Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers 2012 (Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue: U.S. Specialized)

Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers 2012 (Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue: U.S. Specialized)
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The 2012 edition features two impressive editorial enhancements and more than 9,000 value changes. The first is the addition of a new section listing the Colombia Consular overprints using the service established by established by the Sociedad Colombo-Alemana de Transportes Aereos (SCADTA). The second editorial enhancement is the reorganization of the listings for the two die types of the 2¢ 1903-08 Washington Shield stamps. The type I perforated and imperforate stamps are now Scott 319 and 320, respectively, and the type II stamps are Scott 319F and 320A, respectively. Error collectors will be pleased to note the addition of 20 new errors, some of which are carried over from the 2012 Vol. 1. Among the more impressive mistakes is a post-printing foldover on a pane of 8¢ Eisenhower stamps (Scott 1394) that yielded four new errors, including stamps printed on the gummed side, and stamps with all three colors and tagging missing.

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Four Stars

By Charles E Kestyn on Aug 25, 2014

It was just what I needed.

Fast service!!!

By Martha K. Roos on Sep 19, 2013

I was working on a project and realized my catolog was too old. This 2012 catalogue was in excellent condition and arrived very quickly. Thank You!

used catalogue in great shape

By David Kulak on Mar 21, 2013

This catalogue is nessary to properly define and price postage stamps. Scotts is known as the best refrence in the hobby.

Scott Specialized Catalogue

By Peter Groenendijk on Feb 18, 2013

Excalty what I expected. Thank you very much! What can I say more? This is about it, nothing more. Thanks. And I mean it!

This is a must have for the serious collector who wants to keep up with additions, deletions, & number changes ...

By D. Fowler on Mar 25, 2012

Things have come a long way since we simply added hinges to our stamps and stuck them in a Scott's Minuteman. All the while we were doing that there were those astute philatelists who were poring over the variations in stamps. One of the things I like about the Specialized are the commentaries and notations about individual stamps and their variations. For example, in this issue there is a special feature entitled, "Scott Recognizes the Two Dies of the 1903-08 2c Washington Shield Definitives as Major Numbers." They discuss the 599A/634A analogy, the new listings for Scott 319 and 320, and the die differences (type I and type II). Even with the side-by-side, five point examples it's hard to discern the differences. With the continual research, it's hard to keep up with everything, but the Scott Specialized does it's best to keep up with the latest "discoveries." There is a section in the lengthy introduction that lists the additions, deletions, and number changes between the 2010 and 2011 catalogues. Although not exactly an easily portable book, I've seen more than one person carry these catalogues to bourses to make sure they can reference what is available on the tables to what they need. For those unfamiliar with the catalogue, it is replete with full-color photographs, representations of local handstamped covers, advertisers from whom you can purchase philatelic needs, etc., etc. I'm going to lay out a basic table of contents as of this time you cannot search inside the book. TABLE OF CONTENTS Expertising Services (8A) Addresses of philatelic societies (9A) Information on catalogue values, grade and condition (10A) Grading illustrations (11A) Catalogue values for stamps on covers (13A) Catalogue listing policy (15A) Understanding the listings (16A) Scott numbering practices and special notices (18A) Postmasters General of the United States (20A) Basic stamp information (21A) Territorial and statehood dates (41A) Domestic letter rates (43A) Domestic air mail letter rates (44A) Definitive issues identifier (45A) Subject index of regular, commemorative and air post issues (75A) 2012 U.S. Specialized additions, deletions & number changes (87A) Scott Stamp Values: U.S. Specialized by Grade (309) Special Feature articles for the 2012 edition (56, 368) Index to Advertisers (1131) Dealer Directory Yellow Pages (1132) UNITED STATES Air post stamped envelopes & air letter sheets (UC) (598) Air post first day covers (415) Air post postal cards (UXC) (627) Air post semi-official stamps (CL) (366) Air post special deliver (CE) (366) Air post stamps (C) (355) Booklet panes, booklets (BK) (417) Carrier's stamps (LO, LB) (538) Certified mail stamp (FA) (375) Christmas seals (WX) (909) Commemorative Panels (CP) (872) Commemorative stamps, quantities issued (532) Computer vended postage (CVP) (514) Die & Plate proofs (-P) (826) Duck (Hunting permit) stamps (Federal) (705) Duck (Hunting permit) stamps (State and Indian Reservation) (736) Encased postage stamps (EP) (917) Envelopes and wrappers (U, W) (571) Essays (-E) (751) 1861 First Design Essays and Trial Color Proofs (825) First day covers, postage, semi-postal, air post (394) Imperforate flat plate coil stamps (-H, -V) (531) International reply coupons (IRC) (883) Local stamps (L, LU) (542) Local handstamped covers (567) Newspaper and periodical stamps (PR) Offices in China (K) (378) Official envelopes & wrappers (UO, WO) (602) Official postal cards (UZ) (629) Official seals (OXF, OXA, OX, LOX) (885) Official stamps (O) (379) Parcel post postage due stamps (JQ) (391) Parcel post stamps (Q) (375) Non-Personable Postage (526) Personal Computer Postage 517) Postage (4) Postage currency (PC) (920) Postage due stamps (J) (375) Postal cards (UX, UY) (375) Computer vended (CVUX) (513) Postal insurance stamps (QI) (392) Postal markings (35A) Postal note stamps (PN) (390) Postal savings mail (O) (385) Postal savings stamps (PS) (742) Postal savings envelopes (UO) (602) Postal stationary (571) Postmasters' provisionals (X, XU) (1) Confederate States (921) Post office seals (OXF, OXA, OX, LOX) (885) Proofs (-P) (826) Quantities issued, Commemorative stamps (532) Registry Exchange Labels (FX (374) Registration stamp (F) (374) Revenue Stamps (631) Beer (REA) (631) Boating (RVB) (655) Camps\ Stamps (RVC) (702) Cigarette tubes (RH) (703) Consular service fee (RK) (667) Cordials & Wines (RE) (653) Customs fee (RL) (667) Distilled spirits excise tax (RX) (703) Documentary (R) (636) Duck (Hunting permit, Federal RW) (705) Duck (Hunting permit, State & Indian Reservation) (736) Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper (RM-RN) (668) Fermented fruit juice (REF) (660) Firearms transfer (RY) (704) Future delivery (RC) (648) General (R) (631) Hunting permit, Federal (RW) (705) State & Reservations (714) Marihuana tax (RJM) (6660 Match & Medicine (RO, RS) (676) Motor vehicle use (RV) (702) Narcotic tax (RJA) (665) Playing cards (RF) (660) Virgin Islands (Danish West Indies (RFV) (961) Potato tax (RI) (664) Private die proprietary (RO-RU) (676) Proprietary (RB) (646) Rectification (RZ) (704) Rectified spirits, Puerto Rico (RE) (991) Revenue stamped paper (RM-RN) (671) Silver tax (RG) (662) Stock transfer (RD) (648) Tobacco sale tax (RJ) (664) Trailer permit (RVT) (703) Wines (RE) (653) R.F. Overprints (CM) (371) Sanitary Fair stamps (WV) (915) Savings stamps (S, PS) (742) Treasury savings stamps (TS) (744) War savings stamps (WS) (743) SCADTA stamps (CLEU) (3680 Semi-postal (B) (355) Shanghai (Offices in China) (K) (378) Souvenir cards, philatelic (SC) (879) Numismatic Souvenir Cards (NSC) (871) Souvenir pages (SP) (875) Special delivery (E) (371) Special handling (QE) (392) Specimen (-S) (866) Stamped envelopes & wrappers (U, W) (571) Telegraph stamps (T) Test stamps (893) Test booklets: panes & covers (901) Trial color proofs (-TC) (847) Vending & affixing machine perforations (526) Wrappers (571) SCOTT STAMP VALUES: U.S. SPECIALIZED BY GRADE (309) CONFEDERATE STATES General issues (936) U.S. Stamps used in the Confederacy (921) 3 cent 1861 Postmasters' Provisionals (AX, AXU) (922) Confederate Postmasters' provisionals (X, XU) (923) CANAL ZONE (942) CUBA (958) DANISH WEST INDIES (961) GUAM (965) HAWAII (966) PHILIPPINES (974) PUERTO RICO (990) RYUYKU ISLANDS (992) UNITED NATIONS, Offices in New York (1017) Offices in Geneva (1067) Offices in Vienna (1084) U.N. Souvenir cards (1102) U.N. Proofs (1104) U.N. Temporary Executive Authority, West New Guinea (1126) U.N. Transitional Authority in East Timor (1126) U.N. Interim Administration in Kosovo (1127) If you're not a serious collector and have purchased one of the last two catalogues, you may wish to pass on this one. Serious collectors and dealers most likely will want this addition. We tend to get a catalogue every few years as an occasional one meet our needs. The catalogue is not perfect, but we love having an updated edition on hand now and then.

Four Stars

By John E. Spock on Jul 23, 2014

It was what I expected - good condition

Like it

By Art71 on May 05, 2013

I do not know a lot about stamps and I found this book helpful. It is advanced and hard for me to understand because of stamp vocabulary. I have learned a lot from the book but you must be willing to reread if you are new at stamps.

Good way to go.

By Bearras on Jul 19, 2014

Stamp catalogs are soooooo expensive that buying one a couple of years old is the only way to go. Especially since I collect a country that issued its last stamp in 1899.

Excellent Reference Source

By Plainerk on Sep 09, 2013

This catalogue is an excellent refernce source for my stamp collection hobby. It has been very helpful in evaluating the value and cataloging of my collection.

its exactly what i wanted

By Nacho81 on Jan 03, 2013

i bought this book for my grandfathers stamp collection and he was more than satisfied with the book. thanks AMAZON. I.QUINTERO

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers 2012 (Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue and it was written by Charles Snee, Charles Snee, James E. Kloetzel. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Oct 03, 2011 and it has a suggested retail price of $99.99. It was published by Scott Publishing and has a total of 1136 pages in the book . The 10 digit ISBN is 0894874667 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780894874666. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.