Kaplan CSET: California Subject Examinations for Teachers (Kaplan Cset: The California Subject Examination for Teachers)

Kaplan CSET: California Subject Examinations for Teachers (Kaplan Cset: The California Subject Examination for Teachers)
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Product Description

The most comprehensive and up-to-date strategies, practice, and review for the CSET


California K-12 teachers are required to have single subject teaching credentials if they want to specialize in departmentalized classes (for example, art, math, science, and literature). Teachers must pass the CSET to supplement their general teaching certification. Kaplan CSET offers aspiring teachers a complete guide to preparing for the test.


The book includes:

·         In-depth content review for all specialized subject areas

·         One full-length practice test

·         Detailed answer explanation
·         Proven test-taking strategies to help teachers pass the test

Customer Book Reviews

Beyond Impressed.


I purchased the Cliffs Notes version because it had so many excellent reviews. I thought the book was amazing, and the CD-Rom with test banks that was included was astoundingly convenient. I felt prepared when I went to take the test, and very upset WHILE taking it. Well, I failed subtest one and three because the Cliffs Notes book is very different from what is actually on the test (except for math, science, and most of the history--leaving all of subtest 3 and the english portion of subtest one poorly covered). I scheduled my retake exam dates and bought this book. After 5 minutes of scanning through it I was so mad at myself for not purchasing this one instead (or at least in addition to) the Cliffs Notes one. I was certain I would have passed if I had this book. I studied for about 25 non-consecutive hours over a 3 week period, and felt confident while and after taking the subtests again. I passed--this book made it so easy! I know I performed much better the second time of testing because I received many more ++++ groups and check marks, opposed to ++ and areas of improvement on the score (CSET doesn't tell you your score if you passed, they just say "PASS"). Do NOT make the same foolish mistake I did and only purchase one book. AND, if you don't get this one and feel you don't have the knowledge for all areas of the exam, you will sorely regret it! This book even guarantees you will pass or will issue a refund (Cliffs doesn't, of course!) I recommend NOT taking all three tests in one sitting since you will most likely become exhausted and underperform. Also, when taken separately, many adult schools in your area will then offer the test instead of forcing you to drive to a Pearson test center (which in my case was over an hour away). When I took the two subtests separately, I was able to drive right down the street! One annoying con of this book is under the grammar portion, they suggest "researching" some things, like pronouns, run-on sentences, adverbs, etc. because they assume you should know them. How hard is it to devote a page to this? And trust me, know them ALL because they are on the exam!!! Good luck!

Helped me pass all subtests first time!


The book has an overwhelming amount of information to study but it's worth it. I felt OVER prepared when I went to take subtest one and three. I agree with the other reviewer who said "they suggest "researching" some things, like pronouns, run-on sentences, adverbs, etc. because they assume you should know them." it is true, they will test you on these! Although I have not taken subtest two yet, as I have been studying I realized that there is not enough earth science covered. Much of the chapter is focused primarily on biology and they seem to skim over earth science. Overall I think this book is a must-have! This was my study strategy: I studied each test for about a month (I took them separately), I read through the chapter and when I was done I would go back and underline/make note of things I needed to remember, when I was done with that I would get separate pieces of paper and summarize EVERYTHING I didn't understand to reinforce the points. For subtest two, because the chapter is SO long, I've been underlining and 'starring' key points as I read. **Update: Just passed CSET subtest II: Science and Mathematics!! (WHOO!) This book was helpful for all multiple choice and written math portion. Written science was trickier, I think watching 'BBC:Planet Earth' and Bill Nye videos helped me a little more than the book did.

Buy The CliffNotes Instead


Buy the CliffsNotes CSET: Multiple Subjects instead. CliffsNotes CSET: Multiple Subjects While there is some good material in this book, the writing style is dry and it is not arranged in a study-friendly manner. There is often times too much minutiae about irrelevant topics and not enough explanation about the core ideas. There is a severe lack of simple diagrams to help the reader understand some of the more complicated subject matter. The one thing that it does have, that the CliffNotes does not, is a glossary of terms; however, some of the definitions lack any relevant information that the reader would actually need for the CSET test. The single practice test that is provided should have more questions. Also, not all of the answers to the questions in the practice test can actually be found in the reading portion of the subject matter! The reader will have use additional resources to answer some of the questions in the practice test. The CliffsNotes book is arranged in a way that is easier to read, easier to study with, has more practice tests, more diagrams and easier to locate previously read topics. This book is good if you have already purchased the CliffNotes, have extra money to burn or have just want another perspective on the topics already found in the CliffNotes book. I admit that there are a few sub-topics that this book explains in more detail, but not many.

Great study book


I purchased this book as well as the Cliffnotes book. This book was a lot harder to read and study from however I suggest getting both books because the other one was very helpful with the multiple choice questions and this one is great for the essay questions.

Helps in Preping for Special Ed Credential


So I ordered both the Kaplan and CliffNotes CSET Prep. This Seller Got my Test Prep to me Quick. So far the Kaplan is the only one that has shown up in the last 3 weeks. STill waiting for the CliffNotes. Both were recommended by the CSET review sites for their good overlapping coverage and individual nuances for passing the CSET. The Kaplan is pretty good and I really like the details, the Sectional Test Prep, the Linked Resources and the Practice Tests at the back of the book. Redundant and thorough. Just the way I learn!

Five Stars


Best study tool

Very Informative


This book is fantastic. It has plenty of practice tests, plenty of examples, and it even covers some test taking strategies if you require a refresher. Definitely recommend this to anyone getting ready to take the CSET exam.

Not What I Needed


I needed single subject, this was multiple subject. If that is what your looking for it would be a great review.

This book is $26. 00 only, I spend ...


This book is $26.00 only, I spend $185. It's so unfair. But I cannot return it back.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Kaplan CSET: California Subject Examinations for Teachers (Kaplan Cset and it was written by C. Roebuck Reed, Lee Wherry Brainerd, Rodney Lee. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Nov 30, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $26.99. It was published by Kaplan Publishing and has a total of 564 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1419550292 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781419550294. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.