Iya Nla: Primordial Yoruba Mother-The Source

Iya Nla: Primordial Yoruba Mother-The Source
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Athelia Henrietta Press, Publishing In The Name Of Orunmila
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IYA NLA, The Yoruba Primordial Mother focuses on the presence and essence in the worship of the diverse manifestations of both the spiritual and material realms. Iyan Nla gives us an intellectual approach to our matrilineal ancestry. The mysteries of nature and existence were cultivated and worshipped in a religious custom by the first human ancestors. Through those ancestors, there has been a humanity embodied and elevated to heavenly status in order to honor them and to continue their customs. This human embodiment of the first ancestors helps us to distinguish the diverse aspects and influences of Iya Nla manifestations, hence The Primodial Mother...the life force for existence. Iya Nla who descends at night, Iya Nla who descends at day, Iya Nla, The mother of all, Let us live gently in this world

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a Must have book


The knowledge of our sacred Mother, Iya Nla that Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo demonstrates in this book is superb .This book is a blessing from her and the great Source of all creation "Iya Nla". Ájé is only one of many manifestation of Iya Nla as well as the mystery of Odu. Reading this book clears up many misconceptions in the Orisa and Ifa practice. Ase to Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo for sharing this knowledge.

Amazing Book


great book. i did not know that Iya Nla existed. it mentions the iyami, odu, osun, in other words, all of the different energies surrounding Iya Nla. the book also includes prayers and other spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your spirituality. i hope to see more books on Iya Nla and other more feminine-oriented and gender-balance themes that seem to have become underrated due to the influence of patriarchal views via islam and christianity in nigeria.

Every Woman Needs to read this book


This is a must for Ifa practioners.The author is concise and has provided a compact insight into Iya Nla. A very empowering account of the value of the femine principle. Women buy this book and tap into your spiritual energy. Thank you so much for your work Iyalaja Alcamo

well researched


A rich source of knowldge in a slender package, I am impressed. Although some of the translations seemed slightly stilted I thought that this text was well written. The heartfelt connection of the author to the subject matter also deepened the reading experience for me in a most pleasant manner.

Pleasantly Surprised


I learned a lot from this little book that I didn't know. It was a good read and informative on the feminine traditions in Ifa.

Five Stars


Highly recommend these books to those the looking for the Truth.



Don't give attention to good avaliations for this books. probably people related with the author. The theme is very interesting and I read this whole book. More, I have and already read all books listed by the author as "reference". This book is waste of money. Do not explain nothing. It contains repetitive text speaking the same thing: How iya nla is great how she is important, how she is the feminine principle. Pages and pages saying the same thing again and with different words, it is, the same word in different phrases. In fact I had a high expectative for the book and I am completely frustate. In fact we are handling with a basic and feminine principle but we have in the same theme, Odu the calabash, Osun and Iyami. The book didn't bring nothing better, the author don't bring information, don't bring analisys don't bring opinion, dont bring a distinct view. She spend most of book telling as, she think there is a prejudice against the woman in the religions. Therefore don't waste your time. Go read Verger.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Iya Nla and it was written by Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo. This particular edition is in a Perfect Paperback format. This books publish date is Mar 21, 2007 and it has a suggested retail price of $14.95. It was published by Athelia Henrietta Press, Publishing In The Name Of Orunmila and has a total of 104 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1890157414 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781890157418. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.