Book Details for Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound

Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound

Format:  Paperback
Publish Date: 
ISBN-10:  1441148639
ISBN-13:  9781441148636
List Price:  $25.95
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About This Book:

Title: Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound

Book Description

The study of the senses has become a rich topic in recent years. Senses of Vibration explores a wide range of sensory experience and makes a decisive new contribution to this growing field by focussing not simply on the senses as such, but on the material experience - vibration - that underpins them.

This is the first book to take the theme of vibration as central, offering an interdisciplinary history of the phenomenon and its reverberations in the cultural imaginary. It tracks vibration through the work of a wide range of writers, including physiologists (who thought vibrations in the nerves delivered sensations to the brain), physicists (who claimed that light, heat, electricity and other forms of energy were vibratory), spiritualists (who figured that spiritual energies also existed in vibratory form), and poets and novelists from Coleridge to Dickens and Wells. Senses of Vibration is a work of scholarship that cuts through a range of disciplines and will reverberate for many years to come.

Cover photograph courtesy of Andrew Davidhazy. 

Author:Shelley Trower
Language: English
Pages: 214
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
Weight:0.8 Pounds
Length:9 Inches
Width:6 Inches
Height:0.8 Inches

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Other Available Formats:
Hardcover, 2012

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Senses of Vibration and it was written by Shelley Trower. This particular edition is in a Paperback format and is also available in this version as a Hardcover. This books publish date is February 23, 2012 and it has a suggested retail price of $25.95. It was published by Continuum Intl Pub Group and has a total of 214 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 1441148639 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781441148636. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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