Book Details for The Human Body in Health and Illness

The Human Body in Health and Illness

Format:  Mixed media product
Publish Date: 
ISBN-10:  1416068422
ISBN-13:  9781416068426
Edition:  4th
List Price:  $63.95
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About This Book:

Title: The Human Body in Health and Illness

Book Description

Using colorful cartoons, illustrations, and an easy-to-read approach, The Human Body in Health and Illness, 4th Edition makes it fun to learn anatomy & physiology. Clear, step-by-step explanations provide all the information you need to know, so concepts are easy to understand even if you have a limited background in the sciences. Written by well-known educator Barbara Herlihy, the book begins with a basic discussion of the human body and cellular structure and moves toward genetics and the greater complexity of the human organism. It breaks down complex concepts and processes into digestible chunks, and new features such as Re-Think and Go Figure! help you apply what you've learned to common problems in patient care.

  • Unique! Original, colorful cartoons use humor to reinforce content, making it more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Original, full-color illustrations complement the text and simplify both fundamental and complex concepts.
  • Key terms are listed in chapter openers and defined in the glossary.
  • A summary outline at the end of each chapter provides a useful study tool.
  • Review Your Knowledge questions at the end of each chapter include multiple-choice and matching
  • Unique! Do You Know boxes discuss pathophysiology issues or provide a historical connection to A&P.
  • Unique! Disorders of the _____ System tables summarize specific disorders related to individual body systems for easy reference.
  • Sum It Up! reinforces and summarizes key topics.
  • As You Age boxes describe how aging affects human anatomy and physiology.
  • An updated Evolve companion website provides access to posttests, animations, an audio glossary, and additional Do You Know vignettes.
  • Re-Think sections ask you to review concepts and apply what youĂ•ve learned.
  • Unique! Ramp It Up! boxes connect material in the text to the clinical setting and your future career.
  • Unique! Build-a-Word boxes help you learn and build upon new medical terminology.
  • Unique! Go Figure! features ask you to reexamine diagrams, reinforcing the key points of each one.
  • Unique! Bridges to Nursing Assessment Labs on the companion Evolve website bridge the gap between A&P theory and clinical application.

Author:Barbara Herlihy
Language: English
Pages: 542
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co
Weight:2.9 Pounds
Length:10.5 Inches
Width:8.5 Inches
Height:1 Inches

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Book Details Summary: The title of this book is The Human Body in Health and Illness and it was written by Barbara Herlihy. This particular 4th edition is in a Mixed media product format. This books publish date is September 22, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $63.95. It was published by W.B. Saunders Co and has a total of 542 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1416068422 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781416068426. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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