How to Interpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God's Warnings and Guidance

How to Interpret Dreams and Visions: Understanding God's Warnings and Guidance
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Perry Stone
Charisma House
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Open a new avenue of understanding into how God warns, leads, and guides your steps and how He reveals His concern for you.

Everyone dreams. Some even have visions. But both experiences often leave people searching for interpretations. What did the dream mean? Is it a warning? Is it advice? Is it preparation for things to come? In this book, best-selling author Perry Stone will answer these questions and cover topics such as:

  • Why dreams use symbolism and why they aren’t simple and plain
  • The significance of nightmares and unclean dreams
  • The possibility of a warning dream being changed through prayer
The book will also include an extensive list of symbols found in dreams and will discuss what it means when you find these objects in your dreams:
  • Doors, oil, and lamps
  • Animals such as bulls, pigs, snakes, and birds
  • Wind, water, fire, tornadoes, earthquakes, and lightning
  • Swords, arrows, and chains
  • And much more!

This soft, flexible, imitation leather edition includes a 21-day dream journal, with a study focus, think-it-over section, prayer focus, and a space to write down your dreams and visions for study and future reference.

Customer Book Reviews

If you dream, you need this book!


I loved this book. I felt it gave insight to both the good and bad in dreams and visions. Many Christian written books on dreams focus only on the positive side of things. Perry Stone brings to our attention God loves us, and wants to warn us of things to come so we can pray about them. He states God uses dreams and visions to warn us about attacks, and he can use them to confirm a situation in our life. He shares the rich history of dreams and visions though out the bible to give key insights to the future, for everyday life and decision making, and even for saving lives. Stone gives tons of scripture as always, and his own life experiences with dreams and visions. I love Perry Stone's honesty in all of his books. For example, there is section on - "Are there female angels?" in this book. He give scriptures, experience, and opinion, but at the end he says- "We will know when we get to heaven for sure." Meaning, if he isn't sure about something, he isn't going to guess and give us incorrect information. Stone always looks for 100% biblical proof and facts. I did learn quite a few things from this book that I didn't know before, such as the law of "double dreams" and the history and spirits behind nightmares. He touches on several types of visions & dreams, such as day vs night dreaming, open eyed visions, and visions in our dreams. He gives in depth description of symbolism commonly used in dreams and visions, and why they are revealed in symbolism. He reminds us that, just because you had a dream several years ago, good or bad, does not mean these dreams or visions will not come to pass. There is an index in the back of the book on popular symbols found in dreams and visions. These symbols are mostly common sense, but he also shows scripture reference to where these symbols were used in the bible. I really appreciate the symbol index in this book, because I have referred back to it several times already. I wish he had given more symbols, but perhaps another book by him in the future will cover that. If you read the index you will see a lot of popular questions relating to dreams and visions, and Stone did a great job of answering them using God's word. He gives so much scripture and experience, it was really enjoyable & informative reading this book; I couldn't put it down! Most people dream nightly so it seems fitting to own at least 1 book like this. Books I have read in the past on dreams and visions were more worldy, and gave psychic or generic meaning to symbolism. It's good to know it's okay to ponder and research about dreams and visions as a christian, without feeling like I am dabbling in the occult. I am definitely more aware of my dreams since reading this book. Stone lets us know we need to be just as aware of evil spiritual life from hell, as we do spiritual life from God in heaven. All in all this book has revived the importance of dreams to me, and how they are a blessing. Stone repeats this verse though out the book, Job 33 . There is not a more fitting verse for the subject of dreams and visions relating to Christians and non. I got saved after having a terrible warning dream at 17. I am now 26 and truly believe and can verify to the truths in this book. JOB 33:14-18 "For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls on people, as they slumber in their beds. He may speak in their beds and terrify them with warnings to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword." This was worth the money, and I have since purchased 3 more of his books. If you like this book you will really like his book- Purging your house, Pruning your family tree. Both talk about things from God, and things from the enemy. Pay attention to your dreams!

How to Interpret Dreams and Visions


One of the things I like best about Perry Stone's books is that he writes on topics that not many Christian writers cover, but he always has a solid, biblical foundations for all of his books. How to Interpret Dreams and Visions was a must read for me because this is a subject that I find fascinating, but reading secular books about dreams can lead the reader down a dangerous path away from God. Perry Stone educates and informs the reader about what God is trying to tell us through our dreams and he educates us well. I loved this book and found each page more interesting than the one before. I really appreciate Perry taking the time to do some solid research and writing a book with a strong Christian message that can guide Christians to understand their dreams. I highly recommend this book. It is interesting, well written and very biblical. I will continue to read Perry Stone's books with confidence that he does not compromise on the Word of God.

Dreams and Visions


I've read many books on the subject of dreams and visions (both secular and Christian) but this surpasses them all. It is so filled with scriptural references that it has a Holy Spirit annointing on it. I have had a life (since childhood) of having supernatural dreams and visions, and this book helped me realize I'm not alone! It gave me not only new understanding but peace and joy! May our Lord continue to bless the ministry of Perry Stone. Pat, Beaumont, CA

A Good basic, trust worthy study


I find that Perry Stone is a really interesting teacher; basing everything on Bible scriptures. Usually if you can catch him on T.V. he has so much to share that you can hardly keep up with him. Having this book was good because I was able to read and chew on different points that he made. I especially enjoyed the wisdom that he included from his father, a man who has long served the Lord and has much wisdom to pass on. I'm so glad Perry also addressed something that has bothered me for some time about other respected Christian leaders who have written on Dream Interpretation. MANY have said that you always ONLY have dreams that are symbolic and they all have to be interpreted that way. While I agree that some are; I've also found from experience that some are out-right just what they seem. Prayer focuses; warnings, prompts. His book included a wide variety of information on dreams and visions. Some things that you don't always see in books of this type. Nightmare dreams, dirty dreaming, learning to listen to warning dreams of your wife, and 4 types of spiritual visions to name a few. His dictionary at the end was small but totally Bible based. It didn't bother me because I also do believe that some of the things that show up in our dreams have specific meanings to us alone. Why do I believe that? Well when Jesus walked the earth didn't he also show things to people in ways that they could understand; using their language and things that where part of their everyday life?

Was Hoping For More


I had heard some about the author & thought I would find a huge amount of helpful info, along with a dictionary of symbols. Yes, there was some helpful info, there was actually a couple really good points toward the end. But the dictionary left a lot to be desired. I even tried to contact the author for further elaboration on a couple topics, but never received a reply. My Final Recommendation: Take the time to look for something MORE helpful.



As another suggested, the title of this book is very misleading. I like Perry Stone and respect him as a Pastor. I have enjoyed other books he has written but this book was very disappointing. this book basically gives an account of perry's personal experiances and interpretation of his own dreams and his interpretation of the dreams of others who are close friends and family of his. He misused scripture to back up his analysis of his dreams and it was quite disturbing. some of the things he said just simply NOT TRUE. I found the book to be very biased and useless. if you are looking for a book to help you better understand your own dreams/visions, this is NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU. if you want to read about someone else's dreams and what they thought they meant then read on. i hate i wasted my money on this book and wish i could get my money back. Don't mean to sound so cold but i'm just saying how i truly feel I was VERY DISAPPOINTED. it was a BIG LET DOWN.

It was good, and worth the price, but...


I am well pleased with Perry Stone, his ministry, his anointed teaching. I find his knowledge wonderful. But the book was more about Perry Stone and his Christian history that it was a 'how to' book which the cover and title suggests. Still though, worth the money and time to read.

Superficial content--not worth the money


Great title, but very misleading when it comes to the content. This is NOT a book about how to interpret YOUR dreams and visions from a biblical perspective, but how the author interprets his own dreams and visions. While personal examples and anecdotes are fine, I found the author's advice on how to interpret D/V to be superficial and shallow. If you're looking for a deeper dive into this topic, then this book is not for you. If you want the fluffy side of the topic, then buy it.

Dream On


Perry Stone writes a book on some of the biblical examples and principles to dictate how God always shows us His vision through dreams, mentally or literally in the Spirit and works through generations, things are passed down generations. He speaks on warnings and guidance as well, then on the meaning or interpretation dreams also included an appendix which gives some prime detonation. There is confidence and boldness for the future where God allows men to enter in the dream dimension to receive knowledge about themselves when given authority. We have set destinies even though dreams can be altered or prophetic. It is a well-written book. Adrienna Turner, author of God is in the Equation and The Day Begins with Christ

This book is for everyone!


This is the truth as the Bible reveals it. Perry Stone isan anointed man of aged and is truly a modern day prophet!

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