An Introduction to Programming With C++

An Introduction to Programming With C++
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Diane Zak
Cengage Learning
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Product Description

An Introduction to Programming with C++, Sixth Edition is the latest C++ offering from Diane Zak. This book is distinct from other textbooks because of its unique approach, which motivates students by demonstrating why they need to learn the concepts and skills presented. Each chapter contains Mini-Quizzes, Labs, and Try This features to help readers practice and absorb the content as they go along. This edition also includes completely new applications and exercises, more IPO charts and flowcharts, and a brand new interior design.

Customer Book Reviews

Good for absolute beginners


An Introduction to Programming with C++ by Zak is a great initial textbook or those interested in exploring C++ programming concepts from absolute scratch. I am using this book in a beginner course- it starts from an assumption of zero knowledge and progresses at a slow enough clip that you are able to understand the basics more completely than with other books. Having said that- there are some issues with the text- I taught myself the C programming language and there are basic syntax conventions that are not adequately addressed, and some not at all. She also makes broad generalizations which are not in-line with common coding conventions. I still learned a lot from this book, but I recommend augmenting your studies with other books. I taught myself C with the C for Dummies: All in One Desk Reference- which is a fantastic resource. There is also an on-line tutorial/ forum website which I regularly reference: [...] There is no absolutely perfect beginner's resource to begin your journey into programming- just find a few resources which are useful to you, and then go from there. Experience and the spirit of exploration and curiosity are the best tools at your disposal, so use them.

Poorly Written Text Book, Topics Limited to the Basics


You must find computer programming very challenging to appreciate this book. I have read this book in its entirety and nearly finished reading a C++ text by another author. I have reviewed many of this book's examples and problems. There are positive aspects to the text, but I will give this book an overall rating of poor. In short, this book is poorly written. The text is painful to read. For comparison, I purchased another C++ book which is well written and more comprehensive: C++ Programming From Prob Analysis to Program Design by Malik. The positives: The book provides many figures and examples that clearly convey programming syntax. The definitions of key terms are succinct. The basics of c++ programming are well covered. For those who find programming difficult, program examples are written in a very high degree of detail. The negatives. The text of the book is painful to read. The first half of the book reads like Nickelodian is to watch. The first half of the book is written in terms of a character named Robin the Robot. Term definition, syntax, and programming examples are commingled everywhere throughout the book. To find syntax or a definition you often need to read through page long paragraphs which are descriptions of a sample program featuring the robot. It really is childish. In terms of writing basics, the author missed the English class on paragraph organization. The author is likely someone who did well in computer class but poorly in English. The book has been proofread so there are not many grammatical mistakes or typos. Grammar alone does not necessarily equate to good writing. This author will pack everything in a section into a couple of paragraphs, some of which are over a page long, small font, single space. Look up for a second, and you need to search for where you stopped reading. Often your not sure if the paragraph is introductory text about a definition, syntax or technique or part of IPO/psuedocode of a programming example. In addition, a number of topics are missing or not covered well. I have read the following additional topics in the Malik text: recursion, records, classes, pointers, overloading, stacks, ... In summary, this is a 700 page text with about 50-100 pages of useful material. The rest is poorly written and/or redundant. You could get 95% of the value from this book by just looking at its exhibits, and chapter overviews. There are better books to keep on the shelf as a future reference. If you purchased this text, sell it and buy another for a reference.

good bbook


Great condition not new but good shape and it does what I need recommend it to others for ordering it from here



I am a first year C.S major, and was required to use this book. Even a beginner knows the big idea behind C++ is object oriented programming using classes. For some reason the chapter on classes is tucked in the back, behind the answers key and appendix, like it is not intended to be learned yet. If you're going to learn anything in a introductory programming, it's classes. Also, there is nothing about 'linked Lists', an essential intro subject. The author claims to have a B.S. degree here, but in the book it says only an associates degree. I would hope an programming book would be written by some one with a more extensive education

A Great Intro to C++


I'm used this book for an Intro to C++ class at my college. I am very happy with the content and it aided my learning more than I expected. It teaches things simply enough that you can grasp the concepts quickly and delves into some of the more complex subjects in enough detail that you can keep up and excel. The examples are relevant to the subject matter and interesting enough that I actually wanted to complete the problem. Although this is not a book for advanced users, I would definitely recommend this book to a fellow student or anyone interested in getting an introduction into C++.

Useful for what I needed


I only ordered this book because it was way cheaper than buying it from the college bookstore. It was the book that was needed for the course I took and that was last time I used it.

It was exactly what I expected !


I received this book for a class in a timely fashion. The book was very reasonable cost wise and exactly what I needed for class. The costs was almost 75% off from the bookstore price !!!!



great job sending this book on time. introduction to programming with c++ is a great read and there was no undescribed damage to the book.

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