Film Art: An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM

Film Art: An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM
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McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
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Film is an art form with a language and an aesthetic all its own. Since 1979, David Bordwell's and Kristin Thompson's Film Art has been the best-selling and widely respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. While it continues to provide the best introduction to the fundamentals of serious film study, the eighth edition has been revised be more classroom friendly by introducing film techniques earlier in the text, followed by the chapters on Film Genres. Supported by a text-specific Tutorial CD-ROM with video clips, Film Art is automatically packaged with this outstanding student learning tool.

Customer Book Reviews

For Film Buffs!


This book goes through the basics into the intermediate stages of understanding film. The pages are bright and the text is very interesting. I read most of this textbook for fun. The specific reference films are good ones so you won't mind watching them(which I highly suggest anyway). The pacing is great and the topics covered include film art and how to understand what you're watching as well as some technical aspects. I learned quite a bit in the 1st chapter alone - this is what a textbook should be like!

Excellent first text for film students


I'm learning film in the first year at college, and this text is proving its worth. It's got all the basic and major theory concepts, with bucketloads of examples, film stills and diagrams to back up the theory, so you never feel like there's no practical application for what you're learning. Most of the time, the examples are from popular and/or classic films, so you're bound to know what Bordwell and Thompson are talking about as they introduce new ideas. Nowdays I can't watch films or TV shows without noticing how obvious some of the techniques described in this book are. It's really quite satisfying knowing how to 'read' the language of film, and having an edge over your friends when you go to the movies :)

Really good read considering it's a textbook


This was assigned in my film history class; but I plan to read the whole thing again later, because it is not only informative but it's also a very good read. It's well organized and puts together a cohesive look at how films go together. I don't give it full marks because it does have the usual murky areas and overly textbook-ish spots. It's also way overpriced for something that isn't available new and yet is not a 'vintage' book.

Movie Critique


This is a nice tool for helping you begin to understand the many complexities of what it takes to make a movie. A nice resource to have but a little bare bones in the descriptive qualities. It's goal is to be a mile wide and an inch deep with information, just enough to get someone interested in the field but not enough to be all inclusive. The book is dated at this point as there are new versions of the text out.

The Worst Textbook of All Time


After spending 3 years as a film major, I was cornered into the Intro to Film studies class that worked out of this absurdly expensive book. 95% of the material we covered I already understood, but reading them in Film Art and trying to understand what the heck was going on made me want to drop out of college. This text manages to take the simplest of film theories and misconstrue them into boring, dense readings using some of the strangest (not the best, by any means) examples from films, some of which you might have seen, others probably you've never heard of (and never will again, even if you're in the field). For the love of sanity somebody write a better film textbook, this one is horrible. You're much better off reading A Guide to Writing About Film and Film: An International History of the Medium. Professors, please stop assigning this book, trying to plow through this text alone has turned a lot of people I know off of film studies.

They update this thing every year


Textbook for class. Some good stuff in their. Kinda expensive though. I only used it a few times and wish i rented it.

Great condition


The condition of this book was much better than I expected it to be. The CD looks like it's never been opened/used.

I like it


It is an excellent book. It is very easy to read and comprehensive. I like it, I recommend this book.

8th Edition Much Like Earlier Editions


I decided to read this introductory textbook because it was recommended by another author whose book on film I found helpful. It's a good survey of the field from screenwriting to film production for the early-program student or for the film aficionado looking to learn more. Perhaps most helpful are references to other texts that delve more deeply into subunits of the field.

Typos, sudden, inexplicable font changes and grammatical errors abound


Yet another edition of this poorly presented text book, still riddled with typos, sudden, inexplicable font changes, grammatical errors and rambling, unfocussed examples used to illustrate the authors' approach to the study of film. Dispiriting and dull. I would urge students to seek out Film: A Critical Introduction by Maria Pramaggiore and Tom Wallis. Used copies of the excellent first and second editions are readily available from at very reasonable prices.



This book provides wonderful baseline knowledge about process of film making from the fruition of an idea to the completion of a movie and beyond. What makes this book especially wonderful is its excellent array of examples.

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