Health & Physical Assessment in Nursing (2nd Edition)

Health & Physical Assessment in Nursing (2nd Edition)
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Product Description

This up-to-date text will help beginning nursing students master essential physical and health assessment skills, and integrate those skills with critical thinking, nursing processes, age span development, culture, and health promotion. HEALTH & PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT IN NURSING, 2/e systematically prepares students for success: readers first learn each technique; then demonstrate their skills; and finally, practice and test themselves. The authors begin with the goals of health assessment and other basic concepts. In the second half, organized by body systems, each chapter reviews anatomy and physiology, teaches students how to conduct interviews, and walks through complete assessments. This edition’s improvements include extensive new evidence-based practice resources; expanded coverage of obesity; and more student learning resources.

Customer Book Reviews

An outstanding book!


This text book which I used for a nursing course is an absolutely outstanding book. I had rented it, but have now purchased it because it is a keeper. I know that my studying the content has improved my knowledge and clinical skill level exponentially.

health and physical assessment


great book to have when entering medical field classes. Gives vital step by step instructions for assessments ranging from taking vital signs, to assessing nerve reaction/functionality

Great eBook!


This is my very first purchase of an eBook; and I love it! If I have to search for a topic; there's a section for that, and it brings up the different page numbers, definition, and so much more. The book itself is good, but I'm still stuck on all the things I can do with the electronic book! 5 stars from me!!!

Lots of info very helpful


Ordered this book and it's in perfect condition with some highlighting which doesn't bother me. The brown and the blue sections are the key to pass exams

Nursing Assessment guide


The book is well laid out and can allow for quick access to specific sections of a head to toe assessment. The examples and critical thinking case studies help support class teachings.

Useful and Helpful Nursing Text.


This was a required book for one of my nursing classes but I loved it so much I kept it for my personal use. This book is very organized, easy to read and easy to follow. It breaks down the physical assessment by body systems in an organized way. It includes helpful pictures and diagrams to reinforce the text. This was actually one of the Nursing text books that I enjoyed, found useful and can see myself using throughout my nursing career. Well done on a useful nursing text.

look the book


Been nursing for 6 years now, and EMT for 26 years, what a great review, my assessment's will be much better.

Used for my BSN


Just received yesterday & really has great pictures. Also, which is the most important, appears to have a lot of great information.

A ton of information


This book is a basic nursing school textbook with a ton of information in a fairly easy manner to follow.

Using kindle version for Nursing School


Due to circumstances, I was forced to get the kindle version even though i prefer the physical text. I found the ebook version still usable and sometimes convenient. I'm still able to highlight and do all the typical textbook uses for it. Would recommend getting the textbook but that is personal preference I suppose.

Required for a Class


This book is easy to follow and easy to read.I had to have it for a class. We only used 3 or 4 chapters and the rest of the book went unread. If I would have had more free time (something a nursing student never has) I may have taken the initiative to finish the book because of the good info and how easy it was to read. It does seem to go on and on on some of the more simplistic topics.

nursing book


Health & Physical Assessment in Nursing...very complete manual...covers everything I think...even cultural competency. Authors have gone to great pains to make sure that chapters contain an interesting layout and the whole layout is understandable. Book came on time when ordered from and was in good condition. Just what I needed for school. Thank you.



Step by step physical assessment is helpful. Some flaws in the book, i.e. a picture of dorsalis pedis assessment is labeled as "brachial assessment"

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