McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX Review Guide

McGraw-Hill's NAPLEX Review Guide
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Product Description

Everything you need to pass the NAPLEX® – comprehensive study material and two practice exams – in one student-reviewed package

Written by an instructor who has taught thousand of students, this all-in-one study guide was developed and reviewed by pharmacists, faculty, students, and recent graduates – so you know it contains only the most relevant, up-to-date conent. You’ll find valuable foundational material and chapter-ending case application questions that cover every key topic included on the NAPLEX. The companion CD-ROM includes two practice tests with a total of 370 questions allowing you to pinpoint your weaknesses.


  • Coverage that is organized around the NABP competencies and designed to sharpen problem-solving skills, put must-know information at your fingertips, and improve exam-taking ability
  • More than 1400 case application questions, each with a detailed explanation of both correct and incorrect answer choices
  • Takeaway Points at the end of every chapter that summarize key concepts
  • CD-ROM with two complete practice tests, each with 185 questions

Customer Book Reviews

Pharmacotherapy review is great, but....


Some of my professors in pharmacy school wrote chapters in this book and recommended its use for NAPLEX preparation. I purchased the book thinking this would serve as my sole reference for NAPLEX review. While the pharmacotherapy section of this review book is excellent and may actually over-prepare you for what the NAPLEX throws at you, there is little else in the way of test preparation found in here. There is one small chapter on pharmacy calculations that is less than 5 pages and does not go over all of the necessary calculations one should master before taking the NAPLEX. There is no review of pharmacy law, no mention of dosage form and physical pharmacy review, and no section on pharmacoeconomics, prescription processing, clinical trials design, nor basic statistics. With that being said, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing this book for the pharmacotherapy review alone. However, do not purchase this book with the assumption that this is a one-stop shop for all your NAPLEX review needs. The APhA Review of Pharmacy book or RX Prep are probably better options in that scenario. I believe that McGraw-Hill should rename this book "McGraw-Hill's Pharmacotherapy Review Guide" in order to better reflect its given content. Note: Please refer to the NABP NAPLEX Competency Statements for further review: [...]

Great study guide!


I purchased this book because I didn't like the layout / content of the APhA Complete NAPLEX review book. And this book lived up to all of my expectations and I would highly recommend it. Pros: 1) Effective, clear writing/tables 2) Practice test questions 3) Reasonable cost Cons: 1) Bulky (they all are though!) This was the primary resource I used to study for the NAPLEX. And it worked! Good luck!

excellent pharmacology text for medical students


I purchased this book while taking pharmacology in medical school, and it is perhaps better for medical students than pharm students. It covers all that medical students need to know, and it contains many useful practice questions. Some topics are covered in greater detail than necessary for medical students (eg, P450 subtypes). And although it's sparse coverage of pharm calculations may be a problem for pharm students, that is not a problem for med students. I still have my copy, and continue to use it. (Compared to the tomes by Katzung and Goodman & Gilman, which I got rid of almost immediately.)

A good Guide


It hones in on what you need to know without reading the massive chapters in the textbook that can be daunting. I also appreciate the questions after every chapter to gauge my understanding of the material.

Excellent Book


I bought a bigger book to study for the NAPLEX, but it was so overwhelming. I turned to this book for a quick and easy to read guide through the information I needed to know for the NAPLEX. I'm so happy I used this book instead. I passed with flying colors, and I didn't have to spend a lot of time reading stuff that I wasn't even tested on (nuclear pharmacy). The only cons of this book is the math section is lacking, and it doesn't include some of the new medications that have recently came out. Other than that, A+

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