Ifism, Vols. 10, 11, 12, & 13: The Odus of Ogunda, Osa, Etura & Irete

Ifism, Vols. 10, 11, 12, & 13: The Odus of Ogunda, Osa, Etura & Irete
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Osamaro Ibie
Athelia Henrietta Press
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According to Orumila, there are three main factors conducive to a blissful sojourn on earth. One of some questions which I have asked on a number of occasions. It will be necessary at the outset to define what a blissful or successful life is. All too often there is a tendency for people to define true happiness and satisfaction, hedonistically, that is in terms of material satisfaction and synthetic pleasure.

Against the foregoing background, I will now proceed to illustrate Orunmila’s three prescriptions for lasting happiness in our planet. These three factors are: To come through one’s destined parents to the world; to have the fortune of meeting one’s destined marital partner on earth; and to be born into the right ambience.

In this volume, IFISM-The Complete Works of Orunmila, Volumes Ten-Eleven-Twelve-Thirteen, The Odus of Ogunda, Osa, Etura and Irete, Mr. Cromwell Osamaro Ibie continues his revelations of Odu (sacred text of Ifa). In addtion to revealing the earthly works performed by each Odu (disciple of Orunmila) Mr. Ibie also gives account as in his previous volumes of the heavenly works of the Odus as well.

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A mixed bag


This review is edited after consideration of Derrick Wole Murray-Ifa's comments. I feel that he is correct, based on my review, I could have given the series at least 3 stars. I don't really like the 5 star system, but it's what I have to deal with. I will keep my original review in-tact below. Also, Derrick; allow me to defend my criticism of receiving Ifa training through dreams. I am a practitioner. I read books like this to study, and apply to my actual practice. The verses expand my knowledge, and become part of my faith. Authenticity therefore is very important to me. I am not a practitioner of the Edo variant of the faith, so I have no idea if these verses are considered authentic. They may very well be. As a teacher however, I have come across, and had to contend with not a few people who have accepted the Eshu/Satan and the Eshu existing before God premise based only on this series. These are things that non Edo/Bini initiates have begun incorporating into their practice. With the mantra 'Ifa is Ifa is Ifa', this series has held equal authority amongst those who are not even part of this tradition. The result is a disparity within communities that did not exist before. An Ifa verse, to us, is authoritative. The danger of individuals being allowed to bring into the corpus verses without oversight should not be underestimated. My only follow up would be, has anyone gone to Benin City to train with a babalawo there, and asked him if these verses are authentic or not? Original review: The good: This was one of the early books that were widely available to us here in the States that were just finding out that Ifa was alive and well in Africa. The volumes together are extensive and detailed. Once could learn a lot from them. Also, it is a great exercise in anthropology. For some reason, most people don't notice that this book is not written by a Yoruba babalawo, but a Bini/Edo. It shows the wide reach of Ifa, and how the individual nuances of that culture shape the religion and vice a versa. The bad: First, if you read the intro in the first volume, If I remember correctly, the author claims that all of this information came to him in a dream. Now, I'm not close minded, but dreaming is not how we believe Ifa has been passed down since the time of Orunmila. second, his interpretation of Ifa is to play into the colonialist view of equationg Eshu/Elegbara with the Christian Satan. This is not a traditional African view, nor does it reflect authentic Ifa. When I brought it, it was too costly for the information inside. I believe 30$ each volume and more for Ejiogbe. [...]

Ifa made easy


A clear concise presentation of a complex philosophy.The study of the odus and the accompaning apatiki are presented in both Yoruba and English.This book is very helpful for English speakers beginning their study of Ifa.

A great work from a illustrate


There is no other book showing a wide content of Odu like this.Any babalawo will need it as an indispensable work for his library.



Excellent work of Yoruba Anthropological thought. The Yoruba culture having survived slavery and prospered in the Americas is a pride to the nature of the African world view. This book gives great insights to the typical advanced African world view from the past. Philosophy presented in myth and history

Five Stars


Just what I was looking for.

Four Stars


great book

Five Stars



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