Journey Without Boundaries: The Operational Life & Experiences of a SA Special Forces Small Team Operator

Journey Without Boundaries: The Operational Life & Experiences of a SA Special Forces Small Team Operator
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RECCE: Small Team Ops


Just Done Publishing has done it again with another outstanding title! This book is about Andre Diedericks exploits while severing with the South African elite 5 Recce and in particular with Small Teams. This book does a great job of covering the evolution of Small Team operations within the South African Special Forces, this is topic not covered in many other books, like the detail covered in "Journey Without Boundaries". But with that I also recommend reading the Rhodesian side of Small Team Ops in the book "Bush War in Rhodesia - The Extraordinary Combat Memoir of a Rhodesian Reconnaissance Specialist". Diedericks was a true warrior elite with such a colorful background, this book does him justice and is a fine tribute to his life and legacy; and the development of Small Team Ops. If you like to read detailed information on tactics, techniques and procedures you will truly enjoy this book, there is nuggets of hard learned lessons throughout this book that most soldiers/operators can take away, and apply to their soldiering/operations. Do not get confused from that statement there is a story here and it is hair raising at times, but I will not spoil it in this review, you will have to read about the exploits yourself. The book itself comes in two versions. One is hardcover with black and white pictures and the second is soft cover with color pictures. I have the hardcover and the quality is outstanding the pictures are clear and crisp. I may order another copy in soft cover to see the pictures in color and if you prefer color you may want to order the soft cover. The last third (or so) of the book is all pictures, which alone is worth the money of the book. The book also has an extensive glossary, index and is footnoted. This is fast read of a book and I cannot recommend this book more to the military professional.

Journey without boundaries


Another abosolute must. The selflessness and the dedication of the South African Recces is truely remarkable. These amazing solidiers gave up their lives for the plight of their country all for what? I have the utmost respect and awe for these remarkable men. In the eyes of most no other regiment will come close to the South African Recces in that time.....

Great book


Great book, very well written . It covered the subject and told a history that many know nothing about. Found this book to be very helpful.

Journey Without Boundaries


This is a brief, although fascinating personal memoire and insight into the life of a South African special forces operator. Andre Diedericks tells his story with a humility that belies his incredible courage, endurance and professionalism. South African recees like Andre pioneered the use of small teams consisting of one or two men whose task it was to reconnoitre bases hundreds of kilometres inside Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. In doing so, they set a benchmark for modern special forces operations. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to gain an insight into a forgotten yet fascinating chapter in military history on the African continent.

Special Services operations in the South African ' Border War' ...


Special Services operations in the South African ' Border War' should be read about by anyone, worldwide, interested in these extraordinary men and their extraordinary achievements. This short memoire is well worth reading.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Journey Without Boundaries and it was written by Andre Diedericks. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Jun 23, 2007. It was published by Just Done Productions and has a total of 212 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 192016958X and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781920169589. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.