National Geographic Traveler: Romania

National Geographic Traveler: Romania
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With its historic cities, rolling mountains, villages, and rejuvenating spas, Romania is realizing its appeal as a travel destination. National Geographic's all-new Traveler guide explores every region of this intriguing country, from Bucharest to Oltenia and its painted monasteries to the Apuseni Mountains, celebrated for their limestone formations and underground rivers, to Transylvania's medieval towns.

Each guidebook in this series details how to get around and what not to miss... the most gracious hotels and recommended restaurants... the best spots for festivals, wildlife watching, water sports, and more—all presented with the reliable reporting and magnificent photos and maps that are the hallmarks of National Geographic.

Customer Book Reviews

Great Book despite shortcomings


It's great to see a book on Romania published by the prestigious National Geographic. There are many attractive pictures, maps and travel ideas and it is overall a great resource for someone who is introduced to this East European country. However, as an amateur photographer and someone who lived and traveled through Romania for many years, I have to point out 2 cons. First, the book is very much oriented towards the old and traditionalism, and you will have a hard time finding any buildings built after WW2, yet alone after the fall of communism (1989). I love the old yet it would have been nice to see at least a few pages dedicated to the more modern facade of Romania. To some degree, it feels like a National Geographic Magazine from the 60s. Second, I am very surprised at some of the choices for photographs. As a prime example the village of Vinga is represented by an ordinary church when it has one of the most famous and impressive churches in Western Romania - a huge Bulgarian Cathedral. Arad, a city of close to 200,000 which used to be called "little Vienna" due to its architecture, gets one picture: a glimpse of a local market.



Excellent guidebook. Thorough information, beautiful pictures by Steve Weinberg and interesting articles about culture (music, resistance fighters, Constantin Brancusi, myths, mining, fauna, healing waters, romanian art, gypsies, winemaking). It features a guided walk of old Bucharest, a few driving tours across the countryside (Muntenia, Oltenia, Transylvania, Banat, Maramures and Moldavia) and boat tour of the Danube Delta. I'm giving it 4 starts because the only city map featured is that of Bucharest. It includes some logistics details and lodging/dining options, but I always check the Internet for the latest news about that. All in all, a great guidebook.

best tour guide for the country


best tour guide for the country. Read it carefully before going and decide by what you read what to visit and what to leave for another visit. Read the travelwize part where it reminds you of the fact that even short distances will kill a lot of hours due to the roads. Use the book and you will be rewarded.

National Geographic Traveler: Romania


Have a SPECIAL friend in Romania! And this handbook is THE BEST guide I have in my research collection...use it often!!!

Natuional Geographic Traveler, Romania


Booklet looks VERY interesting, BUT - its type size is too small for me to read comfortably, so I haven't read much of it. It would be helpful if Amazon could display a few pages of its books or list the individual songs included on CDs it sells. I'd enjoy this book more printed in larger type! J. Pierce

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