Human Learning (6th Edition)

Human Learning (6th Edition)
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This highly respected, market-leading textbook on learning theories applied to education prepares pre-service teachers and other educators with a unique and meaningful learning experience. The sixth edition of Human Learning covers a broad-range of learning theories and key perspectives on learning related to education, including: behaviorist, cognitive, social cognitive, contextual, and developmental theories, always highlighting relationships between concepts. Additionally, the text details associationistic processes (e.g., classical and instrumental conditioning), and more complex and distinctly human processes (e.g. metacognition, self-regulated learning, critical thinking). Every chapter features key pedagogical concepts with specific applications to classroom practice, numerous concrete examples that illustrate key concepts, principles, and recommendations and dozens of proven examples help make the fundamentals of these theories comprehensible to students with little or no prior coursework in psychology. 


Significant updates to this textbook include: important updates to reflect the most current research and new theories in the field, expansion of the chapter on cognition and memory, re-organization of Piaget and Vygotsky content into two separate chapters, a core section on teaching critical thinking skills, and the discussion of technology-based instructed has been significantly revised and expanded in this edition.

Customer Book Reviews

Human Learning


This is an amazingly well written text. Ms Ormrod actually practices what she preaches, so the book is organised as an exemplar of how to help students learn. I bought the book as an optional text for a Masters in Education, then I sat up one night to check it out. It became compulsive reading, very hard to put down. It gives a broad overview of Educational Psychology thinking over a wide period of time, and encapsulates it. It is full of useful references. Many of my colleagues have borrowed this book for various courses and for course development for educational projects.

This is a good practical reference book for teachers.

Human learning gives a good basic understanding of learning theory for teachers and others who are interested in educational psychology. There are some very good examples for all theories discussed. The book jumps around a bit and some of the explanations are too technical.

Excellent text for an undergraduate course


This textbook is a very basic, easy to read book that is great for sophomores, juniors, and seniors in their undergraduate studies. The concepts are presented in a simple and concise manner, and unlike many psychology texts, this one isn't bombarded with names and frivolous details. What you get instead are the key players, and the most important facts of experiments. That's what I like about this book, it's to the point. Regarding the poor review from the graduate student, I understand where he or she is coming from. I would hate to have this book assigned for a graduate class, due to its elementary nature. However, for an undergraduate student- it presents the most crucial information in layman's terms(seeming to understand that students commonly take 4-5 classes at a time). For those who are interested in more of a biological/modern neuroscience approach, I would recommend purchasing books by Eric Kandel, instead.

International version is identical and 1/4 the price


I am just beginning this book as a part of my MA course. I have found that this book can be purchased here in Korea, or in many other countries, for 1/4 the price in paperback. Of course they have warnings all over the back of the book about it being "illegal" to use in the USA, but the same international book can be purchased on E-bay for a good price compared to the horribly expensive USA hardback. It's identical, except for the cover. You can also purchase an online version, but they just rob you blind expecting $75 for it, and only allowing you 180 days of access, and the ability to print out a maximum of 10 pages per day. If I can purchase a full, printed book overseas for half of what the online version costs (paperless), then that's just wrong. An online version should reflect far more savings for the consumer than that!

Written well .. poorly produced.


The reason for my comment is not about the book itself, but instead about how the book was made. I have only had for 2 months and the binding is already splitting. Kind of disappointing since I planned to send in for buyback after my class ended! I've been very careful with the book so I can only assume it's poorly put together.

well written


The author makes it seem like we are in a PLC teacher's meeting and she talks from a place of experience. The author uses funny anecdotes and personal experiences to give examples of the learning. The order of the book helps undersdtand the continuum of the learning theories.

The most amazing textbook ever written!


This is the best textbook I have ever used. It is engaging, VERY well written- basically- a page turner that will leave you with a true understanding of the concepts of cognitive science and learning. It is a joy to read, I have taken it with me for grad. school and will always have it close. Though it is an amazing reference tool to have around, this is really a joy to read--read it even if it is not for a class. I cannot say enough good things about this book.

Human Learning, Fourth Edition by Jeanne Ellis Ormrod


This is a extrmely good book for student to understand the theories and principles of human learning. Especially, the author explain well various theories by the memories which she have had. In case of difficult theories, the samples is very useful.

Well Written!


I have enjoyed this text book more than I thought I could. Dr. Ormrod did a fantastic job with this one! She relates the topics with funny stories of her kids and life.

Good book


Really enjoyable read for a textbook! Learned a ton! Used for an online class, and I felt as though the author of the text was my instructor! :) Recommend!

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