Information Technology Project Management, Revised (with Premium Online Content Printed Access Card)

Information Technology Project Management, Revised (with Premium Online Content Printed Access Card)
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Information is traveling faster and being shared by more individuals than ever before. Information Technology Project Management, Revised Sixth Edition, offers the "behind-the-scene" aspect of technology. Although project management has been an established field for many years, managing information technology requires ideas and information that go beyond standard project management. By weaving together theory and practice, this text presents an understandable, integrated view of the many concepts skills, tools, and techniques involved in project management. Because the project management field and the technology industry change rapidly, you cannot assume that what worked even five years ago is still the best approach today. This text provides up-to-date information on how good project management and effective use of software can help you manage projects, especially information technology projects. Information Technology Project Management, Revised Sixth Edition, is still the only textbook to apply all nine project management knowledge areas (project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, and procurement management) and all five process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing) to information technology projects. MS Project 2010 CD comes with the Revised Sixth Edition of Schwalbe.

About This Edition

New Features

  • "Appendix A: Guide to Using Microsoft Project" has been updated for Office 2010. The data files for Appendix A are found online.

  • Fully updated for the newly released PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition. Describes in detail new processes and provides more details and examples of their output.

  • Appendix B reflects changes to the PMP exam, mostly due to the new edition of PMBOK Guide.

  • Exercises, running cases, "What Went Right?", "What Went Wrong?", "Best Practice," and "Media Snapshot" examples are updated.

  • The student companion website features Jeopardy quizzes, podcasts, updated resources, and quick quizzes.

  • Full instructor resource package offered.

Additional Features

  • Fully updated and linked to the project management body of knowledge.

  • Detailed guide for using Microsoft Project 2007 (Appendix A).

  • Prepares students for the project management profession and certification exams.

  • Includes new running cases and online templates.

  • The student companion website offers additional Information Technology Project Management content in quiz, podcast, additional case and project formats.

  • Comes with the MS Project 2010 CD.

Customer Book Reviews

Well worded fluff


This book is obviously written by someone tenured. It's written as if she is looking for a pat on the back from her peers. "Way to go, that is exactly the way I would write this book." Basically, if you already know all there is to Project Management, and everything there is to know about using Microsoft Project, Then maybe you will get this book. Otherwise, depending on the class or certification you need this book for, you almost need another to explain how to use the materials required by this book. And the appendix is practically worthless. I learned everything about using Project from Google. I learned most of what this book tried to convey by reading other articles and books dealing with the same subject matter. And those were only a fraction of the length and were written so a STUDENT could grasp it easily. The book is not written for students...and in my opinion should not be required reading by any academic facility that did not have other subsequent material accompanying it, or has prerequisite covering the things one would need to know in order to use this text efficiently.

Terrible Book for a Class


I had to use this book for a class and it is terrible. The information in each chapter is abundant yet barely covers any section. The writing is extremely boring and difficult to read. And this is after I've already completed three other classes in Project Management. The author throws in some basic Microsoft Project introduction stuff. The projects in this book are huge and there is no instruction on how to do them. They talk about the theory of something, and then the project just says do it. No step by step, no building block steps, nothing.

save money, use common sense


This book was about 80% common sense, 10% fluff, and 10% helpful information. Lots of information is presented in list format ("Here are the six main processes...") as if that is supposed to make the material easier to remember, but instead it just makes it duller to read. This would have been a decent 100 page book, but it was just too repetitive and took too many roundabout ways to make a point that anyone who has ever worked in an office environment probably considers common sense anyway.

Painful to Read


I went back to school for another degree, and this book was required for a project management course. Although it does contain some good information, I found it agonizing to read. Most of it is common sense, and they repeat the same concepts over and over. As far as actual material, you could have cut the book down to 1/3 of its total length without sacrificing content. This may be due to my background in this field, but I found it very painful and repetitive.

Best Project Management book; I passed CAPM


Ten years ago, I used Kathy Schwalbe's Information Technology Project Management, 2e to teach a college special topics course. It provided great coverage of the five process groups and nine knowledge areas of project management (as described in the PMBOK Guide). Recently, I read Information Technology Project Management, 6e to prepare for renewing my CAPM certification. I was absolutely delighted to find the case studies, chapter endnotes, and other references to be up to date with current technology (this is not easy!). The accompanying web site has most of the information that was removed from intermediate editions and it has lots of new, interesting information for extra exploration. Even the best students will not exhaust this. Today, I passed the CAPM with flying colors and with an hour to spare largely due to Schwalbe's excellent book. If anything, Schalwbe is comprehensive. Her government experience, her consulting experience, and her teaching experience make this book what it is -- a practical presentation of project management [In the Acknowledgments she writes, "I have a passion for educating future leaders of the world ..." Do most teachers want to be evaluated on their student's performance? ] Both students and practitioners will benefit from it.

On Time On Line oookay Fine


Excellent response! Literature in good condition, best price for a used item but whoa..... what happened to the cd with the software and access card advertised? Oh well so far it doesn't appear Ill need it in my class. Otherwise ooookay...fine Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Good PMI based project management text


I ordered this for an... well IT Project Management class. A lot of the information is just straight PMP/PMI guidance, but Schwalbe does elaborate on some of it and gives many case studies and examples. I found it a bit dry, but then it is a text book. PMI relates to any project management situation, but Schwalbe directs the PMI guidance into specific IT examples and notes considerations that other project managers may not be interested in or have to deal with. I wouldn't use this to study for the PMP since the information isn't always clearly defined as PMI standards and it's an intense (and expensive) test. However, combined with the PMBOK guide, this will definitely help managers in the tech field to get a better grasp of what PMI project management means to IT projects. If all you want is PMP certification just get the PMBOK guide, or join PMI and get an electronic copy of the guide and access to a lot more as well. If you're new to this, as I was when first taking my course, rest assured that PMP certification is a big deal, and PMI training and courses (such as where this book would be found) are assuredly industry desired. It won't get you a job and PMP is not an entry level certification, but the knowledge you get from this book will contribute a lot to an IT business career. The book comes with a DVD 90 day trial of MS Project 2010, and a reasonably long intro to using the software is included in the appendix (updated for Project 2010). Microsoft may also offer trial downloads and most academic institutions have access to MSDN Academic Alliance or other similar software trial/education use SLAs.

Boring classroom text


I had to buy this for a class. I am sure it is a decent textbook, but really it offers no additional information over the PMBOK. Plus the price is outrageous and they put you on the hook by requiring a companion CD that only works for the original purchaser. I never activated mine hoping to be able to resell. But, anytime an author or publishing company is that greedy to stunt resales, it rubs me the wrong way.



This was the textbook for a college course I took. In ten plus years of college, this was by far the most tedious, repetitive, formulaic book I have ever read. That said, I'm sure it would be beneficial to someone looking to do one of the PM certifications. The online content is thin and the audio is nothing that is not already in the book.



if you are going to get this get the seventh edition that is what is being taught in colleges and university's right now

Good for the Starting Professional


It is a known fact that experience gained from managing in-the-field, real world IT projects is invaluable to achieving true success. Although books such as this do not address the intricacies--i.e., certain intangibles--of project management, it is an excellent study of the formal aspect of it. I recommend it as a starting point for those considering a career in the field. It is well organized, thoroughly covers foundational principles, and tests your learning progress at the end of each chapter. Considerable time should be dedicated to the book's discussion questions and "tasks," which are essentially practice exercises that reinforce chapter content, if studying for an exam. As an IT professional who has managed and deployed successful large-scale enterprise projects, I recommend starting with this book for a solid base. This could then be followed by advancing to specific methodologies, e.g., Agile, Hybrid Waterfall, and etc.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Information Technology Project Management, Revised (with Premium Online Content Printed Access Card) and it was written by Kathy Schwalbe. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Jul 22, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $161.95. It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of 672 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1111221758 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781111221751. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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