Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Inspirational Results

Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Inspirational Results
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Barron's Educational Series
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Thanks to the popularity of workshops and classes, metal jewelry making is no longer the exclusive realm of professional jewelry designers. Now, with a little patience and the right instruction, anyone can learn to create beautiful metal jewelry with metalsmithing techniques.

Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers is the ultimate reference for anyone interested in creating metal jewelry. Using clear, step-by-step instructions, interviews from experts in the craft, and hundreds of photos showcasing contemporary work, the author provides one of the most comprehensive volumes on metal jewelry making available. Home crafters, students, serious amateurs, and professional jewelry designers alike will find:

  • Essential information on the tools and materials needed for success
  • Detailed properties for a large variety of metals--from aluminum and tin to gold and platinum
  • An extensive range of metalwork techniques suitable for beginners, amateurs, and specialists
  • Step-by-step tutorials and comprehensive sidebars detailing each process for a variety of metals

    This authoritative textbook is certain to become the go-to guide for those new to creating jewelry as well as those looking to make the move from amateur to professional jeweler. Includes a stunning array of 700 instructional and inspirational photos.

  • Customer Book Reviews

    Only helpful if you already know how to smith metal


    Unless you already know how to make bezels, form rings, move metal, solder and file, this book will not help you further your knowledge, If, however, you are already semi-skilled as a metal smith and have taken soldering classes and metal forming/folding classes and are missing some of the finer points in technique or need a "reminder" of the process, this is a great book to keep on the bench. Much like Tim McCreights excellent book, The Complete Metalsmith, this is a reference book for already knowledgeable metal smiths--not a "how to" book. There are no projects, no step by step instructions, and no really basic information for those without experience with torch or hammer. On the plus side, there are wonderful explanations about noble and alloy metals, their characteristics, and how they are formed and worked in jewelry. There are also excellent comments about various shop tools necessary for your bench and beautiful pictures showing various uses of some of the tools--again, the pictures make sense only if you already know how to execute the techniques. But for the beginning Metalsmith, I'd say, skip this book and buy books on soldering by Kate Richboug and Metalsmithing by Mary Hettmansperger--money well spent!



    This book is very thick as well as large(number of pages), however, it is written and layed out more like a textbook than an informative or pictorial type book, it would have HELPED if a, "take a peek inside" were offered. This had nohing to do with the speed at which I received this book, or the condition of the book, BOTH were WONDERFFUL. Thanks!

    Must Have Book


    First, it's a very subtantial book. It covers metals from platinum to tin and how to work with each type of metal. Beautifully photographed, projects with great instructions and lots and lots of inspiration.

    Jinks McGrath is certainly a preeminent authority on jewelry metal ...


    Jinks McGrath is certainly a preeminent authority on jewelry metal fabrication. The tutorials are clear. This book is definitely a valuable addition to my library.

    Four Stars


    Some cool ideas!



    Great overview and excellent photos. Great comprehensive coverage of techniques and materials. Jinks McGrath is a wonderful artist and has a great teaching ability.

    Great addition to any metalsmith's library


    This new edition was like all of the other books I have purchased that Jinks McGrath has written -- excellent, useful, and a worthwhile reference tool in my studio.

    Great book. Jinks McGarth does it again!


    This is an encyclopedia for jewelry making. Definitely one to have in your library. I really liked the specific description of each metal.

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