Dark and Dangerous

Dark and Dangerous
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Book by Anwar, Celeste, Harte, Marie, McBride, Goldie

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An intense passionate collection of "dark" paranormal erotica


Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques This collection of stories is sure to entice the most selective of readers to venture to "the dark side" of romance and erotica in their books. In Beauty Ravished, by Celeste Anwar, Cherry Roman has taken what little savings she has, after being laid off at work, and splurged on a vacation adventure that she hopes will help her relax and enjoy life; not worry about what happens next. When she arrives at her haven, she finds that strangely enough, there seems to be no women present and the manager of the resort is happy about her being there. Neither can deny the eruption of passion they experience upon meeting, and Cherry is in for the shock of her life when she discovers just what kind of man, or is it beast?, Nigel Francoeur is. What a hot tale! Cherry and Nigel are immediately attracted to one another, their passion for one another a conflagration that is sure to singe the fingers of the reader. Ms. Anwar takes the world of the werewolves and shifts things around just a bit to satisfy her story and her readers. The descriptions of the behavior of the male werewolves show the animal instincts often lacking in shape shifter characters. The details of the mating game being played out in this story are well done, making one shiver in fear, or desire, at the concept and the events unfolding. In Dream Shadows by Angelica Hart, the next foray into the dark side, readers meet Violet Haze, born of the sun caste, who has been trained to be a willing wife to some lord lucky enough to win her in the nuptial auction. She longs to be free to enjoy the life she so desires, and to use her magic to keep the Light strong. She prays that it will not be one of the Dark lords who feed on fear that wins her. During much of her life she has experienced such intense erotic dreams that she finds some escape from her unhappy life. However, when she meets the man from her dreams, how can she be sure he is of the Light and not of the Dark? Violet is full of spirit and fire that reveals itself on every page and in every encounter. This reviewer laughed aloud at her antics to try and avoid being bought and mated at the nuptial auction. Her confusion is real when she is confronted with both Darth and Ash, and has to figure out who is the evil one and who is her savior. The electricity between she and Ash, both in dream and waking states, crackles with energy, burning them from the inside out, and will wreak havoc on the reader as well. In Blackthorne's Light by Marie Harte, Trey Blackthorne is a vampire born of humans, whose duty in life is to rid the world of people with evil souls. His is an empty life, with no satisfaction for him, and he hopes to some day find what he needs and desires. Adara Vansant is a reporter for a racy women's magazine who is doing a series of articles on "bad girls" and their adventures in the dark and erotic sex scene. When she visits a nightclub, Vampland, which caters to this crowd, she never expects the erotic attraction to owner, Trey. But is he her sensual salvation or her worst nightmare? This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the slight twist on vampire lore found here. Trey was portrayed in a new light from what is ordinarily found in vampire tales. One is bound to empathize with him in his lonely and empty existence. When Adara comes into his life, the change in him is brilliant to experience, and the love they feel for one another is easily felt and understood. The plot is well thought out and flows smoothly, and will satisfy even the pickiest of readers. In The Dark One by Goldie McBride, Samantha Lancaster heads to Europe for a tour of reputedly haunted locations, a trip she had planned to take with her mother, until she died in a car crash on the way to the airport for this very trip. She ends her travels at the Chateaux du Beauchamp in France and gets more then she bargained for upon arrival. Gerard, Count du Beauchamp was a powerful warlock in his day, cursed by fate to spend eternity neither living nor dead. When he meets Samantha, he finds out that not only can she see him and talk to him, but that she may be the very answer to his desires, and only she can break the curse he's lived with for centuries. What collection of dark tales would be complete without a sexy ghost (or is he?) warlock? The story behind Gerard's existence is complex and developed quite thoroughly, giving enough information to make readers understand his predicament. Samantha's background is also intricate, making one feel for her and why she is so drawn to this particular site on her tour. These two characters are meant to be together, and the story proves that without a doubt. Their feelings for one another won't be denied and how their romance in concluded will make readers be thrilled for them. It is hard to pick a favorite story out of this collection. Every one is delightful and will enthrall readers. They are all equally sensual, written so well that the passion leaps from every story to captivate and inspire readers. Be sure to have a cold shower, or a warm and willing partner, readily available upon finishing this collection of erotic fantasies.

So Near, Yet So Far


I am so ambivalent about this book. It adheres to the genre that I really, really like: Romantic, erotic, paranormal fantasy. The story lines are exactly that. BUT I felt the stories, especially "Beauty Ravished," seemed hurried and the plots skeletal frameworks for the erotic scenes. I kept wanting all the stories to be more fully fleshed out; each had the potential to be a solo book. The erotic scenes are great. The endings, for the most part, are way too abrupt. When I finished "Beauty Ravished," my jaw just dropped. I couldn't believe that was the end! I kept saying to myself, "And then what?" Finally, unlike previous reviewers, I found the numerous misspellings, missing words, incorrect words, and grammatical faux pas to be really jarring. To sum up: a great idea for an anthology, great plot outlines, but everything seemed careless, rushed, and skimpy.

Dark and Dangerous


OH MY GOD! This book is truly Dark and Dangerous! And Delightful!! LOL LOL Each story is FAN-tastic!! Buy, Buy, Buy! LOL

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Dark and Dangerous and it was written by Celeste Anwar, Marie Harte, Goldie McBride. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Unknown and it has a suggested retail price of $11.99. It was published by New Concepts Publishing and has a total of 212 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1586086790 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781586086794. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.