Income Tax Fundamentals 2012 (with H&R BLOCK At Home(TM) Tax Preparation Software CD-ROM)

Income Tax Fundamentals 2012 (with H&R BLOCK At Home(TM) Tax Preparation Software CD-ROM)
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Product Description

INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS 2012, 30E provides readers with a concise, practical, and time-tested introduction to the most important areas of tax law. For over thirty years, this textbook has been the market-leading standard due to its step-by-step workbook format that walks readers through real examples using actual tax forms. And, with plentiful study tools, including online interactive self-quizzes, INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS 2012, 30E makes sure that readers gain the knowledge and skills they'll need as future tax preparers.

Customer Book Reviews

Book for class


This book was enjoyable to use. It was well written, and was laid out in a fashion that was easy to find the information that I needed. But as far as the H&R Block software that was included, I could not suggest it. In the words of the professor for this class, "it is horrible." I would suggest learning to prepare your own tax returns with this book, because if your situation is anything more than just W-2 wages and standard deductions, the software was not extremely accurate in the preparation.

Five Stars



taxes is fun to do


I love I did learn a lot with the help of my teacher now I know how to fill my income tax form and anything about taxes I don't have to ask questions or go to the tax agency for

Basic training for tax class.


There was really nothing wrong with this book. The topics were well organized, the facts were clearly stated, and the problems were educational and reasonably challenging. The only problem is that the book is going to be outdated before too long. We like to complain that colleges make us buy the latest addition and spend a ton of money, but for this class it's justified. I suppose you can still learn a lot from this book that won't change in the new year, but you'd still be better off buying a recent version.

Two dislike


The book has a few missing page that wasn't informed on the sale description. And pages can be desattach from book very easy. However, the book has great information with a lot of self test problem with solutions. I recommended this book for improving you knowleged on federal contribution.

i like it


it needs to be improved a bit and some chapters probably should be explained more using more examples, q/a or problems.

Excellent tax source


Bought it to review for the RTRP exam. Lots of exercises and practice returns. Has answers to practice exercises, but no answers to tax return problems. Otherwise, happy with purchase.

Some minor glitches but overall good book.


Overall the book was great. There were a few formulas in the book that were difficult to understand the way it was writtin, but my teachers handouts simplified some of the formulas. The tax program on the CD had some flaws. I had to resort to using my Turbo Tax program to get some of the tax reports to correctly figure the deductions and finalize the returns.

bad software


i had a very hard time inputting some of the itemized deduction. i thought H&R should have made it more user friendly. I would not recommend this software for anyone unless you are from H&R.

Five Stars


as described. Brand new, and it was delivered fast.

Worse software ever used


I am using this texbook for my course as recommended for my professor, at this point I am very frustrated with the HR Block Home software. The key code for installation was not included inside the software and it keep indicating that it's inside the sealed envelope. I called HR Blockt to provide me a keycode, when I tried to efile it keep receiving weird messages about internet connection. My computer is connected properly and the internet is working fine. I am using Turbo Tax Basic in the same computer without any problem. This gook is too expensive and you can't even file your taxes with it. It indicate people can file 5 tax return from it. Other classmates are also having other issues with the software.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Income Tax Fundamentals 2012 (with H&R BLOCK At Home(TM) Tax Preparation Software CD-ROM) and it was written by Gerald E. Whittenburg, Martha Altus-Buller. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Dec 14, 2011 and it has a suggested retail price of $246.95. It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of 848 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1111529191 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781111529192. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.