Detective Stories from the Bible

Detective Stories from the Bible
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When we think of a detective story, we often think of murder mysteries. But the Bible contains some different kinds of detective stories. How is it, for instance, that some of the key personalities in the Bible story slip into the story almost unnoticed—like Judah, for example, an ancestor of King David and Jesus Christ. How did the symbolism of blood in Communion get started? When Cain was warned that the ground would no longer yield for him because he had killed his brother—did that set a precedent for connecting moral behavior with environmental harshness? These themes and many others are investigated in this study, accompanied by a discussion guide.

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Look at Bible stories in a different way.

By Sharon Huffman on Jan 18, 2014

Very interesting and thought provoking, Kalas always teaches in amusing and unusual ways. God's love is the ultimate mystery for us.

Too convaluted to be a good study

By Dee Jones on Jun 15, 2014

The stories are not well written and are too complicated to be easily understood. I was using it for a study in an older adult Sunday School class and they lost interest.

Challenging thoughts.

By Phyllis C. Rice on May 20, 2013

I'm using this book for a Bible Study Group and all of the ladies are enjoying it. Kalas puts an interesting twist on the different people from the Bible.

Great story teller!!!

By Amazon Customer on Jul 30, 2013

This is written as though the author is talking directly to you. The content is clear and the events of the mystery are easily understood. Our whole Sunday School class has really enjoyed both reading it and discussing our concepts of the meaning of his story. Very easy reading and extremely educational.

Detective Stories from the Bible

By Flomo on Apr 29, 2010

This book, while well written is not about finding hidden meanings, or even looking for hidden meanings in The Bible. It also does not provide something along the lines of well "this" is written in the OT and "it" correlates with this in the NT. Also, there is very little new, insightful or provocative information. Our group will continue with the book for one or two more weeks and if there is no improvement or change we will not continue with this in our Bible Study class.

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Detective Stories from the Bible and it was written by J. Ellsworth Kalas. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Aug 01, 2009 and it has a suggested retail price of $13.99. It was published by Abingdon Press and has a total of 142 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 1426702566 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781426702563. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.