Medisoft v16 Student At Home Software with Installation Instructions

Medisoft v16 Student At Home Software with Installation Instructions
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McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
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Customer Book Reviews

Great for Hands-on learning!


Yes, this is a demo for the Medisoft program, the only way this will work for you is if you are in a class and are provided with a link for student data to use within the software. For example, I am student at University of Phoenix and this is for a medical records class. We are just beginning to use the software, but I am excited to learn the program, and am hoping the experience will help me get a job.

Exactly what I needed


I'm taking a class in medical billing and this is exactly what I needed to practice at home. But make sure you follow all the directions and dowload the patient data files after you install the program. Without the data files, nothing works. Once it's there you can create your own records and view the various lists and activities. I'm sure to get an A now!

Genevieve's Reviews


I bought Medisoft from a link provided and it didn't state that it was just a demo. I have had trouble trying to start it up and and learned that it wouldn't do me any good because I needed the full version. It is disappointing that it wasn't mentioned with the information that it was only a demo. I think that all information needs to have complete details of product and easy to read so further complications like this don't happen to other students that need this form of information immediately.

A Lifesaver!!


This software was a requirement for my HCR/240 course at University of Phoenix, and it has met all expectations to learn how to use Medisoft at home. Amazon have allowed me to obtain this software at a affordable price because if I were to purchase it elsewhere separately such as, I would have to pay at least $80 bucks. It is a great selection if you are tight with finances, and you can't afford to purchase the bundle ( textbook and software). Therefore, I would recommend this software to use with a Computers in the Medical Office 7th edition textbook.

"E" 4 "Excellence


This product is "ALL THAT." I couldn't believe it once I set it up, which is easy by the way. Its the very same one use in offices. I did my externship in a doctor's office and its the very same thing. The only difference that you are learning NEW FEAUTURES that were either "ADDED" on or "CORRECTED" from Medisoft 14. I highly recommend this product to anybody in the Medical Assistant field whether your a student or learning after the externship which is what I am doing now.

Nothing on the disc


I received the disc very quickly. When trying to upload to my computer there was not anything on the disc. I had to call the 1-800 number for assistant. They had to manually log onto my laptop and download the information to my laptop. When they tried to download the information from the disc it didn't work for them either. Now I have a disc with no information on it. Once they downloaded the information from where they are at, it does work exactly like I need it for my classes.

It gave me nothing but fits


It wasn't the exact same version as the one Baker College uses and kept creating compatibility issues. I've got to take the class over now but I will not do my homework with this program, I'll work on it at school! It's the only class I had to take over and I've been on the Dean's List twice already, so as you can see, this is awful!

Medisoft Version 16 medical coding and billing


Thank you for your fast service. I didn't realize I ordered a windows only version. I can't use it. I have a Mac book Pro lap top. It doesn't load it. So right know I am trying to find version 16 or version 17 of medisoft billing and coding for apple computers. Thank you anyway.



Items on amazon are always cheaper than at the student bookstore but there is always that issue of what do you do if something goes wrong? Well, the Medisoft team was very helpful and with some simple troubleshooting the program was installed and working in no time!

It worked


This is exactly what I needed for my university class. It installed easily and got the job done. Also, I was able to resell it when I was done with it. Yay!

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