Pharmaceutical Calculations 13th edition

Pharmaceutical Calculations 13th edition
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Product Description

The Thirteenth Edition of Pharmaceutical Calculations represents a thorough update of this textbook, which for over six decades has met the needs of students in this subject area. This edition's Introduction presents a stepwise approach in solving calculations problems. Each chapter of this edition includes learning objectives that direct the student's focus and provide a basis for self-assessment following completion. Coverage includes new material in areas such as e-prescriptions, medication orders in nursing homes, hospice care, patient self-administration of analgesia, intravenous infusion rate calculations for the critical care patient, and patient conversions to alternative treatment plans.

A companion Website includes the fully searchable text and an interactive quiz bank with more pharmaceutical calculation review problems.

Customer Book Reviews

Needs Solutions Manual


One major drawback: There is no solutions manual. Granted, the answers are at the ends of chapters, and this is all right for the most part. But there are some questions for which a simple answer is inadequate. Either the chapter lesson leaves the student unprepared to answer the question, or the wording of the question is ambiguous, so the student has to work backwards from the answer. A book of highly technical calculations, especially by the 13th edition should have a solutions manual.

Not that good of a book.


This book in my opinion is a waste of money. It's poorly written, the expamples in each chapter are nothing like examples given in classroom setting, the author uses his own method of solving problems. The end of chapter exercises are pointless to do because they only provide the answer and not how they got to the answer.

Professors: Please read


If you are a professor choosing a textbook for your pharmaceutical calculations class, I would strongly suggest looking for another book. I am currently in a pharm calc course, and this is our book. The explanations are simply not there for how to solve the problems in this book, which is somewhat okay until you get past everyday dosage/qty type calculations that any pharmacy employee can do in his/her head. There has to be a better textbook out there. Keep looking.

Ansel's pharmaceutical calculations 13th edition


the book is ok sometimes but most of the time it's only the answers at the end of the chapters and not how to do them. there are many problems I have to work on for a long time and look at other texts just to solve. The chapters are inadequate to solve some of the end of chapter problems without further help or rigorous contemplation.

Really helpful


I am a pharmacy school student and this book really comes in handy for all the calculations and the step by step approach to solve them. Will be useful even after school is over!

Great Pharmaceutical Mathbook


This book helped a lot in our Pharmaceutics class. Though it was not required as a textbook I did find it helpful to explain a lot of the calculations in class and showed a lot of more helpful ways to do Pharmaceutical calculations than was shown in class. Very straightforward and easy to understand the methods they show in the book.



Numerous problems to sharpen your calculation skills, examples geared toward real life situations, recommended for pharmacy students in any year, p1-p4

Great Calculations Book


Great book, great price! You really can't go wrong! I highly recommend this product - be sure to pick on up! It will help you in your pharmacy career.

Great Book


It was easy to follow and very helpful. Also, half of the answers are in the back which makes it easy to see if you are on the right track.

Pharm Calculations


A good book overall to have to study for calculations class and for the NAPLEX exam. For the price it is worth the investment to purchase and keep to study for the NAPLEX. Or for those who don't want to purchase it, or decide to return it, make sure you keep your notes from the calculations course to reveiw (if needed) for that section of the NAPLEX.

pharmacy calculations


This is the book utilized to teach pharmacy calculations to future pharmacists. It is a book that will explain the concepts and basic understandings required to perform pharmaceutical calculations.

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