Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls

Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls
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"This guide to cloth doll-making demonstrates how to create exquisite and stylish dolls that make wonderful gifts or collectibles. A great way to use up scraps of material, the dolls portrayed in these projects are made using a wide variety of colorful fa

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One of the best

By Sharonmetcalf on Nov 25, 2011

LOVE this Doll book. Easy read, great fun and progressive. I have made it a habit to pick up books and work through them. My latest craze has been cloth dolls and I own about 10 books from different authors and this one is my favorite. From a basic pancake doll to a complex jointed doll, the author takes you through a progression of techniques and tips to create some really cool and expressive art dolls. If you need some good face building techniques, ( usually the most intimidating part)this is a good start. I was able to take a few basic steps and create doll heads/ faces that were very basic to sophisticated to just fun and funky. Cool Hair techniques that I was not expecting made me think, Hmmmm- what could I do with that? A new wing technique( new to me) is a bit more complicated and time consuming but produces a professional result. Patterns in this book were easy to read, easy to sew and some what interchangeable. If you are looking for an introductory book into this craft- this was an awesome artistic experience. Highly recommended.

Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls

By Jcgirl on Dec 27, 2011

The book was in excellent condition and was shipped quickly. The book itself is wonderful. The author gives thorough lists and descriptions of everything needed to create these dolls. I really appreciated the photos of how to do the hand sewing from face sculpting to hands and feet to attaching the components, actually, every step is shown clearly in the photos as well as easy to follow written directions. This is a project my granddaughter and I are doing together. She is the painter, I am the seamstress. This is the most complex cloth doll I have ever attempted. The author's presentation inspires confidence, even in this beginner. I would like to thank her for writing this book.

Great book!

By Judy D. Zedalis on Dec 28, 2010

I made dolls in the 80's (cabbage patch) Now that I have a granddaughter on the way. Dolls are on my menu again. This book is awesome for both beginners and not so beginners. Great pictures and instructions. and full size patterns in the book. I highly recommend this book.

The Best Ever!

By Enriched on Jan 26, 2013

I'm a closet artist who has recently been inspired to share my gift with the world. Jan Horrox's book is the best combination of written and visual instruction on creating cloth dolls that I have seen. I've purchased other books for double the price and still had far too many questions. I love the Marcella Welch Nubian Dancer collection of fabric dolls (I have two encased beautifully in large acrylic boxes). So, I'm thrilled to have the guidance from Jan Horrox to create my own line of dolls inspired by great dance visionaries like Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Kathrine Dunham, Anna Halprin, Gabrielle Roth and others. This is coming together in a way that feels perfectly Divine... Thanks Jan!

Introduction to making cloth dolls

By Blackbeary on Oct 18, 2012

Great photos, easy to read instruction. I am a former bear artist but struggle with sewing clothing like shirts with cuffs - something I find complicated because the instructions are so confusing. This book has very clear instructions supported by photos so I feel any beginner could take this book and make wonderful dolls. I am very happy to have this book!

wonderful reference book

By Damara Shanmugan on Dec 24, 2012

wonderful reference book for making cloth dolls. Explains the difficult parts, like the hands and feet. Beautiful color pictures and clear instructions.

Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls

By Amazon Customer on Jan 14, 2012

this has to be one of the best Doll Making books around. I spent the first day going through it saying 'now I get it', 'so that's how you do it'. Excellent visual instructions and easy to understand. It is my go to book.

Useful and original book

By Amazon Customer on Mar 03, 2013

I want to say up front that I don't yet own this book. But in reading the reviews here I was disturbed by another reviewer's comments, one who also does not own it. This reviewer accuses the author of directly copying the patterns, words, and ideas of Patti Madera. Dollmaking has been my hobby and love for over 30 years now and I think I own almost every doll making book written in English, along with a few in Japanese. I own all of Patti's books and they are wonderful. However, anyone who understands the basic concepts of cloth doll making knows that there are a few standard approaches to making cloth dolls from which all modern doll makers base their own unique styles and twists. Materials used in construction have changed over the years and every once in a while someone comes out with a fairly unique approach. But underlying them all are basic concepts that will appear the same across doll makers. From looking at the examples given on Amazon's site, just as this other reviewer has done, I strongly disagree that these are directly copied from Patti's books. Every artist is influenced by something and/or someone else's work and this one was perhaps influenced by Patti's, just as Patti was likely influenced by someone who came before her. But that is as it should be. I once attended a seminar on creativity and the person who held it pointed out that no human art is completely original and all creativity starts from something that is not new or unique. On that note,I think I will go order this book now so it can sit on my shelf along with Patti's books and all the other doll making books demonstrating similar construction methods that came before either of these authors.

Love this book!

By Chocgirl on Aug 19, 2011

I love this book and I love the author. Very nice dolls to be made from the full sized patterns inside. Detailed photos and instructions for every step are very helpful. Embellishment and hair ideas are good too.

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