Nautier and Wilder

Nautier and Wilder
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Lora Leigh
Jaci Burton
Berkley Trade
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First there was Nauti and Wild. Now, New York Times bestselling authors Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton go one step further. Can you take it?

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh returns to the relentlessly scorching backdrop of her Nauti Boys series with an all-new novella of a man—bad to the bone—and the one woman who knew he was trouble. That’s why she couldn’t let him go.

New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton once again blisters the asphalt with an all-new novella in her Wild Riders series. A hot biker craves a life of passion and danger—and finds it with the woman he’s sworn to protect.

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Both are more romantic suspense than erotic. Series: "Nauti Siren" (Nauti Girls, 2; Nauti Boys, 8) "Riding to Sunset (Wild Riders, 6 & last) My Take - in General Both stories are sweet enough with some violence and nicely written sex., but I don't think either lives up to previous stories in either series, hence the "3". The Stories Lora Leigh's "Nauti Siren" is Piper Mackay's story with Jedediah Booker, a friend and fellow agent of Dawg's. Seems Piper is finally fed up with Dawg, Rowdy, and Natches' overprotectiveness and when the opportunity comes, she's gone. I felt that Leigh was both reaching for an excuse to get this story over with AND, at the same time, breaking out of the usual issues with new troubles. I know, contradictory. I liked that Piper's problems didn't revolve around her father's, Chandler Mackay's, plots, but I did feel as if Nauti Siren was more of a character to be checked off the list because Leigh didn't develop this. Yes, I realize this is a short story, however, it is possible to develop an entire story within its fewer pages. Instead Leigh, oops, I mean Piper, spent most of her time whining about how irritating Dawg was about protecting her. The fashion designer who invites her to New York, the mob guys coming after her, Piper's own aspirations, the danger at the Inn, the wrap-up---even Piper's final realization get short shrift. We learn just enough so that there appears to be a story revolving around the complaining. Even her relationship with Jed comes second to the grumbling. We do learn one interesting, and out of character [for Dawg]: seems Dawg's so pissed at Homeland Security for what they did to Mercedes and the girls that he's hiding Chandler's assets from them. What's the deal with the unset stones anyway? Why bother to smuggle them when they're duty-free anyway? As for the sex, we've come to expect in Leigh's Nauti Boys series, this is tamer. I don't know if it's a double standard, or that the Mackay boys are so good at preventing it, but it's standard romantic suspense sex. The Nauti Siren Characters Piper Mackay is Mercedes' second oldest, a twenty-four-year-old virgin who loves to design clothes, and she's been attracted to Jedediah Booker, a supposed builder working contracts in Somerset, Kentucky, for a few years now. He's learned the hard way to accept her independence. Elijah Grant is one of his partners. Eve is the oldest sister, and she's engaged to Brogan Campell, another partner, (see Nauti Temptress (Nauti Girls, #1; Nauti, #7)). Mercedes is the girls' mother and she operates Mackay's Bed-and-Breakfast Inn; Timothy Cranston, the supposedly retired Homeland Security agent, is her lover. The two youngest sisters, Lyrica and Zoey, are close to breaking as well. Dawg Mackay is a brother the Mackay girls recently discovered. He's married to Christa and they have a baby coming---although Dawg doesn't know yet. Rowdy McKay is married to Kelly; Natches is married to Chaya. Eldon Vessante is a fashion designer in New York City who mentors promising new talent. John Broecun is the huge bodyguard/butler at Vessante's estate; turns out he has quite the reputation. Amy Seavers is one of Piper's clients; Gypsy Seavers is the sister, and a former Marine, who helps out. Rudy Genoa is a mob boss who needs to placate the Russians. He's also Marlena Genoa's uncle whose plot to kill John Walker Jr. backfired due to the Mackays. Chester is the manager at a car rental agency who screwed up. Andre is Rudy's son; Nate Ryan is Andre's best friend and partner. Jones Morley is an ex-boxer who works for Genoa. Danny is Genoa's driver. Dennis should be the best choice to go after Piper. Marcel is the emissary between Rudy and Boris Cheslav, the Russian mob boss. Bret Jordan, Matt Grace, and Olivia Camfield help Piper at the hotel. Guido and Rhylan Samson are staying at the Inn. Jaci Burton's "Riding to Sunset" finds General Grange wih some family problems and he taps the newest recruit, Jed Templeton, for help. This would have made a bit more sense if she'd titled it "Riding into the Sunset" since it's all about retirement at the end. Burton did a nice job developing the story from start to finish, even though the sudden love interest was simply dumped in to get it over with. Yes, I'm being snarky since Leigh couldn't be bothered to develop her story at all! I do like the sound of Elena's shop, Eclectic Designs---all that beach and water design---yum! And, of course, I'm a sucker for art. I'd love to see that dolphin!! If Bishop was supposed to be a red herring, it needed more developing. I did like the sudden twist when Elena suddenly started questioning everything. The Riding into the Sunset Characters Elena Madison operates a jewelry and art shop on the beach somewhere in Florida; Carla Madison is her mother and the General's sister. Marco is Elena's employee. Jed Templeton is the newest Wild Rider recruit via the military then the FBI. General Grange Lee commands the Wild Riders: a group of Harley-riding operatives. Some of the crew makes enough of an appearance to "say" goodbye: Mac and Lily (she's pregnant), Diaz and Jessie, and Spence. Todd Bishop is part of the business association and fancies himself as a ladies' man. Paco, Mitzie Winfield, and Amanda are all friends of Carla's. Pete Northram is an old friend of Grange's; Dina is the wife who died. The Cover The cover is a deep royal blue with a shirtless hunk, thumbs tucked into the front pockets of his jeans, standing in front of a motorcycle, both emerging from the fog surrounding them. The title is an amalgam of their series' names: Nautier and Wilder, just with a bit more oomph since they've already been simply Nauti and Wild.

NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed


~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog "NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed, full of suspense but chocked full of HEAT." ~Under the Covers This was such a highly anticipated anthology for me...I've waited YEARS!!!! YEARS!!!!! At the time, I was not ready to let go of either of these series. And of course, these two awesome ladies didn't disappoint. NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed, full of suspense but chocked full of HEAT. Nauti Siren by Lora Leigh This actually felt like a novella in the Nauti Girls series, even though it's listed as a Nauti story. Piper McKay is one of the long lost MacKay sisters that resurfaced in NAUTI TEMPTRESS. Piper has taken up Eve's room at the B&B, even though there's an undeniable attraction between her and long term resident at the B&B, Jed Booker. What she doesn't know is Jed is not what he seems but an undercover agent. Meanwhile, Piper gets an opportunity to escape to NY to maybe showcase her fashion designs when things turn sour and she ends up finding trouble. NAUTI SIREN was a lot more enjoyable to me than NAUTI TEMPTRESS. Piper was likeable, Jed was hot, the story had some meat to it and the sex was off the charts HOT!'s more like classic Lora Leigh that I've known and loved! And for that I'm happy. I cannot wait now for the next Nauti Girls book. Riding to Sunset by Jaci Burton This was the story I didn't know I was missing to the WILD RIDERS series. And I mean that because I was happy with how Ms. Burton ended things in the last book in the series. But this ties it all with a nicer bow. I can't say this was the strongest story of the series, but it gives us the final chapter on how the Wild Riders are now definitely going to move on and maybe get new members because General Grange Lee is now retiring and along with that, the members will probably follow suit. In this story, it's all about the General. He has a sister he's kept hidden to protect her, and she's been kidnapped. He now suspects his niece, Elena, will be the next target and he sends the rookie of the team, Jed Templeton, to get close to her and protect her. Of course, he wasn't counting on Jed falling in love in the process. This story had just a little bit less heat than Lora Leigh's but it was still very sexy, but also the resolution of the problem and who was after the General was a nice twist. The ending itself and how easy they got rid of the bad guy was sort of anti-climactic but overall, I enjoyed the story a lot. I think this was the perfect hook into getting back to the Nauti Girls and the perfect way to let go of the Wild Riders. Although I can secretly harbor hope that there will be a whole new breed of Wild Riders to be formed now that these guys are done....Maybe? Although both stories are part of a series, I think they would both work well as standalones. After all, it was the original NAUTI AND WILD that introduced me to Jaci Burton, so it holds a special place in my heart. *ARC provided by publisher

"Nautier and Wilder is the perfect summer read!"


"Nauti Siren" by Lora Leigh Piper McKay is excited about a new opportunity. In order for her to pursue it she must go to New York City. Piper knows that her brother Dawg McKay will not let her out of his sight. With all of the danger in Dawg's past and present he is reluctant to let the people he loves go without his protection. Jedediah Booker is undercover and practically in love with Piper. When she sneaks off and finds trouble its Jed to the rescue. He rescues her and then lays claim to her, but will he be able to protect her from the danger headed her way? More importantly, can he seduce her? "Nauti Siren" is a hot fast-paced romance with plenty of sex and action. Piper and Jedediah steam up the pages with their intense chemistry. I actually enjoyed "Nauti Siren" more than the first Nauti Girls novel. The drama in "Nauti Siren" is thrilling and the story moves so quickly it keeps the reader engaged. "Riding to Sunset" by Jaci Burton Jed Templeton is the newest Wild Rider. He is assigned possibly the most important assignment ever. General Lee's sister is missing and he needs Jed to protect his niece. Only Jed never counted on falling for the beautiful Elena. Elena Madison loves her art gallery. It's her passion; so, when it's vandalized her heart is broken. Thankfully a handsome stranger comes to her rescue but it doesn't take her long to discover that there is more to Jed than meets the eye. Will Elena and Jed find love or will danger find them first? "Riding to Sunset" is a fantastic romance from author Jaci Burton. Jed and Elena are positively riveting. I could not get enough of this couple. I just love them. I was really pleased with the action in "Riding to Sunset" as well. Burton keeps her Wild Riders fresh and ravishing. Nautier and Wilder is an excellent romance. Fans of Leigh and Burton will not be disappointed by this anthology. The sex is sizzling and the storytelling is superb. Nautier and Wilder is the perfect summer read! Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed

Great Read


I loved this book, matter of Fact I love the whole series Jaci did really good and i am excited for the next installment for this series. I love that family and the girls have some learning to do when it comes to their safety and what they will do to make sure they are safe. I love dawg, natches, and rowdy; I wish I had them around when growing up they sound sexy as hell lbs.

Great Authors!


I really enjoyed this book. It was a combination of some of my favorite authors. I really enjoyed this book.

Great Love Story


I liked the fact that the characters wound up all becoming family in the end. Just wish the two main characters would have gone as far as marriage.

Nautier and Wilder


the combination of authors, both Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton made for exceptional reading! Enjoyed this book a lot. Wouldn't mind more from either author!



I love this author and the nauti series. Great balance of suspense and fantasy in all of her books! Get it now, this series is on fire :)

Great Book / Author


Love Lora Leigh & Jaci Burton. I would recommend any of their books to those who like the erotic stories. I have read alot of their books.

girls rule


it was as exciting as the others and like the boys etc are in the story lines too! keep them coming and ill keep reading!

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