Northern Light: A contunuation of North & South

Northern Light: A contunuation of North & South
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Sometimes described as the female Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell's classic novel, North and South, dealt with issues of class, feminism, social reform and the plight of the working classes, entwining those themes seamlessly with a timeless romance between Margaret Hale and John Thornton. Northern Light is a continuation of that novel which sees John and Margaret embarking on their lives together whilst working to improve the lives of their work force. With the threat of another strike, a series of bad mill accidents, a lethal fire and failed speculation, life in Milton is not easy for anyone and it won't be long before the mill masters and their workers clash once more, with devastating consequences. Getting married and starting a family is difficult enough at the best of times but for John and Margaret, married life will present unique challenges and despite the reforms they are making, even they will not escape Milton's troubles unscathed.

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I loved BBC series North and South and wanted a continuation. But the author in updating the relationship between Margaret and John went beyond the credible. I understand updating relationship for modern readers, but what women can even imagine a woman having a baby and a week later wanting sex with her husband! Come on even in the 21 century that is ridiculous. Also the day after she gives birth she takes a warm bath and her husband wants to watch. Author must have spent no time experiencing or researching the realities of childbirth. The storyline about the model factory village is the best part of the book.

Northern Light


This sequel by Catherine Winchester for the novel "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell completely lost the flavor of the latter story. I wasn't even able to finish the book, it was so not worth reading.

A good follow up to North and South


I'm glad I did not read the reviews for this before I bought it, otherwise I would not have bought it. I like it a lot. Hannah and Margaret becoming friends was more like the Margaret in the movie production.

definitely not my cup of tea


That was my first and last attempt to read a sequel of a classic book. It just taught me that, as much as I long to continue reading about characters I deeply love, it's way better just to keep them in my fantasy and stick to the image I've got from the original author. The way the Thorntons' story was described just didn't match with my expectations in any aspect. I found the writing style very boring and the characters' development not believable.

I've read worse


I liked this sequel although I agree there were several unrealistic parts: Margaret recovered unrealistically quickly from childbirth. I didn't understand why John left Margaret and the doctor alone so often and why he was ready to just let her go. And the part about why he thought the baby was causing eclampsia was a real stretch. But in spite of these lapses I did enjoy this version. It was nice to see Hannah and Margaret become friends. I've read several sequels that were much worse. The best version is the BBC mini-series with Danielle Denby-Ashe and the perfectly cast Richard Armitage. When in doubt watch that!

very very boring


I have got this book because of good reviews but it is so boring and hard to keep reading. I understand that writer tried to tell life of common people but characters have so boring life style. I forced myself to finish book because grammatically it is well written and I am not native speaker so I thought I can learn something from it and I guess did. Honestly, I wouldn't purchase it, if it wasn't free.

One of best sequels sp far


Like the plot and new characters developed and introduced. Wasn't soapy or mashy like some of the other attempts to move the story forward.




I enjoyed reading it very much


This book was well written. I enjoyed reading it very much. As i read I could see the actors who played in the series. Richard Armitage will always be John Thornton. Great Read!!!!

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