Book Details for Long and Deep Tunnels: Integrated Design and Construction Approach

Long and Deep Tunnels: Integrated Design and Construction Approach

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Format:  Hardcover
Publish Date: 
ISBN-10:  0415876303
ISBN-13:  9780415876308
List Price:  $149.95
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About This Book:

Title: Long and Deep Tunnels: Integrated Design and Construction Approach

Publisher Notes

The design and construction of ?long and deep? tunnels, i.e. tunnels under mountains, characterised by either considerable length and/or overburden, represent a considerable challenge. The scope of this book is not to instruct how to design and construct such tunnels but to share a method to identify the potential hazards related to the process of designing and constructing long and deep tunnels, to produce a relevant comprehensive analysis and listing, to quantify the probability and consequences, and to design proper mitigation measures and countermeasures. The design, developed using probabilistic methods, is verified during execution by means of the so called Plan for Advance of the Tunnel (PAT) method, which allows adapting the design and control parameters of the future stretches of the tunnel to the results of the stretches already finished, using the monitoring data base. Numerous criteria are given to identify the key parameters, necessary for the PAT procedure. Best practices of excavation management with the help of real time monitoring and control are also provided. Furthermore cost and time evaluation systems are analysed. Finally, contractual aspects related to construction by contract are investigated, for best development and application of models more appropriate for tunnelling-construction contracts. The work will be of interest to practising engineers, designers, consultants and students in mining, underground, tunnelling, transportation and construction engineering, as well as to foundation and geological engineers, urban planners/developers and architects.

Author:Vittorio Guglielmetti, Piergiorgio Grasso, Shulin Xu
Language: English
Pages: 500
Publisher: CRC Pr I Llc

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Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Long and Deep Tunnels and it was written by Vittorio Guglielmetti, Piergiorgio Grasso, Shulin Xu. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is July 22, 2015 and it has a suggested retail price of $149.95. It was published by CRC Pr I Llc and has a total of 500 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 0415876303 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780415876308. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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