low-Budget Homestead

Creating the Low-Budget Homestead
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Product Description

If you've ever thought about pursuing a self-sufficient lifestyle on your own rural homestead or survival retreat but feared you didn't have the money or skills to do it, you simply must read this book. It is a goldmine of practical steps and instructions to take you from dreaming about an off-grid, independent lifestyle to living one!

There are hundreds of things to think about before planning and starting your new life, and this book will save you valuable time and money by steering you down productive paths and making you carefully consider others. Just some of the areas it covers include:

  • 4 rules for defining your goals for your homestead or retreat
  • creative ways to find inexpensive rural property to buy
  • the essential tools, vehicles, and skills you will need to succeed
  • 10 rules for a self-sufficient garden
  • designing the off-grid home so it's warm in winter and cool in summer
  • questions you must ask before investing in farm animals, livestock, or even pets
  • 9 rules for getting along with your country neighbors
  • tips for working smart, being realistic, and avoiding burnout

A person who's reliant on others for the necessities of life will always be subject to the people, companies, and agencies who feed, house, and protect him. With determination, creativity, and the knowledge in this book, you can break this cycle of dependence and become a successful low-budget homesteader!

Customer Book Reviews

Very good resource


If you are interested in living with little or no money, get this book! We are finding many excellent tidbits of how to live on minimum money.

for the beginner


Enjoyed the book. Wished it was a little more in depth in some areas. Would recommend it to others who would like general info on the subject

Great book


This is one of the best books that I have read on this subject. The author has hard core experience to back up what he is talking about. I have read it and read it over and over again. The ideas are the real deal...of how to live off grid in most ways. I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in this subject.



Great read. I've learned a lot of tidbits from this book and still have a lot more to learn from it. It will be used as a reference book as well.

Awsome Book


If your looking at this book you know what its about. What you might not know is how good it is. The author and his wife know what they are talking about. If you want to start thinking about or want to jump into the Homesteading lifestyle get this book.

Much Good Information


"Creating the Low-Budget Homestead," contains much good information. It thoroughly discusses all areas that pertain to homesteading and lets you know whether such a lifestyle is for you. It presents a realistic description of the pluses and negative in opting for such a life style. The author, Steven D. Gregersen, lives totally off the grid, which involves hard work and discipline to successfully do. Unless you have money, most tasks are do it yourself projects. They not only take previous skills or learning new ones, but also the desire to do such activities. If the crap hit the fan, the author could be totally self supporting, which he isn't at the present time. He does stress the importance of making time for fun and also living peacefully with your neighbors, both of which were well done chapters. I gave it a four instead of a five star review, because the idea of trying to be a jack of all trades is rather intimidating.



The author writes with experience based on his own endeavors to live off grid and that is how a reader should approach it. I would suggest to those who wish to live off grid research as many resources as you can before taking the plunge.

Good Read :)


Its a good read but not as informative as I would have expected. Its more like reading about someones experiences with starting a homestead rather than how to operate one. The author often times says things like "that subject is a whole book on its own", and doesn't get into the details of many of the skills needed. Very interesting human being and certainly inspiring; its just not gonna teach "how to".



Details, details, and more details. All based on hard-earned experience. If you're going to head for the hills, buy this book, study it, and take it with you. Among other things, it will tell you (ahead of time) how much determination, ingenuity, and skills you will need--and the importance of having a strong partner..

wonderful and informative


With many, many book of this type at home, I have to place this one close to the top. The author has real PRACTICAL advice and knowledge. A favorite chapter is on getting along with neighbors. This is something that, I don't believe, many newbies think about. But it is very important in the scheme of is the chapter on buying the land. Full of great things to know Before you buy.

Homesteading How To Adjust


While this book is not an explicit instruction manual for living the homestead life, it should be required reading for anyone considering giving it a try. Mr. Gregerson gives a pragmatic view on the how and how not to way of living in the country and homesteading. It is a cautionary manual for people who go into this life unprepared but with high expectations. This book has many tidbits of advice from his personal experience on things that work and ways to avoid disaster. I especially appreciated his thoughts on burnout and how to avoid it. I look forward to reading more from this homesteading sage!

Low Budget solutions


I have read several homesteading books that imply you need serious money to homestead. This book shows you how the author was able to do so on the cheap. Although he does not glamorize some of the deprivations they had, like living in a tent and cooking outside, he does emphasize the skills you need and how to work with what you already have, and most importantly, the attitude you need for success. There is an optimism and realism in this book that made it worth buying. He covers not only practical skills but social ones (How to get along with the community) and psychological skills like resilience and flexibilty. If I could only buy one book on homesteading, it might be this one.

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