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Jack Olsen
Dell Publishing Company
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Customer Book Reviews

The Title Says it All...

As the daughter of Bill Pogue, one of the Game Wardens murdered by Claude Dallas, I know the true story of what happened that day. Jack Olson did a wonderful job of interviewing almost anyone involved and investigating the lifestyle of Claude Dallas that led to this tragic event. I learned as much from reading this book as I did sitting through the long and frustrating trial.

An excellent book that I recommend to anyone


This book was extremely well written, and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their particular interests or hobbies. I know it is a cliche to say that "I could not put this book down," but it fits here. Olsen's writing style is easy and flows well. The whole story is so tragic, but I think the author does a good job of analyzing the events surrounding the murders of two Idaho fish and game wardens. Claude Lafayette Dallas, Jr. is clearly a murderer and yet he also has some sympathetic qualities that the author brings forth. It's a shame that the book is out of print, but if you look hard enough you can get a copy (thankfully, Internet searches will make it easier for you).

Good early work by Jack Olsen: Crimes, capture, escape trial


Claude Dallas was a household word in the small town of Soda Springs, Idaho, when I lived there and read this fine work. Dallas killed a game warden and eluded capture for a long time. Once captured, he escaped prison and was retried. Olsen might have been tempted to romanticize Dallas. He didn't. This book portrays events and people of the modern west accurately. The book is probably available in many libraries in Idaho-particularly in small towns like "Soda."

Olsen puts you right in the middle of the story!

Jack Olsen puts the reader right in the middle of the exciting true story of the modern wild west. I found it very hard to put down! Unbiased account of a true story. Read and decide who's side you're on.

A classic story


Jack Olsen is a masterful writer. As someone who was involved in this case, I know Jack did his homework. Unlike Jeff Long's book, which made Claude Dallas out to be some sort of folk hero, Olsen's presents the facts and lets the reader draw his or her own conclusions.



I have read several books, article, pamphlets on this subject. It is the best and most accurate accounting of what really happened and it gives both sides of the story / crime equal billing. If you are in to reading about the days when "We the People..." stood for something, and the reality of life as it is right now, read this book. -JD

A fair and balanced view


Much better than Jeff Long's book about Claude Dallas. Olsen presents a fair and balanced view. Those who make Dallas out to be a folk hero say that Dallas was a hard working cowboy that his employers and co-workers trusted and liked. Those who denigrate Bill Pogue say that Pogue was a hard nosed lawman without any compromise that rubbed many folks the wrong way. Perhaps there's truth in both those viewpoints but Olsen also documents a colder, darker side of Claude Dallas, as well as revealing a side of Bill Pogue that could be sympathetic, openminded, and personable with violators, as in, "Take that deer home and feed your family and don't you waste one bite!" and "I won't be checking your traps anymore." After reading the book I feel that the incident at Bull Camp should be looked at as a simple matter of right and wrong in spite of personalities. What if Dallas really was a likeable, hardworking cowboy? Well, then he was a likeable, hardworking cowboy who was in the wrong that day. And what if Pogue really was a hardnosed lawman who was difficult to like? Well, then he was a hardnosed lawman who was difficult to like who was in the right that day. I believe it was as simple as that.

Give a Boy . . .


A friend gave me this paperback and I found the story compelling. I then bought one for my son in law, he received it in a short time after my order and also likes the book.

a truer review


In getting to know Claude via correspondence for several years,I believe that I can make a fairly accurate assessment of Claude's true character. Therefore, I believe I can fairly assess the book's veracity and plausibility. The book was interesting, entertaining, and exciting. Mr. Olsen presented the story in as truthful a manner as he could-considering he did not know Claude. In my opinion, overall, a very good book!

Great Book


This book is great reading and an intriguing story of Claude Dallas. I highly recommend this book regardless of your opinion on the individual. I received the first book as a gift and bought two others for friends.

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