Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting: Concepts and Practices

Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting: Concepts and Practices
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The new edition of this textbook provides updates for the newest standards, along with additional projects for users to complete using Sage Software. Examples and data are updated throughout the text, and new discussion questions have been added to the end of each chapter.

Customer Book Reviews

As A Student in a Self-Taught Online Class....


As my title states, I'm in an online class, and don't get me wrong, I get the point of online is to do the work yourself. But this book IS NOT helpful at all. It asked for some Journal Entries and then never even gave an example of what one should look like. I went to my home university's Advanced Accounting book to find all the examples and explanations for concepts in this book. My Advanced Accounting book explained the first five chapters of this book better (and did it in only 2 chapters!!). There is no clear division of "Learning Objectives" and the Chapter is not divided into sections based on the learning objectives like most other Accounting books I have used. I'm a very visual person and it helps me to know that I've finished this concept and it's time to add another part or move on to step two of whatever process I'm doing. It's very confusing and difficult to read and they allude to answers. Like there are multiple choice questions and they ask about specifics from the reading. Right, no problem, until you're down to the last 2 choices and you're like "Screw this" because the book talks about both or never even mentioned these things. Not all of them are like that though.... just like 3 or 4... Maybe.... This book is very bland and I've taken a lot of accounting classes...This book really isn't colorful (legit it's gray, red, black and white. Maybe some blue...). On top of that, it's just very wordy and hard to read and it's really been discouraging especially in an online class. As a student it stinks that I had to buy this book and it stinks if you're a student who has to buy this book for class. For any professors reading this, maybe you should pick a different book? I know the world of Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting books are quite limited, but maybe you should write a better one? Maybe with Journal Entries and not as wordy paragraphs that are broken up into learning objectives and sections so it's not as chunky and visual for all of us aspiring government and not-for-profit accountants... (Accountants are visual people right?) Get the point across to me so I can process it easier and then apply it to real world applications.

Dull, poorly organized and almost useless.


Perhaps already being an accountant for so long, it was just hard to glean much material from this text. I may have opened the book twice (and managed a 95.8% grade for the course). I got more from student interaction and scanning an article or two online.

Fantastic book


This book is fantastic for learning government accounting. I believe the people that have poorly rated this book fail to appreciate or recognize the difference between financial accounting for businesses and government/not-for-profits. Indeed it has been said that the book is very wordy , but this subject is very deserving in its complexities to merit such wordiness.

Too wordy, not nearly as clear or concise as it could be.


This book was required for my Government and NFP Class (go figure). It is an incredibly wordy book. While it is still understandable, it is incredibly difficult to grasp. I feel each chapter could have been cut down by at least 25% and still present the same amount of information - maybe then more people would understand it. Our class relied on lectures alone to learn, this book isn't anywhere near as helpful as it has the potential to be. Even our professor admitted that this was "not a great book," though he also admitted he couldn't find any other text to like.

It is a decent book. I'm still using other sources for better information.


I'm taking governmental as a 4 week summer course, so the book is a useful tool, but other online sources are better.

Horrible text for learning


This text was a required part of an online class where most of our learning comes from the text. That said, we had to do most of our learning through Google. This text is the equivalent of a how-to guide on how to change a light bulb that never gets around to telling you HOW to do it. Tons of background, lots of meaningless jabber, and that's about it. Sure, the author gives you some examples here and there, but if you follow those examples, you are sure to get it wrong. Worthless (and expensive) textbook.

Solid Textbook that Does Its Job


A solid introduction to the field of government and not for profit accounting. The text is generally straightforward to understand, although it can get a bit technical at times. Some of the questions in the exercises at the end of each chapter could have been worded more clearly.

Don't buy-Horrible textbook


I purchased this E-book because school required. Compared to other accounting textbooks I read, this book did not give you many basic governmental accounting concepts. I regret getting this book even thought I received reimbursement from my employer.

Great buy with best


Great buy with best price

Five Stars


Came in great condition!!

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting and it was written by Michael H. Granof, Saleha B. Khumawala. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Jan 22, 2013. It was published by Wiley and has a total of 832 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1118155971 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781118155974. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.