Book Details for Mariner's Book of Days 2014 Calendar

Mariner's Book of Days 2014 Calendar

Format:  Calendar
Publish Date: 
ISBN-10:  1574093169
ISBN-13:  9781574093162
List Price:  $16.95
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About This Book:

Title: Mariner's Book of Days 2014 Calendar

Book Description

Since its inception in 1992, The Mariner’s Book of Days has been hailed as the best, most entertaining nautical desk diary and calendar to see print. It is also a valuable reference in its own right; each annual edition—completely different from its predecessor—has become a collector’s item. On each right-hand page is a day- by-day accounting of historical events and space for daily notes, appointments, and reminders. On each left-hand page is a fascinating miscellany of what Robert Louis Stevenson once called “the entertainment of fooling among boats.”

The Mariner’s Book of Days is a daily, weekly, monthly, annual reminder of the things we love most about the watery world: the pleasures of choosing, building and maintaining our own boats; the intricacies of seamanship and navigation; the development of nautical knowledge; the traditions of the sea; the evolution of a way of life. It is organized in a generally topical manner yet has a labyrinthine quality, not unlike the way we think about the sea when we are so unfortunate as to be away from it. One thing leads to another and then another,and before we know it we’re building a boat with Howard Chapelle, or sailing around the world with Joshua Slocum, or having a drink with Captain John Smith, or, perhaps best of all, dreaming about boats, ships, and the sea with Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.

The Mariner’s Book of Days is an annual treasure. Year by year it takes us on a new and different 365-day imaginary voyage through time, an encyclopedic passage through the maritime past, present and future.

Author:Peter H. Spectre
Language: English
Publisher: Sheridan House Inc
Weight:0.6 Pounds
Length:9.3 Inches
Width:6.8 Inches
Height:0.5 Inches

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Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Mariner's Book of Days 2014 Calendar and it was written by Peter H. Spectre. This particular edition is in a Calendar format. This books publish date is June 16, 2013 and it has a suggested retail price of $16.95. It was published by Sheridan House Inc. The 10 digit ISBN is 1574093169 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781574093162. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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