National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe

National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe
, (Editor), (Foreword)
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National Geographic Society
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A lavishly illustrated guide to the universe combines the efforts of an award-winning author and NASA experts, offering a timeline of important space events, an easy-to-use glossary, and a planetarium, observatory, and museums listing. 10,000 first printing.

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National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe is THE best solar system book. I never really thought anything of the Universe, and the planets, until I found this book! It is amazing! It answers questions my science teacher couldn't answer. It gives detailed, understandable information, with beautiful pictures! After reading this, I can name some of the planet's moons, and how many a planet has! I feel like I know tons more than I ever did about the solar system, and Our Universe!!

Perfect for a child's imagination


When I was a child, I would borrow this book from the library as often as I could. It really sparked my interest in the solar system and space in general. Even though the information in the book is considered out-of-date, I believe it is still relevant today. It can stir anyone's interest in astronomy!

Jarringly beautiful


Besides my own copy, I have never seen another one of these books. It's a shame really, because this book combines information and illustration in the way only National Geographic can. The nine planets of our solar system make up the majority of text material here, which goes a long way in preserving the shelf life of this book. Our Universe begins with a brief history of astronomy entitled from 'Sun Gods to Gamma Rays' and is written in a manner accessible for all ages. Gallant then proceeds to examine our solar system piece by piece, beginning with the sun and then the orbiting planets. Each planet is given its own chapter, complete with graphs of orbital patterns, atmospheric qualities and actual photographs if available. Stunning artwork is peppered throughout, and in my opinion makes this book a treasure. Finally, Our Universe includes chapters on comets, asteroids and meteors, and the various galaxies outside our own Milky Way. It's a book that everyone can enjoy. Adults might learn something new, and the artwork will garner interest in kids to learn more about our universe.

Our Universe: One amazing book.


This book has fascinated me since I was in the third grade. All of the colorful illustrations and easy to read facts taught me a great deal about the Universe that I am a part of. I must have checked this book out at least twenty times between the third and fifth grade. This book is a must for children or adults who want to learn more about astronomy.

The most imaginative introduction to the world of astronomy.

My father used to read sections of this book to my brother and I every night before bed when we were small. Through the wonderful text and outstanding pictures, a love affair w/ astronomy and the search for truth in this reality was set into motion. No other book is as emotive or manages to capture the imagination as well.



I got this book when I was 4, and I still adore it. I read it so many times it literally fell apart. It's out of date, but still wonderful! One of my favorite things about this book is the speculation on what alien species might look like, and how they would live on the planets and moons in our solar system.

Clearly communicated and brilliantly illustrated


I found this book recently at a flea market and quickly bought it. I remember reading this with intense interest as a youngster at my local library. I loved it as a kid and I still love this book after reading it from cover to cover as an adult. The book is written in accessible language. The book is systematic and orderly. There are sections on the planets, stars, constellations, meteors and comets, space travel, etc. One of the highlights of this book are the great illustrations. There are beautiful artist depictions of certain planets and moons. For example, there was a vivid lightning storm in the upper section of Jupiter's atmosphere. There are fascinating actual pictures, such as the surface of Venus. This book has it all. There are wonderful graphs and charts. The scale of the space objects is readily understandable. There are beautiful references to Roman and Greek mythology that was the origin of a lot of the names of planets and moons. This book would be of value to youngsters who desire to learn basic information about the universe. Some of the editions are a bit dated, but most of the information included still has great validity to the present day. This is a great visual educational tool and the narrative is compelling as well. For a child of the 80's like myself, it was a dream come true to find this treasure of a book and add it to my personal library.

An Absolute


During library hours, every week as a child, I rushed to this read Our Universe. With it's easy to understand content, and fascinating ideas is the foundation to my most prized possession. Imagination. Give this gift to every child of 8, and watch her or his mind grow even beyond the scope of television.

Great Book


I had this book when I was a kid and used to spend hours reading it over and over with wonder and imagination. It is what peaked my interest in our Solar System and teaching me how small we really are. My 7 year old son has recently started to take an interest in astronomy and I thought of this book immediately. I looked for it all over and was not able to locate, however thanks to Google and Amazon, I was able to find it here! I quickly added to the cart and ordered it for him as a suprise. I know he too will get as much joy out of this book as I did when I was a child and look forward to reading through it with him. I cannot recommend this book enough. I would love to see and updated version of this due to all we have learned since original publication.

The book that played a huge role in my childhood...


I recently took a college Astronomy class and was amazed how much of the information I already knew from reading Our Universe when I was very young. Our Universe absolutely captivated me as a child. I used to read this book nearly every day. I was in love with all of the beautiful pictures and it is incredibly educational. Although it is outdated, there is a great amount of correct information. This is definitely a must have for every child. I don't believe I would appreciate astronomy so much if I had never had exposure to this book. Everyone should have Our Universe in their book collections, especially every child who is fascinated by astronomy. I hope you all love it as much as I did. :)

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