Jim Morrison: My Eyes Have Seen You

Jim Morrison: My Eyes Have Seen You
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Over 100 rare, never-before-published photos tracing Morrison's life from beginning to the end and beyond. A solid overview of a performer, that in retrospect, seems to embody all the bravery, idealism and folly that have come to characterize the 1960s. Photographers from four different countries consented to allow their photographs to appear for the first time in this volume. Self-published, limited edition of 1000 copies. Soft cover, 7x10 size, on high quality reproduction paper.

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Fantastic, a Doors fan illustration dream!!

I think this book was wonderful. it contained many photos which ive never seen before, and ive seen alot..The moment i picked it up i carefully turned each page with excitement, waiting to break on through to the other side. This book will light any Doors fans fire, with photos from Jim's childhood to the last days of his life. The soft parade of high quality pages will caress your fingertips. And when the musics over and you reached the end you will find yourself turning back to the front cover to ride the crystal ship once more....

Review: Jim Morrison: My Eyes Have Seen You


This book is absolutely marvelous. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that makes this book priceless. This book is a must have for any Doors/Jim Morrison fan. There is an old belief that photography 'stole' someone's soul. This book does just the opposite. It does nothing but 'give.' It shows the artist, the poet. It is virtually all photos. Not opinions or someone elses slant on things that Jim can't respond to or defend himself from. This is exactly the type of book I feel that Jim would want out. It encourages you to think, learn, grow, live and transcend life on your own terms. Exactly what Jim would want for people to do. This book and it author are pure genius.

awesome pics


The best pictures of the life of Jim Morrison. No other book I know of does a better job.



WOW, this book is not only the best Doors book ever published but it is also a great coffee table book for all to read...well, there isn't that much to read but...who said looking isn't a way of reading!!Obsesively exhausting, this book trully follows Jim Morrison through photography. His life and what a life he had is reason enough to interest the non-believer...First Rock singer to get arrested on stage. First Rock singer to use profanity on record.. move over Axl Rose and Luther Campbell. His myth stay intact before and after viewing.

A Pictorial Treasure


Just like the title that I gave above this book is a pictorial treasure. It offers beautiful b/w and color photographs mostly of Jim and some with the band. This book containes some of the best Morrison pictures of any other book I've seen. As a HUGE fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison being one of my heros, I will say that you will definitely enjoy this book to its maximum potential. A truly work of art as far as rock n' roll photography is concern. Magnificent! I hope that a second volume of beautiful and pristine photographs like this one of The Doors and especially of Jim will surface very soon.

Short and sweet review


This is a gorgeous "coffee table" type book, perfect for Doors fans. No info, just full of rare, lovely photos. Mostly of Jim, some of the band, several ultra-rare sweet pix of Jim and Pam Morrison. A real treat for die-hard Doors fans only.


You won't be disappointed...a wonderful visual testament to the best band, THE DOORS!

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