Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics (2013)

Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics  (2013)
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CCH's 2013 Federal Taxation: Comprehensive Topics is a popular teacher-created combination first- and second-level tax course that offers comprehensive one-volume coverage of all the most important tax concepts and principles for a solid grounding in federal taxation. It offers clear and concise explanation of fundamental tax concepts in the framework of today's tax practice. Covering both planning and compliance, the book strikes an effective balance between AICPA model curriculum demands and the favored approaches of the majority of today's top tax teachers. CCH's Comprehensive Topics introduces students to the complex and absorbing study of federal taxation, covering a broad range of subjects beginning with basic concepts and individual taxation. Once the fundamentals are covered, tax accounting and the taxation of partnerships and corporations become the focus. The final section of the book presents estate and gift taxation coverage, along with income taxation of trusts and estates.

Customer Book Reviews

Very complicated


I got this textbook for my Accounting Income Tax class and I think it is WAYYY overpriced at almost $230 to cover all the tax jargon. I did okay in the class, but needless to say that this book is way too expensive, and it goes into more detail than necessary which makes it harder to grasp the big picture (they cover too much of the minutiae). Also I am unable to check my homework for the problems. Next time I will do the author a favor and stick with the eBook so he doesn't get so much money from me. I feel foolish for spending about $227 on this book that I can't sell when I had an e-version of this book. I needed more access to convenience at the time, but NEVER AGAIN!

Confused intentions


This text gives you the worst of both worlds, in my opinion. On the one hand, if you're looking for a text to quickly educate you on how tax rules currently work, this book will not do that. It's constantly bogged down in tangents and half-way exceptions. By this I mean, it often announces exceptions but fails to fully describe their treatment. I would rather the authors do one or the other - either be a proper introductory text or a proper comprehensive text. This is neither. Likewise, the authors have a strange sense of when historical context should be given. Often the text invests several paragraphs explaining a concept, only to later tell you this concept is now obsolete or has been replaced by another. I would be fine with this approach for a history book. And, even in the context of tax law, there's no doubt it would be helpful to understand the context or background of an issue. But, again, these authors seem to try a little bit of both approaches and wind up doing neither of them well. You do not get enough background or history to form a proper context in your mind, but there's enough of it to completely bog you down (as a reader) if you're simply trying to learn what the current and correct treatment is. Granted, I do not expect text books to be light reading or fine literature. But this particular one ranks among the least usable and least enjoyable texts I've experienced in my academic and professional life.

like just about every text book out there these days


While most people here seem to be complaining about the complication of federal taxation itself and not the actual book I still have to give a similarily rated review of this book. Long story short is that this book, like just about every text book out there these days, is a total rip off. Pros: it actually does a nice job of explaining federal taxation and provides numerous scenerios to further explain the application of taxation. Cons: 2 classes(levels 1 and 2) of federal taxation are included in this book. This means that you have to carry around half a book which is of no use two you which will then likely be outdated by the time you actually take the level 2 course since there are changes to the federal tax code each year. Not only this, but the e-book is another 250 bucks, yes that's right, the e-book is the same price as the hardcover text book. These publishers deserve a special place in hell.

Not an Easy Read


I got this book for my tax class, but it was difficult to sit and just go through it. It has a lot (i mean a lot!) of information. As you read, you will see how complex the tax system truly is - and that may be why the book itself is so full of explanation. Make sure you go through the review questions to keep track of what is going on! It would be very useful to buy the solutions manual as well to review end of chapter problems.



This book was an exact match to the book required by my school. I was able to save almost $100 and it arrived ahead of schedule.

Save money and rent.


These books have horrible binding. I have to glue book within the first week of my buy. Also it seems to be a problem with my other friend. The book came in on time and the book seemed like new and I liked the price of the rental.

Warning!!!! Take a course that has a different book!


I hate this book. It is so complicated. Do yourself a favor and take a class that doesn't require this book. It usually takes me a few days to read half a chapter because this book is so confusing.

Five Stars


Came as described, thanks!

Not a user friendly book


This is a required text for my class at the graduate level. The book has a tendency of going on and on and does always highlight the major points. In addition, there aren't any answers to the problems to check yourself. The study guide does a much better job at identifying the key points. The author should have incorporated the study manual into the text. Otherwise it is a struggle to work on the problems at the end of each chapter. In addition, there is an online access code for the publisher's tutorial. Note: I haven't used the online piece yet. In essence, you gave to use 3 resources for 1 class.This is too time consuming.

Not a good book at all...


This book is very confusing. Maybe for the teacher or someone very familiar with tax, it might be alright.However, for students, this book sucks. No matter how many times you read it, it still is wayyyy over your head. Also, the examples and problems in the book are difficult to follow. Like everyone else has said, if there's an option to take a class that doesn't use this book, then jump on that.

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