Million-Dollar Throw

Million-Dollar Throw
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Everyone calls Nate Brodie ÒBradyÓ because heÕs a New England quarterback, just like his idol, Tom Brady. And now heÕs got a chance to win a million dollars by throwing one pass through a target at halftime in the PatriotsÕ Thanksgiving night game. More than anything, NateÕs family needs the moneyÑhis dadÕs been downsized, his momÕs working two jobs, and theyÕre on the verge of losing their house. The worry is more weight than a 13-year-old can bear, and itÕs affecting his playing for his own football team. Suddenly the boy with the golden arm is having trouble completing a pass . . . but can he make the one that really counts?

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Lupica's best yet!

By Nicholas A. Ziinojr on Nov 10, 2009

Travel TeamHeatThe Big FieldSummer BallMiracle on 49th Street Nate Brodie is the star quarterback of his eighth-grade football team,nicknamed "Brady"because of his golden throwing arm and his being Tom Brady's biggest fan. One day he goes to buy a special autographed Brady football,and enters a contest where he wins the chance to throw a pass through a target for one million dollars at halftime of the New England Patriots'Thanksgiving night game.But Nate's got big personal problems.His dad's out of a job,his family going to lose their home,and best pal Abby is going blind.Then his arm deserts him.Can Nate fix things and triumph on his big night?Mike Lupica tells you-brilliantly-in this deeply moving story that is a winner in every way.A strong and solidly-crafted plot,with beautifully drawn characters.Adults and kids will both really enjoy this. It is Mike Lupica's masterpiece!

It's how you play the game

By Michael Galardi on Dec 01, 2009

As with all Mike Lupica books, it's not just the real characters, it's the story they tell. This book is billed as a young adult book, but I suggest that "old" adults will love it, as well. I read it in one day, as did my 2 boys. Life isn't just about winning and's how you play the game...This story has a young boy coming of age at a difficult time, learning that a good day isn't just a good football game that he starred in and a bad day isn't just about a game gone's much more than that..Nate Brody navigates himself through some tough life events and comes out better, more mature and happier. Mike has a gift, he has an ear for people and uses his remarkable voice to share great life stories with us. Talk about an easy Christmas gift!!!

A wonderful, heartfelt story about the strength of friendship and family

By Teen Reads on Dec 28, 2009

For Nate Brodie, there's nothing else quite like the sport of football. The 13-year-old from Valley, Massachusetts is a huge fan of the New England Patriots, his favorite player being star quarterback Tom Brady. Brodie (aka "Brady," as his family and friends call him) is the starting QB for the Valley Patriots, and is known as "the boy with the golden arm" for his fantastic throws and great sportsmanship. But football is more than just a game for Nate; it's a chance to get away from the daily grind of school and hang out with his friends. However, football has now taken on a more important meaning. Shortly after his 13th birthday, Nate, his mom, and his best friend Abby McCall make a trip to SportStuff, where Nate is finally able to buy the limited edition autographed Brady football for which he's been saving up. It's there where he learns about the contest "The SportStuff Million-Dollar Throw": "The winner of the contest was going to get the chance to make one throw --- from thirty yards away through a twenty-inch hole --- at halftime of the Patriots Thanksgiving night game against the Colts." It's a one-in-a-million chance, but Nate wins the contest and a shot at the big money. While excited about getting the opportunity to go to Gillette Stadium, he knows that this is the most important play of his life. If he wins, the million dollars could definitely help his family: his dad has had to work two jobs after he was laid off at his old real estate company, and his mom works at a gift shop and volunteers at the hospital. In addition, they have had to put their house up for sale, the only home Nate has ever known. To add to Nate's worries, his best friend has her own troubles. Abby, a talented artist who creates vivid, colorful paintings, has a form of retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that causes complete blindness. Nate wants the best for her and tries to continue to be optimistic, the same way she is for him even as her own world begins to darken. Could Abby benefit more from this money? And if so, what about his family's woes? As Nate deals with these difficult changes and as Thanksgiving night creeps closer, the pressure to make the million-dollar throw begins to affect him on the field, and he wonders if he will be able to achieve his goal of winning not just one but two championships. Featuring some great game play and cool sports references, MILLION-DOLLAR THROW is a wonderful, heartfelt story about the strength of friendship and family that can be enjoyed even by those who are not football fans. Mike Lupica scores a touchdown with his latest winning novel. --- Reviewed by Sarah Sawtelle

I chose this book because I love football. Nate Brodie is the 13 year old ...

By Tmt on Sep 01, 2014

I chose this book because I love football. Nate Brodie is the 13 year old star of his schools football team. He won a contest. He has a chance to win $1,000,000. He has to throw the football through the target during half time at a Patriots game on Thanksgiving. This gave Nate an opporunityto help his friends and famly after his father lost his job and his best friend is going blind. There was only one problem, the closer Nate got to the big throw the worse he got during his school football teams. This book was very interesting to read. If you want to know if Nate won the $1,000,000., you will need need to read this book!!

Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

By Yana V. Rodgers on Nov 03, 2009

Not only did thirteen-year-old Nate Brodie have an extraordinary throwing arm, he also had a deep sense of compassion and empathy. So when his best friend Abby started to lose her vision to a retinal disease, Nate struggled desperately to support her in any way he could. When Nate's father lost his job at the large commercial real estate company and both his parents had to take on multiple lower-paying jobs, Nate did his best to accept their new schedules and the difficulties they had making it to his games. He could even come to terms with the placement of their house on the market because of the pressure his family was under, pressure his dad blamed on "never having enough money and starting to think you're never going to have enough again." When Nate won a raffle giving him a chance to win a million dollars by throwing a football through a target at an upcoming Patriots game, he realized the prize money could solve all his family's financial problems. Everyone around him knew he had the raw talent to make that throw, but Nate started losing confidence when he allowed all the worries and the pressure to get inside his head and in the way of his magic arm. How would he make that million-dollar throw if he could not even keep his position as starting quarterback on the school team? This riveting sports novel is bound to grab the attention of young readers seeking strong characters and an interesting plot. Thrown into the mix is an important lesson in economics related to the constraints placed by a tighter budget on a family's purchasing power and ability to spend time with each other. The book will undoubtedly meet the high standards that kids now expect from a Mike Lupika novel.

It's okay

By Lil' Bauce Boy on Jan 24, 2014

This book is very good at times. It's kinda obvious, and it's not Lol worthy, but not crying worthy. The book just kinda goes through the parts pretty fast. It's good, but as my second time reading it, not good enough. "Lil' Bauce Boy is Bauce"- Everyone in the world says.

A great book

By Tyler on Aug 11, 2014

Mike Lupica is my favorite author because most of his book are about believing. In this case it is a thirteen year old boy who gets picked out of a raffle to try to win a million dollars by making a football go through a 28 inch hole. My favorite part about it is that there is a girl named Abby who is losing her seeing ability. Will Nate win all the prize money?What will he use the money for? Find out when you read Million Dollar Throw.

one in a million

By Kiki Booker on Nov 08, 2009

What a great story! As usual I got this book for a gift but ended up reading it myself. I then went out and bought extra copies because I know family and friends will want to be sure "Nate" comes home for the holidays. Even NY Giant fans will like this story. Hopefully the movie is not far behind.

Story misses mark.

By S.k. on Aug 21, 2014

Obvious to write, but Iike an errant pass, story misses its mark. Not enough football and too much loss, sorrow, and suffering of the protagonist and those close to him. Star QB is in passing slump as various increasingly depressing life events of those around him present challenges to him, a slump which goes on for meticulously described game after meticulously described game after meticulously described game after meticulously described game.

million dollar read

By on Apr 02, 2010

I thought Million Dollar throw was a classic Lupica novel. It contains deep themes and brilliant diction. It presents a traditional man verses self conflict. It was great how Nate pushed through his problems and all his distractions. Abby going blind symbolizes not only how her life is changing but Nate's as well.

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Million-Dollar Throw and it was written by Mike Lupica. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Nov 16, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $7.99. It was published by Puffin and has a total of 272 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 0142415588 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780142415580. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.