Exam 98-361 MTA Software Development Fundamentals

Exam 98-361 MTA Software Development Fundamentals
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Product Description

Students who are beginning studies in technology need a strong foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced technology courses and certification programs.   The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a new and innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers. The MTA program curriculum helps instructors teach and validate fundamental technology concepts and provides students with a foundation for their careers as well as the confidence they need to succeed in advanced studies. Through the use of MOAC MTA titles you can help ensure your students future success in and out of the classroom.  This text covers fundamental skills in such areas as Programming and an understanding of general software development, web,  desktop, and database applications.

Customer Book Reviews

No answers to test questions at the end of each chapter, not what was expected.


There are no answers to the tests and exercises at the end of lesson/chapter making them all but useless. No way to get the answers either. Wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased this book. Not what was expected. This is a work book meant to be used in conjunction with a class, If your not taking the class the book is of no use.

Useless Without Taking a Class


Like a previous reviewer, I bought this to prep for the MTA Exam. This is NOT intended as a standalone resource. The title is misleading and should include the word "Workbook". This book is supposed to be used as supplementary material for an actual academic course. There are no answers to the questions/exercises at the end of each lesson and the only way to get answers is to request an Instructor's Guide directly from Microsoft. After looking into it, I found that you have to be teaching a class using this workbook at an academic institution in order to qualify to even request the answers. Although it does contain some good information, there are much better resources for learning this material. I would not purchase this unless taking a course where a professor required it.

Very poor learning material


I purchased this book with the idea that I'd use it to prep for the subject Microsoft exam. While this book may be a good outline of what's on the test (and even that I'm not sure of as this book scared me off of taking the exam), it's a terrible resource to use as a learning tool for the subject matter. If that's what you're interested in - look elsewhere.

Organized very well


This book contains essential knowledge required to pass the MTA certification exam for this subject. I love the way this book is presented. Everything in the book is strong knowledge that you will need to understand to work in the Microsoft Software Development environment. The chapters are 1) Introduction to Programming 2) Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 3) Understanding General Software Development environment 4) Understanding Web Applications 5) Understanding Desktop Applications 6)Understanding Databases. I passed the 98-361 MTA Certification test 19 April, 2014. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I believe that you will need a very good understanding of C# or Visual Basic. I took the C# option of the exam. I very valuable purchase.

Good info - hope to pass test.


My 16 year old son is reading this book in hopes of passing the test. I read it before giving it to him. Good info. He has not taken the test to determine if the book is relevant. The reason for 4 stars is the issue with answers to the questions. The inability to correct the answers in the book defeats the purpose of practicing for the test.

Pretty Not Bad.


The content in this book is well organized and thoroughly explained. Example problems are also well explained with all example code written in C#. I especially liked the practice problems at the end of chapters and the availability of a practice exam from a link provided in the first few pages. The things that I didn't like about it were mostly superficial. The "book" has more of a magazine feel to it. At most I would say it's a soft cover book or workbook. Perhaps that was my own fault for not reading the product detail carefully and assuming. Also there is no color other than the outside cover. Normally something like that doesn't concern me but when you pay over $50 for a "Workbook" it's worth noting. Something else worth noting, if you want a PDF version of the book the publisher offers it at half the price of the book. Most books I bought in the past usually throw that in for free. Overall pretty not bad.

People who give these books bad reviews are lazy.


People seem to be disappointed that there are no answers in these books. Yes, they are intended to be used in a classroom setting and only the "instructor" versions of the books have the answers. But guess what... THE ANSWERS ARE IN THE CONTENTS OF THE BOOK. You have to READ and then you might actually learn. If you aren't sure of an answers at the end of the chapters, you'll find that books have the handy feature called PAGES so you can physically flip a ways and read the couple of paragraphs on the subject.

Jessica says


Jessica told me dat she is really enthousiastic about this boek. She has read de boek in one deep breath.

While the booklet gave a good overview of the objectives to be tested


I used this book, along with MVA self-paced course to successfully pass the exam. While the booklet gave a good overview of the objectives to be tested, the questions and examples were significantly less complex than the exam questions themselves. The code-specific questions (I took C# language version) varied greatly from the sample code and example questions and Competency scenarios found in this book. In short, I would recommend this book as a supplement to your study for this exam. I highly recommend the rental option that Amazon makes available for this book. At less than 200 pages, I was able to rent it for a semester at half the purchase price, and within a month, I was able to pass the exam (with the help of independent study as well).

Very Well Written and Easy to Understand


This book is very well written, it progresses well from foundation topics to the more advanced, and it should be easy for any reader to understand. The reason I awarded four stars as opposed to five is that there are some topics that one might not understand real well if they have no previous computer science or software engineering background. I do not mean that one could not pass the certification after reading this book. I cannot judge this since I have yet to take the test. If the certification test is based on the topics in this book then any reader should be able to pass the test upon completion of this book. Best wishes and good luck on your exam.

don't buy this


Not until they update it or provide some errata sheet. I found at least one error, programming or grammatical per page when going through the book. If you're reasonably PC/programming experienced you can get around this. For a new programmer this would be unacceptable. I emailed MS and they said contact the publisher. I contacted the publisher (Wiley) and they said to email them if I find a mistake. So, you have to do their job for them. Really I should give this 1 star.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Exam 98-361 MTA Software Development Fundamentals and it was written by Microsoft Official Academic Course. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is May 03, 2011. It was published by Wiley and has a total of 216 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 047088911X and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780470889114. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.