SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 w/ MindTap Reader Printed Access Card

SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 w/ MindTap Reader Printed Access Card
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Cengage Learning
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Product Description

SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 (including MindTap Reader!*) offers a real-world approach to applying Microsoft Office 2010 skills. The Assessment portion of this powerful and easy to use software is designed to help assess students' proficiency of the Microsoft Office 2010 software applications, as well as Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9, and Outlook. The Training portion allows students to learn in the way that works best for them by reading, watching, or receiving guided help. The Projects portion allows students to work live-in-the-application on project-based assignments. *Please note: The MindTap Reader portion of this access code is valid for 180 days.

Customer Book Reviews

Not what I expected


This is the title and ISBN number my instructor gave me for this book for class. It arrived on time, and I have the access key, but I was also told that once I entered my access key into the SAM2010 website, I would be able to download the ebook that comes with it. So far there hasn't been a single link or helpful suggestion for me to get the ebook. I don't know what I'm going to do about class without proper lessons from the ebook, but I suppose at least I got my access code. Too bad, because this cost me nearly $80, and I thought I was getting the entire package. P.S.: The title is misleading. It says CD-ROM which indicates that this package comes with a CD disc, but when I opened my package, all that was inside was the access code.

Horrible book.


Unless you are completely oblivious to what a computer is and it works, you can find a more informative book. This book walks you through every minute step to doing even the most rudimentary of tasks. If you know how to turn your computer on, open programs, save programs, etc., then you don't need this book. If you're taking a class that requires it.. You can pass the class WITHOUT it. Unless the teacher grades on in book assignments. In which case I would still say, snap a photo of your classmates question pages. That's 2 or 3 pages per chapter.



Needed for school otherwise wouldn't buy this JUNK. Better price than the website and bookstore, but everything in the bookstore are priced horribly.

Cheaper than usual and great


I recieved it within 3 days and it works great and is exactly what I needed! It was worth it



A unique pleasure doing business with!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Excellent Product


I had to purchase this product for a college class, but I used this product to teach my kids how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is an excellent tool a teacher and student uses as a training program.

SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 w/ MindTap Reader...


It was in factory package when I got the kit. The books were brand new. The code was new too. I used the code for my college. Every thing worked out great. It was a good deal.



Code worked perfectly, than I realized I signed up for the wrong class.. fml. oh well, its easy, and I had no hassle putting the code in the computer!

Brand new


Book was brand new so no complaints there. But the book really isn't as book...its more like a workbook with loose pages so my son didn't particularly care for that aspect of it.

If your class requires you to buy this, drop the class


This entire system of 'learning' has you perform mind-numbing tasks on mundane things you already know about. the thing is, you are afforded no advantage in learning if you actually know what you are doing... let me explain: in any program (word, excel, whatever) there are Tons of different ways to get the same task done, this program will fail you if you don't do it their exact way (their preferred method is probably similar to the method your mother gets around a computer, inefficient/unintuitive/unnecessary). The bottom line is, the product fails to help you learn anything, and if your Prof plans on grading assignments through SAM, your gpa will suffer for it. I know excel very well, i knew it better than almost everyone in the class, but knowledge is clearly a hindrance! And if you are thinking, 'well, tha'ts ok, i don't really know my way around computers, i can learn something and this comment doesn't apply to me" all i can say is, i appreciate your unfounded optimism... Bottom line: ask people about the class you are taking that requires this product, it is in your best interest to skip that class (or switch your major if you can't!)

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Book Summary: The title of this book is SAM 2010 Assessment, Training, and Projects version 2.0 w/ MindTap Reader Printed Access Card and it was written by Course Technology. This particular edition is in a Printed Access Code format. This books publish date is Mar 30, 2011 and it has a suggested retail price of $134.95. It was published by Cengage Learning. The 10 digit ISBN is 1111958491 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781111958497. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.