Structural Engineering Solved Problems

Structural Engineering Solved Problems
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Structural Engineering Solved Problems contains 100 practice problems designed to help you recognize critical concepts and apply your knowledge of structural engineering topics. Practice problems are organized by level of difficulty within each chapter. Use the qualitative short-answer practice problems that begin each chapter to assess your comprehension of fundamental structural engineering concepts. Then, solve the increasingly complex design and analysis problems to challenge your skill in identifying and applying related codes and equations.


After solving each practice problem, you can refer to the corresponding solution. Each explanation demonstrates the steps needed to reach the correct solution. Alternative solution methods are presented where appropriate. Relevant codes and standards are referenced so you can easily see where to find the required information.


Since the Structural Engineering (SE) exam and the Civil PE exam’s structural depth section require a thorough understanding of relevant codes, Structural Engineering Solved Problems is based on the following:

·         AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design (2010)

·         ACI 318 (2008)

·         ACI 530/530.1 (TMS 402/602) (2008)

·         AISC 13th edition (2005)

·         ASCE 7 (2005)

·         IBC (2009)

·         NDS (2005)

·         PCI (2004)

Customer Book Reviews

Not Like the SE Exam


This book has some decent structural engineering practice questions, but don't be fooled by the subtitle. The questions are not representative of what you'll see on the SE Exam or Civil PE Exam and this book is not really helpful for preparing for those exams. If you're studying for the 16-hour SE Exam, you're much better off getting the "PE Structural Sample Questions and Solutions" published by NCEES and the "16-Hour Structural Engineering (SE) Practice Exam" published by PPI.

Good Reference to have


Good referenece to have for reviewing and work. If you're a structural engineer you can use it for review and work. This is a keeper..

Very thorough


I took the civil P.E. exam in Nevada last month with the structural depth. I did do some practice problems out of this book during the beginning stages of my study time. I ended up doing a good number of the simpler problems. Since I took the P.E. I was limited in the difficulty of the problems that I could solve in order to help prepare me for the exam. I have to admit, I did try solving an 18-story problem that was in this book, there were like three floors with mechanical loads on them in addition to gravity loads. The problem certainly took longer than six minutes, more like a half hour to forty five minutes. On the P.E. exam, you have an average of six minutes per question to spend on the exam. Since I didn't take the S.E. exam, I didn't fully utilize this book; but I have a good impression of the book overall, and if I do decide to become an S.E. someday after getting my P.E. I will definitely keep this book in mind. I would recommend any senior civil/structural engineering student or a graduate structural engineering student take a glance at this book, even if you don't solve any problems. This will be a good, small glimpse at the variety of structural engineering situations in general that will be faced in the real world.

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