Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
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Gives a fresh and modern approach to the field. It is a textbook on the principles of the theory, its mathematical framework and its first applications. It constantly refers to modern and practical developments, tunneling microscopy, quantum information, Bell inequalities, quantum cryptography, Bose-Einstein condensation and quantum astrophysics. The book also contains 92 exercises with their solutions.

Customer Book Reviews

Very Clear


This is one of the best books I read about the topic. I don't have much time to write now. Just don't take too much care about what engineers say about books for physicists! By the way, the book is rich in examples and very useful exercises plus solutions.

OK text for undergraduate QM


Junior undergraduate spending a year working from this book here. First off the physical book: the cover of the first edition has a tendency to fall off; there was a fairly large portion of our class whose book lost half it's binding. As for the content itself, I wouldn't say that this is either the least or most informative textbook I've read. It follows the approach of pointing out how weird quantum is by pointing out problems in a classical approach. It then went into a fourier approach to working with wavefunctions, which seemed a confusing place to begin. There was a tendency to define terms far away from where they would actually be used (commutators were defined near the beginning, but not really used until chapter 7. In general, I would say that the explanations were somewhat muddled. The problems are reasonable, and most have something pointing in the direction of a solution in the back of the book. I wouldn't recommend it if one is looking for independent study of some sort, though it worked for a course.

Very clear book on quantum mechanics


This is a very clear and understandable book on quantum mechanics as compared to classics by Claude Cohen Tannoudji or Dirac. There are also quite a few informative historical tidbits and interesting applications. The companion volume Quantum Mechanics Solver is also good for learning how to solve practical problems in quantum mechanics.

Excellent Quantum Text, Terrible Binding Quality


I used this book in my undergraduate quantum course, and I believe it is an excellent text to learn quantum mechanics from. If you study the material from this book, you will be extremely well prepared to tackle the next tier of books like "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakauri. For that reason I have rated the book 5 stars, however the quality of the book itself is not up to the quality of the content. For half of the people in my class, myself included, the hardcover ripped off the pages. I take very good care of my books, so this was not the result of mistreatment. Our Professor emailed the publisher, and they offered to replace his copy, but not ours.

This is a fantastic textbook. The cover will fall off


This is a fantastic textbook. The cover will fall off, but between the prose and the problems, you will learn quantum mechanics. It's not easy, but it's interesting, and well put together. Except that it's literally not well put together.

The Worst book ever


This book has nothing. It's crap. I'm in my 4th year of electrical engineerings and this is the worst book I've read. Actually, I thought no book could be this bad! Just 1 example would have made this book better.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is Quantum Mechanics and it was written by Jean-Louis Basdevant, Jean Dalibard. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. This books publish date is Sep 19, 2005 and it has a suggested retail price of $129.00. It was published by Springer and has a total of 511 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 3540277064 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9783540277064. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.