Lippincott's DocuCare Internet Access Code for 6-Month Student Access

Lippincott's DocuCare Internet Access Code for 6-Month Student Access
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Terrible customer support, not really helpful or needed, to be honest.


For the most part, it's good at providing a simulated charting environment for nursing students. Where I gave it fault is that certain parts aren't explained very well, and when I contacted customer support about it, I received a general response that mirrored the FAQ that it came with. For HIPAA reasons, we can't input patient's real info, which is totally understandable, but then they should just format it to list patient names as John Doe or Jane Doe and provide general birth dates. Instead it tells you to input the DOB and then randomly auto-generates a different one that shows up on the "chart" - which leaves you scratching your head as to why they would even bother if it's just going to change it for HIPAA reasons, or worse, makes you self doubt that you entered the wrong data to begin with. Edit: I think someone at Lippincott read my review because this semester, none of the above that I pointed out seem to be there anymore. No more entering DOB, you select a general range of ages that the client falls under. The site's servers appear to be overtaxed whenever our class has an assignment due cause it'll either be extremely slow or not work at all. Again, contacting their helpdesk about it yields no satisfactory answers.

Clumsy and unhelpful


Clearly not written by somebody with charting experience. Entering data is unnecessarily clumsy. Hit a wrong key? Too bad, better re-enter your entire CBC values from scratch again. Lab values require manual entry of normal values as well - EVERY TIME. The drug guide is poorly written and is far from comprehensive. Trending data is nigh-on-impossible because body systems are completely segregated from one another and lab values cannot be compared side-by-side. Tech support does not exist in any meaningful sense. ...and it is required for my school. Here's $64 for the privilege of using this atrocious software for another 6 months... even though I only need it for 3.

The program is nice. I have to use it during my MedSurg ...


The program is nice. I have to use it during my MedSurg class as our form of documenting. It's an easy program to learn and is capable with tablets as well. The only downside is the server can be dreadfully slow sometimes. (not an internet connection problem). Other sites load fine but this one can occasionally drag which is not helpful when I have a limited time to complete it.

Not for me.


DocuCare is way too expensive for what it is. I was forced to purchase this (twice, because it expired) for school, and I don't like the program at all, and I'm not alone, not one person in my class liked it. We were supposed to use it to turn in assignments while we were in clinical, and it takes forever to chart using this product. Not to mention that it was so glitchy, that it would erase data that had been entered, so my clinical instructor spent tons of time on the phone with tech support, and the problems were never resolved. We ended up not even using DocuCare, and handwriting everything out and turning it in. Which is really aggravating when you are forced to buy an expensive product that you can't even use. Also, we were able to chart at the hospital using the hospital's charting system, and DocuCare is nothing like real charting systems, so it is teaching you a way to chart that you will likely never do again.

Cheaper than the damn bookstore & totally worth it !!!


Paid less than the book store && happy about it. At first I was very skeptical but I am glad I ordered this. The only reason it gets 4 stars is because the tracking number wasn't working and it made me question if this was a scam or not. But it's definitely not. Thanks!

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