Now or Never

Now or Never
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Bruce Hart
Carole Hart
Avon Books (Mm)
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Customer Book Reviews

somewhat disappointing...

After watching the movie Sooner or Later starring Rex Smith and Denise Miller, the sequel books are a bit disappointing, especially with the character of Michael Skye,(played by Rex Smith). I found the onscreen character and the book character different as night and day. Michael was portrayed as a shy,sexy somewhat lonely young man in the movie version which I found extremely appealing especially when he decided that he did want to make it work with Jessie despite the age difference. Rex Smith made Michael come alive but the book version does not do the character justice. Now or Never is set three years after Waiting Games. Jessie is ready to graduate high school and is trying to get over losing Michael when he returns to Englewood under secretive circumstances which come out a little later in the book. Michael asks Jessie to forgive him for leaving her and also asks if they can be friends but Jessie is having a hard time coping due to her intense passion and love for him. It is too hard to "just be friends" when you love someone this much. I did not feel that Michael really appreciated the love Jessie had for him and in my opinion, she was the only person who truly cared for him. The ending was too abrupt and left too many doors open on what happened to these two star crossed lovers. ALthough I enjoyed the trilogy of stories, Jessie and Michael are not finished. I would seriously recommend that the Harts finish this story and redeem Michael by portraying him as the good loving person he was in Sooner of Later.

the ONLY romances I enjoy are the Harts'!


My sister just stumbled across this book and lent it to me. Even while out to dinner with the family, I was regretting not bringing the book with me to finish reading it. These books (Sooner or Later, Waiting Games, and now Now or Never) were captivating, and even tho I first read them as a teenager (i'm 30 now -- eeps!) I love them still. i personally don't think that the saga is complete; what do you say, Bruce and Carole?

Put a finish on it...


The book end somewhat abruptly and we are left hanging on whether a fourth book will conclude the story. The Harts have yet to write this fourth book, so I am begging. Please put a finish on it!!! The story picks up as Jessie is now about to graduate from high school and head off to college. Michael returns to town and turns her world upside down all over again. She's hurt and angry at him for just leaving her four years ago so he could pursue his dreams of being a rock star. Now he's back, and wants to know if they could be friends because he could really use some. Jessie is torn, how could you just be friends with someone you loved with all your heart, who broke it by abandoning you without a word or a look back. This third book gets very gritty and is more realistic than the first two. Foul language is sprinkled throughout and it has a more adult context. I wouldn't exactly recommend it to younger readers. We have a more grown up Jessie, whose fairy tale ideals of love have been crushed by Michael's abandonment. Don't expect her to be the naive, sweet teen of books one and two. Michael's also changed, he's more subdued, more unsure of himself. He lost his confidence and seems somewhat broken and piteable. It's a good read, but you will definitely want more when you reach the end. I couldn't wait for the Harts to write a book four, so I wrote my own conclusion to their story. BTW, I agree that the selling price of this book is ridiculous! I just made copies of my book for a friend who refused to pay the extortion fee!

Not only for teens :)


I was reading the reviews and found them amusing because I too read the trilogy when I was a teenager. I decided recently to re-read them and they are as wonderful as they were back then. I stumbled accross these reviews quite by accident though because what I was looking for was a FOURTH book which to my dismay does not exist...if Bruce and Carol Hart are reading this, please make another book!!! The story of Jessie and Michael just isn't finished yet...

Now Or Never - Don't just keep us hanging


I am a big fan of the movie "Sooner or Later". I have had the movie since 2001. Now at a young 39 I watch it once in awhile just to remember my teen years. By the way, I saw it the first time when I was 14. I have recently purchased all three books and read them to cover to cover. When I finished Now or Never. The first thing that came out of my mouth was " NO, THAT CAN'T BE THE END " Please end the story of Michael and Jessie and let them live happily ever after.

Too Wonderful to Forget!!


I just paid almost 60.00 dollars for this book, which is crazy because I had all three and gave them away to a used book store about 10 years ago(age 31 then). A friend of mine bought the movie on DVD for me for my 41st birthday and I have been in Rex Smith heaven since. I will never part with these books again. The movie and the books make you remember and feel 13 again. I'm just as gitty, as happy, and believing in love again, like I used too. We know we can't go back, but how wonderful it is to remember!! As far as another sequel, that would be nice, but to me it ended just right and I know in my heart the love they had, is better than its ever been before!!

Waiting for Book # 4


Found out about 1 year ago that there was a sequel to Sooner or Later but my friend couldn't find her copy. Found out by looking on Amazon there were 2 sequels. I tried all over to locate Now or Never without having to buy it at a crazy price. Actually bought both sequels. I ended up buying Now or Never for a crazy price because I just wanted to read it. With the Characters being older they did seem alot different to me and I tried to identify them with the Movie and 1st two books but it was a bit hard. Why did it have to take a dark turn of events? I like that it ended with them trying to work things out and it left room for a sequel. I would really like to see a 4th book to finalize the whole story and this time more happy things not so melodramatic. I signed the online petition for this, hope it helps. Love the whole story of Michael and Jess. Want them to have the happy ending they deserve.

Not the best of the three books


The first two books in the trilogy (Sooner or Later, Waiting Games) are the best ones. In this book, Jessie comes across as an angry, much less sweet and innocent version of who she was before. She is definitely less endearing in "Now or Never". And Michael is so caught up in his recovery that he becomes self-pitying, boring and irritating. There is also quite a bit of foul language in the book, so some parents may not find it suitable for their teens to read it.

A More Mature Jessie and Michael


After buying the Sooner or Later DVD, I had to buy all three books. I read the first one as a teenager and did not know about the others. While Sooner or Later is light and Waiting Games is sad, Now or Never is somewhere in between. Jessie and Michael never got over each other, despite being separated for three years and living totally different lives. When Michael returns to Englewood after burning out as a rock star due to his drinking and drug use, he tries to stay sober and be "only friends" with Jessie. Is this possible for both of them? The characters had to change and grow up...after all, we do not act the same as we did when we were fourteen! Despite Micheal's bumpy road to recovery, you can still see his love for Jessie and his gentle nature come through. Jessie still loves Michael, but has grown up and is not as starstruck as she was at thirteen. They are different, but their feelings are still the same. While other reviewers think the story is not finished, I think it comes full circle. While there could be a fourth book taking the story further, Bruce died in 2006 so that will probably not happen.

Not Fully Satisfying


The way the author chose to wrap up the story isn't satisfying and feels like a let down from the grand beginnings. Still a nice read if you need to know what happens to the couple.

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