Teach Yourself VISUALLY iMac

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iMac
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Product Description

The perfect introduction for getting up and running and getting the most out of your iMac

Apple's iMac is a sleek, all-in-one desktop. In a clear, easy-to-follow visual format, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iMac demonstrates everything you need to know about your new Apple iMac, from the iMac's features and capabilities to the most common peripherals you'll be using with it. Whether you're a total newbie to Macs and the Mac OS or an experienced user looking for expert tips to improve your experience, this book is your perfect guide.

  • Takes you through the basics to get up and running with the iMac's plug-and-play simplicity
  • Walks you through setting up a customized desktop, working with the OS, working with email, and troubleshooting and maintenance tricks that will extend the life of an iMac
  • Explores such topics such as editing photos in iPhoto, creating award winning home movies with iMovie, and connecting all those cool devices like an iPhone or iPod so that readers can kick back and chill out with iTunes
  • Shows you how to browse the web with Safari, use iCal to track appointments, and what to do if something should ever go wrong with your iMac

With 450 rich, full color screenshots and illustrations, and straight-forward step-by-step instructions, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iMac will quickly make you comfortable with your iMac and help you master the advanced features that make the iMac so cool.

Customer Book Reviews

For the novice Mac user...


I've been using PCs for almost 20 years, but grew tired of the bugs/viruses and continual glitches. Finally bought a iMac but had never used Apple operating systems. This book is as basic as it gets, and that's what I needed...picture by picture illustrations of various tasks. If that is what you are looking for, this is the book for you. If you have ANY experience with Macs, this is probably too basic for you and you'd be ill-served with the purchase. If you're a baby Mac user like me, this will help you get through the initiation!

an excellent guide for learning with photos of each step needed to guide the way


When I finally convinced my parents that a mac would solve some of their computer issues, the next step was walking them through the transition of using it. Although I'm a fairly good teacher, I needed something stronger to make it easy for them. Especially at times when I can't be there to show them. This worked perfectly. To the point that they no longer even needed me to walk them through anything. Rather than just writing out how to do something, every step shows a photo of what your computer monitor will look like when you do and WHERE you are supposed to click on something. This saves so much time looking for certain buttons, or clicking on the wrong thing. It walks you through all you need to know to get working on an imac, no matter what experience you have had before. Whether buying it as a guide to teach yourself, as a tool to teach someone else all the really important things you need to know, or even as a instructor for the novice to use themselves, this was a really useful guide...my dad said it was like the instruction model that should have come with the computer to start.

It's a great book - very helpful


I was new to Apple iMac and after seeing the For Dummies reviews, I decided on this book and I'm really glad I did. The text is so easy to understand and they use photos of what the screen will look like when performing the task being discussed. I thought it was very comprehensive and very helpful.

Novice senior citizen.


Great manual, visual step by step, just what a novice needs. Would I purchase this manual again ? YES.

Nice Surprise


I have recently started using a Mac having been a PC user for many years and although I found most things intuitive, I kept running into the occasional problem and needed help which is why I purchased this book. At first glance I must admit I thought it was too basic, but I could not have been more wrong. It is very easy to follow and understand and makes learning how to get the most from my Mac a fast process. Would strongly recommend this book to anyone starting out with a Mac, or moving from a PC. A great reference guide and something my wife who has also switched to a Mac, never leaves far from her side.

Great book


The Teach Yourself books are great. Being a PC person I needed some guidelines for my new iMac. This book provided me with tips and guidelines that I needed to make myself more proficient on the iMac. The book provides an easy and sensible way to get comfortable with this new piece of equipment. Kudos to the publishers and the people who created this.

Novice Level Only


Buy the time the book arrived, I had pretty much covered most of the chapters by just exploring the tutorials and help files on my new IMac. I've been a PC user for 20 years and really there isn't much difference between the XP and Mac application software. I was hoping for something more in the area of the features and files of the OS X operating system. This book seems to explain the start up, software and organization of the your files (something that is really simple and thoroughly explained on the IMac). This book would be helpful to a first time computer user BEFORE they start up the Mac the first time. Anybody have and suggestion on a more detailed operating system book the have tried?

Just what I needed


We have recently made the change from a Windows based PC to an iMac. This book gives a basic insight as to how to use the iMac. The text is perfectly clear and the photographs add just that extra that you sometimes need. I can surely recommend it to 60+ users as we are.

iMac book


Great book for learning about the iMac. It is easy to read and provides what I needed to get started working on my new iMac. I read and highlighted it and now keep it beside me at the computer for reference when I get stuck on something.

Too simplistic and advanced at the same time


I'm not quite sure what the target audience is for this book, but I know it fails to adequately speak to any audience. The hallmark of this book is extensive screen shots for each topic and no matter what the topic is, it only takes 2 pages. Every aspect of using an iMac is covered including iPhoto, iTunes and other iLife apps. My biggest concern with this book was that it was too advanced for a novice audience and too basic for an intermediate or advanced reader. For example, a novice doesn't need to know about DHCP numbering schemes but an intermediate or advanced user doesn't need to know about how to shutdown the computer. The organization of the chapters is simply bizarre. The author's flow is based on setup rather than usage. The starting chapter includes setup and networking and moves to sharing with other users, a clearly more advanced concept, and then swings back to running applications and then organizing files or folders. Waiting until chapter 5 to talk about web surfing really doesn't make sense to me. Most users want to hook up their computers and immediately surf. Later on in the book, information about remote connections and printer sharing are included, but given the same amount of space as sending an email or watching a DVD on a Mac. Different concepts require different amount of space to cover, so a new user might easily get overwhelmed they didn't understand some of the more advanced concepts. I'd like to say the topics were covered well but they weren't. The illustrations were extremely busy with as many as 8 flags on one screen requiring a legend and color coding to decipher. Pros: Comprehensive Cons: Coverage of topics inconsistent, confusing illustrations, too much information for a novice and not enough for an intermediate user

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