THINK Sociology

THINK Sociology
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John D. Carl
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With an engaging visual design, 15 page chapters, and readings from popular trade titles, THINK Sociology is the introductory Sociology text your students will read.


THINK Sociology is informed with the latest research and the most contemporary examples, allowing you to bring current events directly into your classroom with little additional work.


An engaging visual design developed with the benefit of extensive student feedback will appeal to your students and deliver the core concepts of Sociology in a way that they can actually understand.


The groundbreaking instructor supplements package will help you bring the core concepts of Sociology to life, without burdening your students with heavy, too dense and too expensive learning solutions. 


Thinkspot, the text’s open access website, provides students with a large resource of tools to help them achieve a better grade.

Customer Book Reviews



This text is written at a level more appropriate to an 8th grade class than to a college course. The actual information content is sparse, and often inaccurate, while managing also to be excessively vague, and uninformative. A broad survey of basic sociology is accomplished, but at a much lower level than is appropriate for a college freshman text. Perhaps the authors should have spent more time delivering informational content and less time trying to make a flashy, "fun" book for our increasingly infantilized student body.

I wish all my textbooks were like this


This was actually a fun book to read. It contained a lot of interesting information. The book tried to stay entertaining by making use of lots of charts and pictures. It is very up to date, with references to things that happened in the past few years. Also very helpful is the the audiobook version of this book, which is available for free through the book's website.

Good Book!!!


I had to purchased this book for my Sociology class, and it was very clear, well written, and everything in the book is easily described clearly.

Crazy font sizes


This has to be one of the worst textbooks I have used. The different sized fonts throughout drive me nuts. The second chapter opens up with a excerpt from some sociologists work and it doesn't list anything about it. Also, it is very difficult to tell where the text begins. It is poorly put together and the writing is not college level. I have just started this course and I am already beyond frustrated with how the book is put together.



All the slides are online, Renting or buying this basic common sense book is a huge waste, I did not open it one time all semester.

the worst.


This has to be absolutely the worst sociology text ever written. Easy to read. Well yes. But since when is that a criterian for academic quality? The book is extremely dumbed down, full of inaccurate information. The lowest common denominator student will love it as will the lowest common denominator faculty member. Loving it, though, comes at a very serious price which is that good students are not learning, they are not being challenged, and they are not learning critical thinking. They are simply being amused, and that is not what education should mean.



Got the book within two days and the person who sent it wished me good luck in class which i appreciate, thanks!

Content Appropriate


This is one of the times where the rental feature was pleasant. I couldn't imagine anyone needing this book as a reference guide for sociology information. The content was very age and college level appropriate for the "no child left behind" generation. As this was used most often in the Sociology 1001 course I can see where the material wasn't too hard to comprehend which is good for someone who isn't majoring in economics or psychology. I'm 28 and returning to school for Pre-Licensure BSN after working in business for the better part of a decade so the material was mostly common sense to me, as it should be for any adult. Nothing in this book surprised me at all except some of the statistics were skewed and outdated to make the broader world seem more irrational and one sided than it is in certain areas. If you are looking for a challenging book, this isn't it. If you're looking for a common sense book to help get the classes out of your way that you already have knowledge about and want to focus on your actual major course classes that will help your career then this is the book I hope your Sociology class uses.

Over Priced


I had to buy this for a class. I thought I was purchasing a textbook and when I got it in the mail, it was literally like a magazine. Not impressed.



The book was filthy. Food had been dropped on the cover, there's a huge nasty brown spill stain that spread throughout like half of the pages. I don't even like to touch it.

Shipping was quick, good quality book!


I keep in mind that whenever I purchase a used book I know that there will be a little wear and tear, as well as some marks from the previous owner, whether that be highlighter or pen/pencil marks. So with this in mind, I really enjoy my book. The shipping was very quick (it arrived about 2 weeks before the estimated arrival date) and I live in an APO AE area, so usually shipments take about an extra 2 weeks to arrive. The book is in very good condition considering the above statement. The other great thing about this book is that it is MUCH cheaper than if I were to purchase it at any other College Bookstore! This is just what I needed, and in the future will definitely go through this seller again!



This book was actually interesting for a college class. Usually there dull and boring but if your interested in psychology classes, this book is similar.

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Book Summary: The title of this book is THINK Sociology and it was written by John D. Carl. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Oct 02, 2010 and it has a suggested retail price of $102.93. It was published by Pearson and has a total of 360 pages in the book. The 10 digit ISBN is 020577718X and the 13 digit ISBN is 9780205777181. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.