Mechanics of Machines

Mechanics of Machines
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Oxford University Press
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Product Description

Mechanics of Machines is designed for undergraduate courses in kinematics and dynamics of machines. It covers the basic concepts of gears, gear trains, the mechanics of rigid bodies, and graphical and analytical kinematic analyses of planar mechanisms. In addition, the text describes a procedure for designing disc cam mechanisms, discusses graphical and analytical force analyses and balancing of planar mechanisms, and illustrates common methods for the synthesis of mechanisms. Each chapter concludes with a selection of problems of varying length and difficulty. SI Units and US Customary Units are employed. An appendix presents twenty-six design projects based on practical, real-world engineering situations. These may be ideally solved using Working Model software.

A CD-ROM, included in every copy of this book, contains virtual moving models of a wide range of machines, including engines, meshing gears, cam mechanisms, intermittent motion mechanisms, pumps, shaft couplings, locks, braking systems, threaded connections, and a synchronizer. Most of these models are three-dimensional and allow the user to highlight a component or process of interest as well as alter both the point-of-view and zoom during the simulated motion. In addition, icons in the book's margins enable the reader to readily identify the corresponding files on the CD-ROM.

CD-ROM Highlights

·Offers more than 140 files of interactive virtual models and video clips of a diverse assortment of machines and mechanisms

·Contains Working Model®, Textbook Edition, the world's most popular 2D motion software

·Includes flux Player VRML software to view virtual models

·Includes the Windows-based computer program, Cam Design, that allow one to design, animate, and evaluate disc cam mechanisms

·Provides files of scaled diagrams of mechanisms, for solving problems using graphical analyses involving velocity, acceleration, and force

A Solutions Manual (0-19-522212-1) and a CD-ROM with PowerPoint® overheads (0-19-522226-1) are available to adopters.

Customer Book Reviews

Worst textbook of my college career


This text is easily the worst textbook I've ever used. Unless this specific textbook is required for a course, do not buy it. If you are a professor considering using this text for a class, do not buy it. Pros: -smaller than other engineering textbooks -cheaper than other engineering textbooks -covers relevant topics in the dynamics of machines/mechanisms Cons: -too few examples, and examples are explained poorly -not enough explanation of problem solving methodology -included software is glitchy -answers section in back of book contains only about 3 solutions per chapter, and not a single diagram Bottom Line: It is impossible to use this book to teach yourself the subject. You will get stuck when you first attempt to draw cognates in chapter 1, and it's a downward spiral from then onward. If you're forced to use this book for a class, may God have mercy on your soul.

This is possibly the worst book to ever be printed.


This book is by far the worst book I've ever used in any engineering course. Its only use is kindling to start a fire. Unless required to purchase for a class do not, I repeat do not buy this book. The examples aren't helpful and a solutions manual is impossible to find. It will be impossible to use this book to learn the subject by yourself and nearly impossible to learn with the help of an instructor.

Poor layout and examples


In this book you spend considerable amounts of time trying match up figures and problems. The problem statements and the pictures or diagrams for problems are often not in close proximity or even on the same page. The example problems do not explain how to do the real problems. Nice and light though. Easy to carry.

Not well written


The author explains things horribly and goes about things the hardest way possible. I seriously though I was looking at hieroglyphics. I had to translate his work into actual engineering and write notes in the book. Many of the worked examples do not cover the end of chapter problems. The end of chapter problems do not have full answers and none of them are worked out. For this subject, it is crucial to have a complete explanation of the solution.

Yes, it's the worst.


Believe the negative reviews. I consider myself a pretty good student and can usually pick up material on my own via textbook but this one wasn't one of them. For a course like this, solving problems is the main focus and as a result example problems presented in the textbook need to be clear and helpful. Sadly they are neither. Examples are presented with minimal explanations of how they came to a particular value or solution. Its almost like you are expected to just divine how they come to the answers. Also, many of the assigned problems at the end of the chapters that are usually assigned for homework are a degree of difficulty harder than the example problems. Working on assignments becomes a frustrating experience and I honestly did not learn as much as I was looking forward to. This was a required text for my class and I had to buy it but once it was over, I promptly resold it.

Poorly Executed


I see others have said it and I will have to confirm it. This is THE WORST text book I have ever tried to study from. I am sure if you already knew the subject well, it may seem like a nice book. However, the text seems to blow through material and presents a sea of formulas for a sea of different scenarios. The best part is there is not a solutions manual to be found. It becomes nearly impossible to solve some of these problems without constantly nagging the instructor, and looking like a fool in the process. Note to potential authors, if you are not willing to supply a solutions manual for your book, make it a step by step approach so the majority of people can follow it. If you can avoid this book do so.



This book is terrible. The examples are difficult to follow unless you have a vast amount of background. This book was chosen by my professor because of its size not its content. If your professor has chosen this book please do yourself a favor and start looking for other resources now. I do not recommend this book for any undergrad engineering course. The examples are the worst and I feel I have wasted a massive amount of time trying to answer the questions. Also, the solution set is nowhere to be found so a student can't even check if they did the problem correctly. This book will leave you in the dark.

By far the worst textbook I have used for engineering or college in general


This textbook is absolutely awful. The figures are nowhere near the area the discuss them in the chapter. The explanations for everything are short and useless. The answer key in the back of the book contains 3-5 answers per chapter if even that. The examples within the chapter are awful. Cleghorn needs to quit writing books if he thinks he is doing a proper job. For the quality of this book, the price should be well below 30 dollars. Congrats to Oxford publishing and Cleghorn for winning the award for worst textbook ever produced. I am frustrated with the price I paid (Not amazon's fault) and the quality of this book. Do not purchase this book unless you have a amazing teacher to explain the material that this book obviously cannot.

Not so good


Had to buy this book for a class. If you had only this book, the material would be close to impossible to understand. Fortunately for me, I had teacher that could expand on the subject matter. Not a book for a self learner.

Wow !!!!!!!!! Cleghorn Rocks !!!!


I was exceptical of this book, because quality Visual Nastran 3D models are very hard to find, but this one is a dream come true. Beer and Johnson's Mechanics and Holtzapple's Foundations of Engineering have decent examples but are for amateurs. On Italy we have the "Lista" website and "Meccanica applicata alle macchine, 5

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Mechanics of Machines and it was written by W. L. Cleghorn. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Mar 17, 2005 and it has a suggested retail price of $160.45. It was published by Oxford University Press and has a total of 528 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 0195154525 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780195154528. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.