Linear System Theory and Design

Linear System Theory and Design
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Striking a balance between theory and applications, Linear System Theory and Design, Fourth Edition, uses simple and efficient methods to develop results and design procedures that students can readily employ.

Ideal for advanced undergraduate courses and first-year graduate courses in linear systems and multivariable system design, it is also a helpful resource for practicing engineers.


Companion website at contains PowerPoint-based versions of the figures from the text (available to adopters of the text)

An Instructor's Solutions Manual is available to adopters

Customer Book Reviews

Don't buy unless you have to


I think this not a helpful textbook at all. I certainly would not have bought it if it wasn't the mandatory textbook for one of my courses. The contents are not comprehensive enough. Definitely not enough example problems. In short, the book is far from being "self-sufficient" or "self-contained". This means in some cases it doesn't matter how much you study the material, you still won't be able to figure out some problems at the end of the chapters. This should never be the case in a textbook. The base line is, in every textbook that you would consider "good", you can always go back and study the main material if you're struggling with problems. In this book, this simply does not help. You have to search online, look at other sources to figure out how to solve certain problems. Instead of buying this chaotic mess, I would recommend you buy two separate books instead. One proper "systems/controls" textbook (Ogata's books are perfect, for instance), and one decent "linear algebra" textbook. This textbook attempts to combine the two but the result is terrible.



The book can be quite hard and confusing to follow. Not necessarily the easiest material either, but there are some good explanations for theorems, but not enough examples to show how to utilize those theorems.

Poor Choice


I used this book for a 1st year graduate course in system theory. The book has two major problems: 1. There are a lot of typos. Not just in the book itself, but also in the solutions manual. If you are an instructor make sure to watch for this (or use it to see who has access to the solutions manual and isn't a critical thinker but I must caution against using the book because its so bad). I'm honestly amazed this book made it through the editing and review process with so many typos. I would say there is probably a typo on every other page. Some are minor, others are major. 2. The book sacrifices content and clarity for concision. There are not enough examples and many of the explanations are lacking and require outside clarification. Many of the problems in the second chapter involve describing physical systems that are not reviewed anywhere in the book. A simple table of basic physical identities would have been helpful and would have taken less than a page. Once again, there are not enough worked through examples, this cannot be stressed enough. I also generally prefer books that include more content than would be covered in a semester so I can read on if interested. This book includes exactly enough material for one semester. Another, more minor, complaint is that some of the references are unprofessional and in some ways, quite stupid. In one case, the first edition of the book is cited as a reference. In another case, the author tells the reader to look up the knowledge in question on Wikipedia. I don't buy $100 textbooks to search for information on Wikipedia.

Not the best book for first timers


End of the semester now, after spending more than 200 hours with this book, I'd like to edit my review. I think it seriously needs a revision. The organization of topics are good, the book covers all the theories you need to learn but it does not have enough number of examples to make one understand how they are implemented. In my point of view, it is definitely not your book if it's your first time in linear system theory and design.

Not a ton of content here. It's a solid ...


Not a ton of content here. It's a solid book on the basics that contains a semester's worth of material.

Not worth it


This is a poor book. It is for readers who are already well versed with the concepts presented in the book. Definitely not for someone who is trying to use it for a senior year or first year grad course as mentioned in the book. Control theory needs to be understood intuitively. This book is full of equations and that certainly doesn't help with developing an intuitive understanding. Waste of money.

Three Stars


so many typos which can lead to misunderstanding of some of the concepts

Not very useful.


My professor assigned this book for a grad level math course. He only assigned reading a few sections and HW problems in the book, which is a shame, considering how much I paid for it. Anyway, I found the book to be difficult to follow, especially in view of the highly complex and confusing subject matter it tries to cover. If you think this subject matter pertains only to practical applications of matricies and linear algebra, then you are in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Four Stars


A good book.

Different fo the photo


I asked by the fourth edition, and it arrived the third edition. Also, it came a "international edition". But, I could return without major problems.

Terrible book.


This book is terrible. Really, this book sucks. I wish my professor wasn't pulling homework questions from the book, then I could have saved $120. Poor explanations, minimal examples with too much omitted. Overall, I would not buy this unless you absolutely had to.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Linear System Theory and Design and it was written by Chi-Tsong Chen. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Nov 14, 2012 and it has a suggested retail price of $175.40. It was published by Oxford University Press and has a total of 400 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 0199959579 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780199959570. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.